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[K-Artist] Yang Se Jong 양세종

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Name: Yang Se Jong
Hangul: 양세종
Hanja: 梁世宗
Birthdate: 23rd December 1992
Height: 181.6 cm
Education: Korea National University of Arts (Theater & Film)



Blossom Entertainment


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Yang Se Jong first completed filming Saimdang, Light's Dairy in 2016, which was scheduled to air simultaneously in South Korea and China, but due to THAAD straining the two countries' relationship, the drama was pushed to aired in January, 2017. Se Jong therefore debuted with Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim in late 2016. He was highly praised by Korean viewers, earning approvals and positive reviews through his outstanding performances in OCN drama, Duel, where he played not one, but three very different roles. Due to this, he became widely known as "Monster Rookie"—for being a rookie with acting skills that no one could tell he's a newbie. Se Jong scored his first leading role in Temperature of Love and received his first New Actor award at the SBS Drama Awards in 2017. Recognised for his outstanding performances from 4 projects within a year, Se Jong was awarded his second New Actor award at 54th Baeksang Arts Awards in 2018.

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2016 | Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim [SBS]

2017 | Saimdang, Life's Diary  [SBS]

2017 | Duel [OCN]

2017 | Temperature of Love [SBS]




2018 | Thirty, but Seventeen [SBS]

2019 | My Country: The New Age [JTBC]

2020 | Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim 2 [SBS]

2023 | Doona! [Netflix]


Short Films


2013 | Things We Don't Know

2013 | The Voice From Inside




2014 | Time to go to school, Alice (Seoul Fringe Festival)


Variety Shows



2019 | Coffee Friends [tvN]

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2017 | SBS Drama Awards — New Actor Award (Temperature of Love)
2018 | 54th Baeksang Arts Awards — New Actor Award (Temperature of Love)

2018 | APAN Star Awards — New Actor Award (Temperature of Love)

2018 | SBS Drama Awards — Excellence Acting Award for Wed-Thu Dramas (30 But 17)



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2017.02.XX Céci Korea - Date Me

2017.03.23 Star1 - Romantic Newcomer, Yang Se Jong (Part 1 | Part 2)

2017.05.26 W Korea

2017.06.27 Singles

2017.09.XX Marie Claire Korea

2017.10.26 Elle Korea - Mild Rise


2018 - 2019




2018.01.03 Harper's Bazaar

2018.02.26 @Star1

2018.07.13 Esquire Korea

2018.11.XX Cosmopolitan

2018.11.XX Harper's Bazaar

2019.01.27 Elle Korea - Ray of Light

2019.12 Elle Korea (Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3)




2022.10 Baila (1) (2)

2022.10 Marie Claire




2023.04 GQ Korea

2023.11 Elle Korea


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2018.01.26 Rely on acting to heal his broken heart. Yang Se Jong made a wish to meet a good partner & have beautiful baby

2018.01.31 Yang Se Jong 4th on the Forbes Korea Power List

2018.02.09 Big Eater + Stubble Is The Real Yang Se Jong. He'll Touch The Fans with His Singing, Letter & Coffee Skills

2018.02.13 Actor Yang Se Jong Talks About Future Plans, Stylishly Chic In New Photoshoot

2018.05.08 Evaluation Results for 54th Baeksang Arts Awards Announced

2018.07.03 "30 but 17" PD Talks About His Efforts to Cast Yang Se Jong

2018.07.13 "30 but 17" Writer Jo Sung Hee's View on Yang Se Jong

2018.07.17 Yang Se Jong Shares Why He Chose "30 but 17" as His Next Project, Character Details & More

2018.07.17 Shin Hye Sun Reveals She Used To Be A Big Fan Of “30 But 17” Co-Star Yang Se Jong

2018.09.18 Yang Se Jong's Wrap Up Thoughts on "30 but 17"

2018.09.19 Yang Se Jong's Wrap Up Message from "30 but 17" BTS

2018.09.19 Ahn Hyo Seop's Interview Regarding Yang Se Jong

2018.09.19 Yang Se Jong Gains Attention For His Passion For Role After Acting With Dog Despite Fur Allergy

2018.10.11 Yang Se Jong in Talks to Appear in Historical Drama

2018.10.19 Yang Se Jong's First Visit to Japan

2018.10.22 Press Conference Pics for Japan FM Held on Oct 19 (1 | 2 | 3)

2018.11.09 Drunken Chat Part 1: Yang Se Jong – The more New Actor Awards received, the more pressure & responsibilities

2018.11.09 Drunken Chat Part 2: Yang Se Jong - Restless Mind. The Reason of Not Playing SNS

2018.11.09 Drunken Chat Part 3: Yang Se Jong - Fan Meeting's Singing Ability...An Area I Shouldn't Do

2018.12.03 Yoo Yeon Seok And Son Ho Jun To Star In New Variety Show With Choi Ji Woo & Yang Se Jong As First Guests

2018.12.18 Yang Se Jong Confirmed to Appear in JTBC's "My Country"










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Yang Se Jong hates being called "Monster Rookie" and it is amusing seeing his reactions each time:







2017.09.17 | Marie Claire Making

2018.02.23 | BTS Video of Yang Se Jong in Star1

2019.01.13 | Behind the Scenes of ELLE

2019.01.19 | ELLE x Yang Se Jong 

2019.01.20 | Elle - Yang Se Jong for Good Read

2020.01.04 | Behind the Scenes of Elle Photoshoot





2018.01.08 | Leaders Cosmetic

2018.02.12 | Buckaroo Model Yang Se Jong's Greeting Video

2018.02.26 | Chris Christy Spring/Summer Catalogue BTS

2018.03.08 | Buckaroo Updates Video of Yang Se Jong

2018.03.09 | Toreta CF 30s Version + BTS

2018.03.09 | Entertainment Weekly with Park Bo Young

2018.06.01 | Toreta CF with Park Bo Young 30s Version

2018.06.04 | Behind the Scenes of Toreta CF Filming

2018.07.31 | Samsonite Red Fall/Winter Carry On Drama (1 | 2)

2018.08.13 | Samsonite Red F/W Eco Campaign Plantpack

2018.09.17 | Yang Se Jong x Leaders Cosmetics Promoting & Moisture Ampoules

2018.10.01 | Buckaroo 2018 F/W Smoky Jeans

2018.10.02 | Leaders Cosmetic Signing Event (1 | 2)

2018.10.08 | Leaders Cosmetic CF

2018.10.15 | Yang Se Jong's CF for Leaders Cos

2018.10.23 | Leaders Cosmetics CFs (1 | 2 | 3 | 4)

2018.10.31 | "The Power of Flowers" CF (2 mins | 30s)

2018.11.06 | Buckaroo Air Long Master Video







Saimdang, Light's Diary



2017.01.06 | Script Reading

2017.01.13 | Poster Photoshoot

2017.02.02 | Making #

2017.02.08 | Yang Se Jong, Cute Moment

2017.02.16 | Making #


Doctor Romantic, Teacher Kim






2017.04.08 | Duel 1st Teaser

2017.04.14 | Script Reading

2017.04.25 | Yang Se Jong's Audition

2017.05.04 | Duel 2nd Teaser

2017.05.10 | Introducing Yang Se Jong in Duel

2017.05.19 | Making of Duel Teaser

2017.05.27 | Promotion + Interview + BTS (1 | 2 | 3 | 4)

2017.05.31 | Casts Promoting Duel


Temperature of Love



30 But 17



2018.07.02 | 30 But 17 Script Reading

2018.07.02 | Preview v2

2018.07.06 | Yang Se Jong Who Transformed Into A Rubbish Man

2018.07.08 | Poster Photoshoot

2018.07.23 | Power Time with "30 But 17" Casts

2018.07.23 | Press Conference [1 | 2]

2018.07.24 | Kocowa TV Interview

2018.07.27 | Making #1

2018.07.24 | Night of Real Entertainment with Shin Hye Sun [1 | 2]

2018.08.02 | Making # Ahjussi Bobo

2018.08.06 | Making # Fighting for Deokgu + Roof

2018.08.13 | Making # Bar

2018.08.20 | Making # Onion Crying

2018.08.24 | Making # Field Trip

2018.08.27 | Making # Deokgu + Group Potraits

2018.08.31 | Making # Supper & Sewing Shirt

2018.09.04 | Making # Aegyo "Come"

2018.09.10 | Making # Kiss

2018.09.17 | Good People Shares BTS of Yang Se Jong in "30 but 17"

2018.09.19 | Making # Bridge Kiss + Farewell


My Country: The New Age



Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim 2



2020.02.24 | Good People's BTS of Yang Se Jong Ep 15

2020.02.26 | BTS of Yang Se Jong Ep 15

2020.02.26 | Kocowa TV: Cut of Yang Se Jong ep 15 (1 | 2 | 3)







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[Magazine] February 2017 Céci Korea: Date Me




Q: What is the ideal date night in Yang Se Jong’s thinking?

Yang Se Jong: I usually sleep well enough and wake up at 10AM, then I exercise. After about 2 hours of exercising, I would be sweating a lot. So I would take a shower then continue to sleep for 2 more hours. I’d be awake at 5PM, then I’d take a shower again. After that, I’d dress up neatly and nicely, I want to meet the person I like the most, drinking coffee while talking. I like to ramble on with people who understand me up to 3 or 5 hours.



Q: When did you start to like wine?

Yang Se Jong: About 2 years ago, I got obsessed with wine thanks to my company’s CEO. Wine quietly makes me feel more comfortable. Last year, I went on holiday to Busan. My friends were all tired so when everyone was resting, I really wanted to drink wine. But because that was during the holiday, most stores were closed. Finally, I discovered that there was a wine store in the shopping centre so I took a subway to get to that place.


Q: Wine is quite a hassle.

Yang Se Jong: That’s correct, I still don’t know a lot of things regarding wines. I have exchanged a conversation for quite a while with the owner of a wine store about the flavours I like. The store owner listened to me attentively and brought out a wine bottle from the basement without a price. He told me to hand him only 25,000 won. The moment when I took a sip of that wine, it was like a landscape scene has appeared in front of my eyes. It’s really true! As if there was a sparkling river running in a forest. That was the wine called Argentina, Alegoria Malbec, 2014. Since I could never forget that miraculous experience, I have been trying to find that wine.


Q: That was an impressive experience. Let’s say you don’t have any goals; then don’t you have any dreams?

Yang Se Jong: I want to drink Alegoria Malbec one more time. Realistic, I can’t think of anything accurate right on the spot but that dream will do for now. I will go to Argentina and drink Alegoria Malbec once more!


Translations: Tien @ The Dec.B Team






Source: Céci Korea


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[Magazine] March 2017 Star1: Romantic Newcomer, Yang Se Jong




Part 1


Q: Before your dream of becoming an actor, did you have any other dreams?
Yang Sejong: To be honest, I didn’t have any dreams. I read many novels as well as comics from a young age. Books with a little bit of adult themes were okay too. At that time, I thought a lot about the meaning of death. I can’t live forever. Even now, someone may die on the way back home. Because of that, I didn’t have any long term dreams and just dedicated myself to the present. There was a time I was like that. In fact, I didn’t have any big dreams or plans. If I could maintain that thought, then it would be good.



Q: Aside from acting, do you not aspire to become a top star?
Yang Sejong
: No, not at all. I don’t wish to have fame or wealth and I also don’t enjoy being famous. I once told my friends and those around me to not act differently to me. I’m really nothing at all, honestly.

Q: Your life didn’t change at all?!
Yang Sejong:
Not yet. There’s nothing for me to feel like it changed. If one had money, they would buy and invest in more things but I have no interest in those things therefore, nothing has changed. Even when my company begged me to buy new clothes, I still only wore the shirts I normally wore. But I think I’ll have to buy new clothes because people keep telling me off (laughs).

Q: Surely you will still be loved even when you wear the same shirt thanks to your warm and comfortable look.
Yang Sejong:
Me? Not at all. I went to an all-boys school, there was no time for me to date. I only went back and forth between school, Taekwondo and the bookshop. And from now on I will focus on acting.

Q: If talking about dating, what kind of style are you? Romantic?
Yang Sejong:
I don’t think I would be the romantic type. Because I still have many mistakes, it’s quite difficult for me to separate my daily life and acting. Once I enter a project, I tend to isolate myself from other external things. Only thinking about that project during those months and sticking so closely to it makes me very lonely. Honestly, I really want to thank my family and friends who have waited for me. I’m really a bad guy. Looking at these things, it seems like I can’t really separate in a distinct way. Realistically speaking, I’m a person who needs interpersonal time and when filming, I’m only thinking about that project and role. Won’t love be such a difficult thing? It would be good if I could meet someone who values both love and work at the same time. I think this is such an important factor. No matter how good looking that person is, if we can’t communicate or aren’t compatible, I wouldn’t be able to continue on. On the contrary, if we have the same thoughts and can talk freely to each other, then I really find that person attractive. Once my skills improve and I have more experience, I believe that I will accurately determine the difference between acting and real life.


Read the rest → Part 2


Translations: Tien @ Dec.B Team






Source: Star1

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[Script Reading] April 2017 Duel - Yang Se Jong Exclusive




Yang Se Jong returns to the small screen playing human clones in OCN's upcoming drama, Duel (듀얼). He will reunite with his Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim's co-star Seo Eun Soo. It is set to air after Tunnel.





Source: OCN Blog

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[Wrap Up Message] 2017.07.24 Yang Se Jong's Message on Duel


We present actor Yang Se Jong's final thoughts and verification photos after completing the drama, Duel.

Yang Se Jong: "Having met everyone who are so nice allows me to be happy while filming, even when I was physically and mentally exhausted. Sincerely thank you to all viewers who generously gave their support and love for Duel, Lee Sung Joon, Lee Sung Hoon, and even Lee Yong Sub. I hope everyone always maintain a good health and be happy forever!




Good People Entertainment: A thank you to those who always cherish and show their support during the time of Duel and Sung Joon/Sung Hoon. We hope you will be able to give Yang Se Jong more care, expectation and love.

source: Facebook


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[News] 2017.07.27 Duel PDs: "Yang Se Jong is Yeongi Byeontae. Jung Jae Young Agrees"

I laughed at the title given for this news ariticle. 'Yeongi' = Acting and 'Byeontae' = Pervert / Psycho / Crazy? Not sure how to properly translate it, so I left the original word as per news title. Yang Se Jong is also nicknamed 'Monster Actor'. :D

Rough Translation:


Duel's PD Lee Jong Jae said he auditioned 8 people for the role. Yang Se Jong was the first. He overpowered them by portraying various roles, and so much so that they could not remember other actors after him. He acknowledges that Se Jong will become a successful actor.

He shares that casting a rookie such as Yang Se Jong was a gamble. It's the first time he challenge such an inconceivable material (drama) and there are noobs on different levels in the production team, so he thought adding one more actor named Yang Se Jong seemingly will not cause any major changes to the risk he's taking. However, if Yang Se Jong fail, he thought they'll be doomed, but he did really well.

Yang Se Jong performed really well, this is also due to Jung Jae Young sunbae being around that this all became possible. In the beginning, he was strict on Se Jong, and eventually Se Jong earned his acknowledgement. Yang Se Jong, on the level of acting, is an abnormal madman.

Source: Osen


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[Interview] 2017.08.23 OCN's 오덕터뷰terview

The first interview after Duel ended. Seeing how he looks, this must be done while he was still filming the finale episode. :)


Voice: Nice to meet you.

YSJ: Yes. I'm happy to meet you. *Bows*


Voice: Please give us a lively greeting again.

YSJ: Lively? Hello everyone~ I am Yang Se Jong.

Screen caption: Good job. Good job.

Q: Is there any special way of getting into Duel’s characters?

YSJ: 1. Incantation  2. Mirror  3. Hypnosis. I did a lot of something like that.

Voice: Incantation?

YSJ: Sung Joon’s incantation is something like, “Why...why…why are you doing this to me? I really don’t know. Why are you doing this to me?” I will keep repeating something like that. For Sung Hoon, it’ll be, “I will kill you. Do you think I will not kill you?”

Screen Caption: Se Jong feels embarassed


Q: What do you want to do most after filming is complete?

YSJ: *Pondering hard*

1. Sleep for 5-6 hours
2. Shower
3. Spray the perfume (I) like
4. Exercise at the gym
5. Dress up
6. Take a rest at home
7. Take a walk
8. Meet up friends and at night, have coffee.
9. Headphones on, cycle outdoor (stop and go) and sort out my thoughts.

This is what I really want to do.

Screen Caption: Actor-nim have a lot he wants to do. Do it all, do it all, Uri Se Jong go and do all of them~

Q: What is your ideal type?

YSJ: Ideal type? When the heart felt something like 'ta!'. Feeling attracted during a conversation and feeling the sense of consonation with her. It's like a feeling...feeling the feels of liking a person.

Q: Rumor has that you have become well-known as a beautiful man. Time to examine.

Voice: Can you show us?

Caption: The selfie pose

YSJ: Huh?

We see only Se Jong's uncomfortably scrap his fingers...

Q: What sort of genre for movies or dramas would you like to shoot?

YSJ: I think, all, if I could I would not distinguish between them and would like to challenge all.

Q: Do you have the determination to be an actor?

YSJ: In the beginning, when I first started, my mother kept telling me this one thing, “Se Jong-ah, if you are really going to do it, grit your teeth and endure it.” Occasionally, it would cross my mind.

Q: Actornim who doesn’t do SNS. Will he know what hashtag means? Kikiki

Caption closer to YSJ's face: What are you talking about??

YSJ: NOW I do. Now I know.

Q: Then please leave us some hashtags now.

YSJ: #BeHappy #StayHealthy #AgainBeHappy #ThankYou #ILikeYou

Q: How do you feel being interviewed by 오덕터뷰‬terview?

YSJ: It’s my first time, I think it’s good. I feel very honoured, thankful and fun. Again, thank you.

Yang Se Jong's last Message: For fans of this 오덕터뷰terview, please give 오덕터뷰terview‬ a lot of care and support. Thank you. *Finger hearts*

Translation by: Mademoisellesia
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[Magazine] September 2017 Marie Claire: Temperature of Yang Se Jong



Translated by mademoisellesia

Do NOT repost elsewhere

Yang Se Jong has nice eyes. He’s a good-looking young man when you see him from afar, and after chit-chatting beside him, immediately (I) can tell there’s something inside that enlarged pupils of his. My body shifted closer towards where he sat unknowingly. He is someone who is good at talking. Someone good at talking means his inner is rich with emotions. He seems to force himself hard searching that every moment and did his best to think of the answers to the questions; they are of a different dimension to other rookie actors’ kind but polite answers.



He has proven that neither luck nor coincident in his success in portraying the roles of good and evil in his recently completed drama, “Duel”. Immediately after “Duel” ended, Yang Se Jong shockingly leaped into playing the leading role, On Jung Sun in SBS Mon-Tue drama “Temperature of Love”. In order to become On Jung Sun, a character that is entirely different to his previous role, Yang Se Jong changed the way he walks, the music he listens to as well as the way he treats people. “Although you are only on stage once in a play, but live as that character months before going on stage. How do you become that person within a few weeks?” – Yang Se Jong said he was lucky that he met a lot of good teachers, I believe I know what those people saw in him.


You’ve perfectly played two roles in Duel. It must be straining to change between Sung Joon and Sung Hoon.

It was hard in the beginning, because there’s no way to know when to film which character; therefore, the switch has to be quick, so the director gave me a lot of time at first. Because of this, I found my very own incantation that helps me quickly switch between the two. It wasn’t deliberate.


What is the incantation?

Kind Sung Joon has a lot of injustice emotion, so I will repeatedly chant “I really don’t know, Ahjussi! I really don’t know. Why are you doing this to me, Ahjussi!” For Sung Hoon, it’s “I must kill you, I want to kill you”. I’ll chant these incantations before filming, and when the director shouts “action”, I will give him a sign to start shooting. It wasn’t something we agreed to do, but maybe because there were a lot of emotional scenes and we just came to understand each other’s ways.


After confirming playing the roles, you told the director it was too burdensome you can’t do it. What if you didn’t do it at the time?

My body learnt a lot after filming “Duel”. I am especially thankful towards Jung Jae Young sunbae-nim. If it weren’t because of this rare experience, I wouldn’t have met him. I'll also still be going around in circles in hesitation. The things I’ve learnt from “Duel” has led me to believe I could do well in my future projects.




What did you do after “Duel”?

I felt something was missing. There were no regrets, but I felt empty when all of the sudden I no longer have to chant the incantation I used to do every day, and not seeing the people who are like my family and spent time with for the past 3-4 months. Sung Joon’s and Sung Hoon’s breathing used to be part of my daily life, if I want to detached from it, I must first work hard and focus on casting it away. Even though it is a pity, but only then I can focus properly for the next project. The shooting is about to start soon, I am re-reading the scripts in order to prepare and become Temperature of Love’s On Jung Sun. At this point, I am focusing on how to properly embody On Jung Sun.


You majored in acting in Korea University of Arts. How were you like at school?

I was very straight-forward at the time. I was even more honest and impulsive then. It’s really clear when I dislike a person, and if I like a person I’ll show I really like them. I think honesty and sincerity is the answer. Even when there’s no money for bus, we would meet and set up a tent on the rooftop, drink makgeoli and play guitar all night and go to class in such condition, and then concentrate and live earnestly. It was a blissful time where we stayed up late to prepare for the 15 minutes presentation we have to do every day.


How did you begin acting?

I wasn’t interested at all. During the second year of middle school, I always go to the bookstore after school. The shop owner told me to work there if I was going to stay there till the night, so I worked part-time until first year of high school. I watched all the movies, read all the comic books and novels while I was there. Even after quitting, I still have the habit of watching movies every day. I’ve approximately 500 movies saved in my computer. If there are no movies I want to watch, I’ll re-watch a movie among the 500. It always felt different when I re-watch. I did Taekwondo for a long time, but my hobby was watching movie every night. Then one day we went to watch a play. The reason I was with Taekwondo demonstration team was because the cheers from people were stimulating. When I saw the play, seeing how the actors use their whole body to express the lines with their voice, movement and eyes etc., “Se Jong-ah, this is it!” I went home that day and announced I quit Taekwondo, and prepared for the entrance exam for Korea National University.  


What were the movies you saw then?

Dallas Buyer Club, Whiplash and Silver Lining Playbook. I will re-watch these 3 repeatedly.


What are the standards for choosing a movie?

The actors I like. I've seen all of Bradley Cooper's. I also like Matthew McCounaghey's. I've seen almost all his movies.


I heard that like movies, you also like wine.

I didn't drink wine lately. I can't do other things while I'm always thinking about the drama's character. I can't enjoy when I feel like I haven't completed my homework. After the completion of the drama and resting, I'll seek for good wine.


How did you become interested in wine?

Originally I was team soju, but I've opened my eyes because of daepyo-nim. I’ve even attended wine tasting event and started to search for red wine on my own. The decisive factor I fell for wine was when I was on a trip to Busan with my friends. I wanted to drink wine but it was too late and everything was close. I found a wine store in Centum City on the internet; in there I kept asking "What is this? What is that?" and perhaps the store manager was fond of me that he sold to me an expensive wine at a cheaper price from his personal collection. I went to the beach and drank the wine while watching the sea. An image appears for the first time as I drank it—the glistening river water, grassy green tree leaves and viridescent vegetation. "Wow! This is it! Alegoria Malbec is the best wine of my life". Since then I haven't found a wine that would project images in my mind, but I have found other tasty wines. It feels great seeking for wine when there's no shooting. With earphones on, I'd go around asking how's the wine at the department store or wine cellar.



What is your daily life like excluding movie and wine?

Walking. I now live in Hakdong. From Hakdong station, go straight towards Dosan Park’s intersection, and then return from the small alley after Cheongdam. It takes about 2 hours. I usually walk like this when I need to organize my thoughts. I’ll walk as well when I need to think about my character. At what speed the character will walk at? What kind of music will he listen to? It’s the homework I always do before starting the next project.


What does Temperature of Love’s On Jung Sun like?

Jung Sun changes depending on his relationship with the people. He’s very different when he faces his parents and Hyun Soo. When he is thinking about his parents, the music is a little down. When I meet Hyun Soo, I’d repeatedly listen to inciting music. During “Duel”, it’s like I’m completely at the very bottom of darkness so I’d only listen to dark music.

For example?
I would listen back to forth repeatedly these two songs: Maria Mena’s “Leaving You” and Standing Egg’s “Miss You”.


What kind of person is Jung Sun?
It’s difficult to express him with words. Some people are really good at explaining the character; I think to certain people there are no right answers, so I can’t explain. We have different faces, don’t we? Neither reporter-nim nor I are perfect, it’s just certain parts of us are much stronger. Therefore I am always searching for a suitable personality for Jung Sun. To be honest, normally I am a little introverted, dark and depressing, but in order to get rid of these, I kept listening to positive music, eat good food and use refreshing perfume. I originally like black coloured clothes, but I’d wear bright clothes even though it doesn’t suit me, and tried to loosen up, be cheery and optimistic when I interact with people.



For a person with a dark tendency, would it consume a lot of energy trying to brighten up?

Hence more exercise is needed. Although he is the leader of the running club, but he is more active than before and is more muscular, so I am changing my daily life. If I am On Jung Sun? If I am Jung Sun, what type of clothes would I wear, what sort of perfume would I use, and how would I view others? If I am On Jung Sun, how would I walk, what’s my posture like? I think when they naturally integrated into my body; I’ll become On Jung Sun. And if I know the relationship between Jung Sun and the other people around him, then it’s all good if the they match naturally.


From a certain perspective, it looks like you need a lot of time for preparation and you can’t separate work from daily life completely.

I can’t at all so it’s very tiring. I would sometimes think “Where is Yang Se Jong?” There are less and less time to be Yang Se Jong. There are seniors who can explicitly separate their daily from acting.


Can Se Jong do that?

I don’t think so. I can’t. *laugh* because I’m already living like that. So I discussed with the agency and took a few months off to rest after finishing up the drama. I think that’s the most suitable way for me.


The rapport with Seo Hyun Jin—what do you expect to feel?

Very excited. We’ve three script reading and each time, I was very excited and my body was shaking. This is the power of sunbae. It’s the power of within her. I will always remember this feeling, and it’s all good as long as I let that power guide me.


Translation by mademoisellesia

Do NOT report elsewhere


Source: Marie Claire


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[Magazine] October 2017 Elle Korea - Mild Rise






Source: Elle Korea 1 / 2


English Translation of article:


Q: It has been 2 years since your debut. What is the biggest change from being a normal student to becoming an actor?

A: I’ve learnt how to allocate my time. During drama shooting, there is no luxury for personal time. If there is a day where I could have 2 hours of personal time, it would have been precious, and I’d feel especially grateful, so I shouldn’t use it lightly.


Q: You’ve taken temporary absence from school, with only 2 semesters left. Please tell us your experience before your debut from Saimdang, Light’s Diary (this is his first drama).

A: I’ve only made 2 short films with theatre students at school.


Q: What are you most absorbed in at school?

A: There was a class called “Scene Presentation” and I was completely into it. My partner and I chose to showcase a 15 minutes scene from a play. For those 15 minutes, we’ve pulled all nighters almost every night practicing till the morning and went to class after. It’s interesting.


Q: Why is it interesting?

A: I felt freedom. Because I was allowed to express it any way I want. I was thrilled many share similar thoughts with me. We practice all night; set up a tent on the rooftop, drink rice wine, play guitar and then return to class. Everyone is filled with enthusiasm and immersed in happiness, much like falling in love.


More at Article Link


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[Video] 2017.12.05 SPOTV STAR: What is Yang Se Jong's 24 hours rest day like?


Boy desperately needs a haircut! EDIT: OK, I can only provide a summary instead of a word-for-word translation because I had no idea this boy, after removing his shyness, can TALK SO MUCH!!! 


First he said he wakes up at 10 am. Before going to the bathroom, he'd switch on his bluetooth audio and connect with his phone to listen to music. He's a little too detail sweata_thumb.gif in some of these parts! He has been listening to Jazz music by Gregory Porter recently. After using the bathroom, he changed into sportswear and put his earphones on and walk to the gym. It's funny here since he repeatedly said, "geodgo geodgo geodgo...meaning walk walk walk to the gym". After exercising for 1-2 hours, he walked home and take a nap for 1-1.5 hours. Then about 3 or 4 pm, he would go out to have a coffee with friends or teachers he really want to meet.




Q: Do you not eat at home?

He said he mostly eats out and barely would eat at home. If he does, it's usually instant noodles or triangular gimbap with a bottle of soju.


Q: What are the two most confident dishes he can cook?

He said two — medium rare steak and tteobokki.


Q: Do you have any recipe you can share?

He said if he must explain then he should have said he originally is good with tuna kimchi jigae. He is confident about this dish because it can be delicious without additional seasoning. This dish will take about 26 - 30 mins and then we hear a very detailed step by step recipe from Se Jong. I wish this lady hadn't asked... they must have regretted it themselves since they had to fast-forward it, LOL.


Back to a day with Se Jong...


He tells us he'd head out to a good restaurant and eat delicious food. After dinner, it'll be about 7 pm. After meeting the people he has met, he would head to the cinema and watch a movie that he most want to watch at that time (by impulse). After the movie, it'll be about 10-11pm.


Q: Are there any movies he can recommend?

The movies he recently watched, there are Baby Driver, The Dallas Buyers Club, American Sniper, Silver Lining Playbook and many other different ones. Also recently he had this thought, he would like to re-watch Titanic.


Q: What is the reason you want to watch Titanic?

"I have no idea. The thought kept popping into my mind." He said unconditionally just want to watch it again.


The boy then kept on rambling about a specialized wine shop. He'd go there and if there are new wines, he'd either buy it or test taste some before going home. It'll be about 12 am by the that time. When he reached home, pour some wine into the wine glass and drink it as he watches a movie he felt like watching. After 1.5 - 2 hrs, if he's sleepy he will go to bed immediately. If he is not, he would change into sportswear and head out with his earphones and stroll aimlessly. Once he returned home, he'll go to bed.


Q: Is there any ritual he must do before going to sleep?

He'd light a candle because he's sensitive to smell. If the candle is finished then he'd spray perfume. Perfume that is not for playing his character, but perfumes that he, as Yang Se Jong, likes.


Q: What is your sleeping habit?

He said he has no idea, but when he goes to the beauty salon to apply makeup, he'd doze off. (here, he laughs out loud explaining it originally doesn't happen to him).



He was nodding his head and speaking in his sleep during those times.


For viewers who have insomnia or have trouble sleeping, Yang Se Jong recommends drinking a glass of wine and light a fragranced candle, or spray perfume before bed. Although he is unsure if it'll work, but this is his way around it.


For viewers who are stressed, he recommends going for a stroll at dawn listening to the music we like.


As we are closing in on the end of year, Yang Se Jong wishes everyone to spend their time with their loved ones and ensure to stay healthy and happy.


source: SPOTV Star


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[YouTube] 2017.12.14 iMBC Star Making: Yang Se Jong, This Year's Drama King (Super Rookie)

source: Msooni


One to two interesting parts, although part of it we should already know if you've read all pages from this thread.


1) When he was in high school, his personality at the time was where he is sensitive when people see his shyness. Although not sure how this relates to him watching Snow Drops and wanting to become an actor. He said he was crying watching it; he looked around and saw others crying too. That's when he thought, "Ah... the actors made these people cry." and it made him want to act.


2) He talked about the difficulty changing between Sung Joon and Sung Hoon when filming Duel. He needed to change between them in a short time, and that at first was hard. Soon he found a way, like a spell or hypnotic method, where he'd keep chanting "It's not me...it's not me, ahjussi" to become Sung Joon and "I'll kill you... I'll kill you" to become Sung Hoon.

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[News] 2017.12.16 Yang Se Jong's Yeon-ae Style (Love Style)? Will say it if they love each other



SJ: Annyeonghaseyo. The Star yeoreobun. I am Yang Se Jong.

Caption: Bow (first line). Indeed is a well-mannered Se Jong ssi (second line).


Q: If love has temperature, what do you think the temperature will be?

SJ: Ahh. Like what I said in the interview just now (they had one before this video), in the way that the other party—the person I love—not with words but in the degree that (she) can feel (my love).


Q: Yang Se Jong's yeon-ae style is "On Jung Sun" or "Do In Beom"? Which kind is it?



Caption: On Jung Sun (Warm-man style) vs Do In Beom (Cold-man style).

Caption: It's only beautiful man Yang Se Jong!

SJ: Neither of them (laughs). It's determined by... erhmm... in the latter part, Jung Sun was unable to talk about what's going on inside of him, right? Until the end he tried to and worked hard to eventually be able to. For me, if I love that person then I would tell (her) everything, including the inner part, I am the style that would tell everything.

Caption: If (I) love—(I) will tell everything style


Big caption: Se Jong is Perfect

Small caption on his right: Yes. Geureosibnidaa.

SJ: (Cutely) Geureosibnidaa~


Q: The love towards Seo Hyun Jin that wasn't fulfil in last project is now fulfil in this?

SJ: Did love come true? What didn't get fulfil last time was fulfil in the next?


Caption: Publicly recognised Seo Hyun Jin's balagi (fan).


SJ: *Thinks* There are blissful part during the time that it (love) can't come true. *In an explanation tone* Please listen without any misunderstanding (laughs). Now that it has come true, there's also part that is blissful.


Q: A favourite movie or book that can increase the temperature of love?

SJ: Titanic. Please watch Titanic (laughs).


Q: There are a lot of viewers' hearts flutter at Yang Se Jong's banmal.

SJ: *Burst out laughing* It's been 4-5 days the character of Jung Sun is over... I'm still getting out of it (the character), so right now, I don't really know what to do.


Caption: When he's panicky, the speed of his speech increases. Very cute.


SJ: Be healthy. Be healthier. Be happy. Annyeong. *shyness return*


Kor→Chi translation: Meat Zong_梁世宗肉粽資源博

Chi→Eng translation: mademoisellesia

source: The Star


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[Magazine] January 2018 Harper's Bazaar Korea: Actual Man



Harper's Bazaar finally updated their website with clear digital photos of all Se Jong's photos in the magazine. I've combined them all in one post. Is it too greedy to ask for more B, C cuts??? They obviously have more done.






source: Harper's Bazaar Korea


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[Fan Video] 2017.12.31 SBS Drama Awards Red Carpet - Yang Se Jong


Translation for the interview part:


MC: A lot of people find the train kiss fluttering. Is your personality normally like this?

SJ: No.

MC: So you're also not the type that ask then BOBO?

SJ: Yes. I won't ask. If both feels the same... (Ya! You don't need to give details!!!)

MC: For the next 3-4 hours, are you looking forward to receiving an award?

SJ: Really noy looking forward at all.

MC: But you still feel nervous, right?

SJ: Yes.

MC: Why are you nervous?

SJ: It's the first time being in such occasion, so I'm a bit nervous.

MC: Going forward there will be a lot of these occasions. I hope you can enjoy it. Thank you.

Chinese translation source: MeatZong_梁世宗肉粽資源博

Red Carpet:

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