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The Worst of Evil 최악의 악 [2023]

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English Title: The Worst Evil

Director: Han Dong Wook

Writer: Baek In Ah

Episodes: 12

Online Streaming Site: Disney+

Schedule: 27 September – 25 October 2023

Website: NamuWiki | MDL


Plot Summary


The original Disney+ series "The Worst Evil" is a crime action drama about an investigation that began in Seoul, South Korea, to capture the triangular drug trade between Korea, China, and Japan.


Kang Joon Mo (Ji Chang Wook) is a police officer who infiltrates an organization for drug investigation. Jung Ki Chul (Wi Ha Joon) is a boss who’s full of personality & unstoppable charm. Yoo Yoo Jung (Im Se Mi) is a police officer participating in drug investigations and the wife of Kang Joon Mo.






Ji Chang Wook - Kang Joon Mo

Wi Ha Joon - Jung Ki Chul

Im Se Mi - Yoo Yoo Jung

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Crime-action K-drama ‘The Worst of Evil’ to premiere on Disney+ in 2023



The forthcoming series stars Ji Chang-wook, Lim Se-mi and Wi Ha-joon


Streaming platform Disney+ has announced a 2023 premiere for its upcoming original series The Worst of Evil.


According to Disney+, the upcoming crime-action drama is set in 1980s South Korea, and follows undercover police investigators who infiltrate a massive criminal organisation responsible for the illegal drug trade between Korea, China and Japan.


Ji Chang Wook stars as series lead officer Kang Joon-mo, who is part of the investigation. He is joined by Yoo Eui-jung (played by Lim Se Mi), a narcotics officer. Meanwhile, Wi Ha Joon is set to play Jung Ki-cheol, the leader of the criminal enterprise. The Worst of Evil will be directed by director Han Dong-wook, who previously worked on films like Man In Love (2014) and The Unjust (2010).


The forthcoming K-drama is the latest addition to the company’s growing catalogue of original content, and is part of Disney+’s ongoing goal of green-lighting over 50 APAC original titles by 2023. Its recent South Korean titles include Kiss Sixth Sense, Soundtrack #1 and Big Mouth, among others.



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20 hours ago, mademoiselle said:

Hahahahahaha is there one drama you watch from start to end without FF 

HAHAHAHAHA!! I've watched Duel and probably Hot Stove League without FFing. In 2022, I'm pretty sure I FFed at least a few times with every drama I watched. :laugh:

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2 hours ago, Tofu said:

HAHAHAHAHA!! I've watched Duel and probably Hot Stove League without FFing. In 2022, I'm pretty sure I FFed at least a few times with every drama I watched. :laugh:

Oh good that you didn't FF Duel. Hahaha!

I think you are the type that must sit far away from the screen and not allowed to hold the remote control so you won't be FFing.

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3 hours ago, Tofu said:

@mademoiselle Hahahahaha!! My friend refuse to let me near his remote when we watch a show together. I'm always like, "This part serve no purpose to the story, let's skip it" :laugh:

Do you only do that with shows you had seen and had to rewatch with him? Or you're doing it for shows you haven't seen? Coz you wouldn't be able to know whether it did or did not serve a purpose to the story... isn't it?

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@mademoiselle I do both. If there's a scene where they are just walking looking sad, running, etc. I'm like, "I don't need to watch them walk, let's FF to the part where they actually talk to someone". Hahahaha! I'm such a horrible drama watcher. :laugh:


I can't do this when I'm watching with my BFF though. She's not into FFing that much. :cry:



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Ji Chang Wook Is An Undercover Detective Who Joins A Dangerous Organization In “The Worst Of Evil”



Upcoming Disney+ drama “The Worst of Evil” has dropped new stills of Ji Chang Wook!


“The Worst of Evil” is a crime-action drama that tells the journey of police officer Kang Joon Mo (Ji Chang Wook) as he goes on an undercover mission to take down a major drug operation based in Gangnam, the center of drug trafficking between Korea, China, and Japan during the 1990s.


Ji Chang Wook plays undercover detective Kang Joon Mo who disguises himself as Kwon Seung Ho within the Gangnam alliance that is at the center of a major drug operation. With strong resolve, Kang Joon Mo will do anything to achieve his goal, and he is a courageous character who shines even brighter in the face of danger.





While undercover, Kang Joon Mo becomes increasingly more intertwined with the Gangnam drug cartel’s boss Jung Ki Chul (Wi Ha Joon). Ji Chang Wook created a great sense of immersion through the portrayal of his character gradually changing as he faced various situations and emotions as detective Park Joon Mo and gang member Kwon Seung Ho.


Director Han Dong Wook remarked, “Viewers will be able to see very new, heavy, deep, and impressive acting that they have yet to see before from actor Ji Chang Wook. I believe he will be talked of as an actor who showcased the greatest acting amidst projects of the undercover genre.”


“The Worst of Evil” will premiere on September 27.




Wi Ha Joon Is A Mob Boss Who Unexpectedly Runs Into His First Love In “The Worst Of Evil”


Wi Ha Joon's face looks plump here...




Wi Ha Joon’s upcoming drama “The Worst of Evil” has shared a glimpse of the actor in his starring role!


Set in the 1990s, “The Worst of Evil” is a new Disney+ series about an investigation launched to take down a major cartel based in Gangnam that is responsible for illegal drug trade between Korea, Japan, and China. Ji Chang Wook will star as Kang Joon Mo, a detective who goes undercover to infiltrate the Gangnam Alliance.


Wi Ha Joon will star in the drama as Jung Ki Chul, the ruthless leader of the Gangnam Alliance, who clawed his way to the top after a painful childhood. Armed with nothing but his ambition, Jung Ki Chul rose up through the ranks and eventually succeeded in becoming a powerful mob boss. Not only did he manage to seize control of Gangnam, but he even became the leader of a major drug cartel with influence over three different countries.


However, just when he was dreaming of even greater success, Jung Ki Chul’s world is turned upside down by the arrival of the undercover detective Park Joon Mo—as well as his unexpected reunion with his first love Yoo Eui Jung (played by Im Se Mi).


Praising Wi Ha Joon’s acting and dedication, “The Worst of Evil” director Han Dong Wook remarked, “Wi Ha Joon is extremely passionate. He pours everything he’s got into his performance and always goes the extra mile. He’s very meticulous and detailed.”


Martial arts director Kwon Ji Hoon, who was in charge of the drama’s many action scenes, even went so far as to declare, “[Wi Ha Joon’s] action skills are so outstanding, he’s practically the best out of all the actors I’ve seen until now.”



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17 hours ago, mademoiselle said:

Can you and @40somethingahjumma start first and let me know if it's worth it? Hahaha

Done with 2 episodes, one more to go. Interesting they'd release 3 episodes in a week but glad they did considering the cliffhanger at the end of the 2nd episode

This show didn't disappoint so far. Both JCW and WHJ are just oozing sexiness on my screen that every minute of this show feels like a visual feast . :GrowDerp:. But more than that , this show is gritty and hard core. It is like those HK triad movies that I grew up watching and I love it. Both actors are so good here. And they throw in an emotional twist / complication with Im SeMi's character , an elite detective herself , and wife of JCW's character being WHJ's first love. I just live for this kind of plots :laugh:



A quick recap for eps 1 & 2


We got to see how WiHaJoon's character, KiCheol went from being a club DJ to becoming a gang leader in Gangnam.  The man who first recruited him is called Sergent Jang who promised KiCheol that he would get to run a club in Gangnam. For a couple of years KC did a lot of his dirty work but Jang didn't hold up his end of the bargain. KC and his boys later turned the tables on Jang , thanks to KC's smart thinking & resourcefulness. He also had a few loyal guys with him, one of who was called TaeHo. KC was very fond of TaeHo and treated him like a brother. Jang killed TaeHo and that lead KC to retaliate. KC killed Jang and took over his turf so to speak. KC also approached the mob bosses at the top of the food chain and offered them millions in "contribution" to get their blessings for him taking over a couple turfs in Gangnam. How he was able to do it was through the sale of very pure meth - there are links to the Japanese gangs here. 

With drugs becoming such a problems thanks to KC's gang, the cops knew they needed to infiltrate his gang. So JCW's character , Jun Mo , a detective, was recruited. JM's back story is that he was the son of a drug addict himself  and married to ImSeMi's character, Eui Jeong. EJ is from a rather elite police family and they kind of look down at JunMo because he's been passed on for promotions ( primarily because of his family background). JM took this chance to go undercover with the agreement that he gets promoted two ranks. Anyway  the rest of the episodes show how he used the memory of TaeHo to gain KC's trust and be allowed to join the gang. Lots of fighting scenes as KC tried to get rid of Jang's underlings and used it to test JunMo. Also we see that Jun Mo didn't tell EuiJeong he went undercover, and when he finally did, it was also the moment that EJ and KC met. JunMo found out that EJ was KiCheol's first love. 


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The first episode was good and a decent character set-up for the male leads. The backdrop and the motivations are clearly laid out so I'm looking forward to how these agendas play out in the rest of the show. It's definitely a historical piece with the chosen palette as well as the amount of smoking that goes on. (it's a competition to see who lights up the most number of cigarettes) What I particularly like about the set-up is that the antagonist could be the protagonist in his own tragic story. Like The Godfather. He's sick of being treated like rubbish. He has ambition and smarts to make it happen. He commands genuine loyalty from an inner circle that goes back to his school days. Moreover, the protagonist although something of the typical loose cannon is motivated not really by ideals of justice but wanting to look a bit better in front of his in-laws for his wife's sake. That's potentially very interesting in terms of his character arc ie. if it takes him down to the dark side.

Initially I thought the wife wasn't really necessary but as the episode progressed it occurred to me that she's there not so much as to set up some obligatory love triangle but to act as his lifeline. I suspect that she's included so that he doesn't get completely consumed by the undercover persona. She will be, I'm guessing, his conscience. A reminder to him why he's there in order that he doesn't completely lose his way. I also think that her purpose in the narrative is to flesh out Jung Gi-cheul as the mob boss -- to give him that extra layer, to humanize him so that he isn't some kind of cartoon villain. But the lovely thing always about Wi Ha-jun is that he always projects a certain vulnerability no matter how badass he is.

That staring contest at the end is rather good. This is a collaboration that I'm hyped up to see a lot more of.

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