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The Prisoner of Beauty 折腰 [Upcoming]

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The Prisoner of Beauty 折腰



Chinese Title: Zhe Yao / 折腰
English Title: The Prisoner of Beauty 
Novel: Zhe Yao by Peng Lai Ke
Director: Deng Ke (Previous work: My Heroic Husband, Dear Missy)
Screenwriter: Nan Zhen (Previous work: The Romance of Tiger and Rose)
Episodes: 30
Broadcasting Network: Tencent Video
Airing Date: TBD



A smart and clever girl from the Qiao family, enters into a marriage alliance with the courageous, sharp and kind master of the Wei family. It opens the curtains to a story about their warm daily life that also involves the affairs of family and country.

Due to the grievances of their ancestors, Xiao Qiao (played by Song Zu'er) and Wei Shao (played by Liu Yuning) were wary of each other despite being husband and wife. Their daily lives consist of endless probes and attacks and their many contests are filled with laughter and tears. After overcoming many crises, they gradually become attracted to each other's ingenuity. Husband and wife eventually join hands to resolve family conflicts and restore peace and tranquility for the common people. (Credit)


Official Websites 
Baidu | Weibo | Douban


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Song Zu Er as Xiao Qiao



Liu Yu Ning as Wei Shao


Xuan Lu as Su E Huang

Liu Duan Duan as Wei Yan


Supporting Cast


Liu Xiao Qing as Madame Xu

He Hong Shan as Da Qiao

Li Xue Qin as Xiao Tao

Wang Cheng Si as Wei Liang

Peter Ho as Gao Heng

Gao Wei Guang as Wei Jing

Kong Xue Er as Zheng Chuyu

Wei Zi Xin as Gongsun Yang

Zhou Lu La as Bi Zhi

Ji Xiao Bing as Liu Yan

Ao Zi Yi as Qiao Ci

Wu Hao Chen as Wei Qu

Liu Yi Hong as Wei Xiao

Cui Yi as Madame Zhu

Chu Zi Jun as Wei Duo

Wang Xing Han as Liu Shan

Yao Yi Qi as Zhang Pu

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