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The White Olive Tree 白色橄欖樹 [Upcoming]


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Writer: Yang Qian Zi (楊千紫)

Novel by: Jiu Yue Xi (玖月晞)

Episodes: 40

Release Date: TBC

Streaming Site: iQiyi

Website: Weibo | MDL | Baidu | Douban


Plot Summary


During an interview mission in the turbulent East Country, Song Ran (Liang Jie), a female reporter from Liangcheng Satellite TV, came across a sudden danger. Thankfully, Li Zan (Chen Zhe Yuan), a Chinese explosive engineer who volunteered in the East Country, was able to save her. After multiple interactions, Li Zan discovered that despite appearing weak on the outside, Song Ran was brave, strong, and full of justice and kindness. The same ideals and compatible souls ignited the love between them. A sudden bombing attack ended their budding relationship, and they fell into a trough of life after returning to China and even losing contact with each other. Li Zan felt guilty and blamed himself for his friend's death during the bombing attack. Song Ran was controversial due to a photo taken during the bombing attack. Both of them suffered double physical and mental pain. By chance, they came across each other again, and gradually, their lives got back on track. Together, they planted the seeds of the white olive tree.

source: Douban / MDL




• Chen Zhe Yuan (陳哲遠) - Li Zan (李瓚)

• Liang Jie (梁潔) - Song Ran (宋冉)


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