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The School Nurse Files 보건교사 안은영 [2020]


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The School Nurse Files




About The Show

Broadcast Station: Netflix

Schedule: 25 Sept 2020

Episodes: 6



Plot Synopsis

Based on the 2015 award-winning novel School Nurse Ahn Eun-young by Chung Serang, The School Nurse Files revolves around Ahn Eun-young (Jung Yu-mi), who has the ability to see jelly-like monsters that are derived from the residues of human desire and greed. Eun-young also has the power to eradicate these "jellies". She is appointed to a new high school where she discovers secrets and mysteries with her abilities. 


Hong In-pyo (Nam Joo-hyuk) is a Chinese language teacher at the same school. Together Eun-young and In-pyo work together to destroy the "jellies".


Sources: Asian Wiki, Wikipedia, Netflix

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Director - Lee Kyoung-mi

Writer - Jung Se-rang


Jung Yu-mi - Ahn Eun-young

Nam Joo-hyuk - Hong In-pyo

Yoo Teo - Mackenzie

Lee Joo-young - Han Ah-reum

Kim Bum-joon - Kim Beom-jun

Park Se-jin - Raddy

Hyun Woo-seok - Seok Kwon

Choi Jun-young - Kim Kang-sun

Kim Dong-hyun

Lee Hyo-bi

Lee Jong-won

Moon So-ri

Kim Joo-ryung

Kim Seung-hyun (Guest)


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More about Jung Yumi and Nam Joo Hyuk's characters are revealed.


Hong In Pyo is the grandson of the school’s founder and a teacher who specializes in classic Chinese characters. He may seem indifferent and shy, but he’s actually a curious man with a good-natured personality. When he learns about his extraordinary energy (an incredible aura of protective energy), he teams up with Ahn Eun Young to catch various ghosts. As her “ghost buster” partner, he protects her and recharges her with his special ability.


Ahn Eun Young was born with the special ability to see jellies, a residue of invisible desires made by living animals and plants. They’re usually not dangerous, but when they’re contaminated, they become harmful to humans. Ahn Eun Young is not happy with her fate, but she does her best to repel these supernatural creatures with her rainbow sword and BB gun.


Source: https://www.soompi.com/article/1422876wpp/new-fantasy-series-the-school-nurse-files-gives-peek-at-jung-yu-mis-and-nam-joo-hyuks-quirky-characters


A whole thread of the cast reveals as they stream in now that we are getting closer to the Netflix drop date. Lots of rookie actors are part of it.



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Seems like a fun Ghostbusters superhero team-up. It's oozing with cuteness.

Looking forward to it. :smile:



I was wondering why the female lead looked so familiar. She's the rookie cop fresh out of the academy in Live playing opposite Kwang-soo. Yeah...  of course. 



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3 hours ago, 40somethingahjumma said:

I was wondering why the female lead looked so familiar. She's the rookie cop fresh out of the academy in Live playing opposite Kwang-soo. Yeah...  of course. 

Yes . Jung Yung Mi! She is a pretty good actress. I was hoping they’d do another season of Live . 
The trailers look fun plus it’s on Netflix . And just 6 episodes. Surely I can fit this in to my overloaded drama schedule. :Rip:

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So, this drama has been released on Netflix, and I started watching the first episode...


What I will say is that there is a scene where a young Eun Young sees her mother's spirit become jelly and melt into the ground. Like, seriously traumatizing. 


It looks as if all 6 episodes are released on Netflix, so I may have to just bingewatch this on the weekend.

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I finished all 6 episodes. Overall it is a fun watch. The main leads did superbly well in their characters. The idea of presenting evil and monsters in such forms are quirky but not new in the world of Japanese manga. I was interested in the first place because of the attempt of bringing these imagination onto the screen.


Further thoughts is in the spoiler.


However, I don't think these cute jelly monsters were utilised well in the show. At least not to what I expect. Although it may have stayed true to the novel of how they were portrayed, I imagined that some of these jellies would actually be of help to Eun Young, not always get in her way because there's always good and bad energy in the world and that there is a need for balance.


There are some confusing bits which would be nice if the show could explain. Like how Eun Young lost her ability for a while and then regain it. I can only imagine she lost it as a psychological/traumatising after effect after the death of her friend.


The story-telling is rather poor in the sense that 2 teachers and a new character were introduced to be in the opposing position of the main leads. Then they disappeared from the next couple of episodes to tell the story of a new character, a girl student. The story shifted to another sub-plot that completely ignore these characters who could wreak havoc in the school, and then they re-appeared again in the finale when the plot needed it. It was not a smooth story-telling for this bit.


Then there is the finale where it should be the peak, the final showdown, the climax we expect seeing a battle between Eun Young—In Pyo and the evil force only to end in anti-climax because it appears (upon second checking of the scene) it happens off-screen.


The show also toy with and hinted potential romance between Eun Young and In Pyo but at the end we don't get told whether they are together or just remaining as friends.


@40somethingahjumma I don't think I need explaining as much anymore coz I re-watch that scene I was confused with. Thoughts are in the spoiler tag.

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Got up early and marathoned the whole lot.

It's not bad... more quirky than uproariously funny. But the world building is inventive.

Jung Yu-mi is very good as the titular character. Nam Joo-hyuk is cute.


31 minutes ago, mademoisellesia said:

I finished all 6 episodes however I am confused of the ending. I will have to wait for you guys to get there and maybe someone can explain it.


What do you need explained?

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@mademoisellesia @40somethingahjumma Oh my, you are done already! And it's only been less than 24 hours!


A friend of mine tried out the first episode and she enjoyed it so I am looking forward to get to it in the next few days since it's WFH week.


Some snippets of information from interview clips this week:


Talks of Season 2 already? :SquirtleWonderfull:




Full Netflix Korea Live Fan-Meeting (no subs unfortunately)



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Ah that explains why it ended that way if they will do season 2. @wallflowersforjane Yep, I started watching last night. It's fairly easy, just let it run non-stop you don't even feel it (although I felt it last night purely because I was tired from work, LOL) so I continued ep5-6 this morning.


Looking forward to this on The Swoon


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I enjoyed it for the most part. I liked the Ghostbusters vibe particularly of the earlier episodes. I accepted that the idiosyncratic storytelling was par for the course right from the start. I don't have any issues in that regard because it falls in line with the peculiarities of that world. I thought the insertion of flashbacks to provide An Eun-young's backstory and motivation for doing what she does worked for the most part.


As an introduction to the franchise, I thought it did well enough. I suppose the ending seemed a bit anticlimactic but I was under the impression that they were working under the expectation that this was just the first season. Still I did think that the last episode was probably the weakest in terms of how they were attempting to pull all the different threads together. In some ways I don't think the ambition of this episode matched the execution. The so-called war between the two sides fell a bit like a last minute shoe-in. To be fair, there were already hints of agendas at play but it seemed to me underdeveloped. However, there was the added element of Eun-young losing her sixth sense which I personally felt diminished the climax. 


I also wished we got more on the romance front but I chalked that up to them not wanting to put all their cards on the table. I liked the way the "love at first sight" trope was used in Eun-young's case. It was amusing how quickly In-pyo jumped onboard the supernatural bandwagon and what he resorted to in order to spend as much time with her as he could. I admit a fondness for the notion of two lonely people finding their way to each other and falling in love. But what's actually crucial here (at least in the early stages) is that they're a hand in glove team.  :lenny:


Finally as someone who does Zumba regularly, I did enjoy the reference. 


Screen Shot 2020-09-26 at 7.31.45 pm


Screen Shot 2020-09-26 at 7.43.20 pm



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