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[C-Artist] Ireine Song Yi Ren 宋伊人

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Time to Love 新步步惊心 as Yu Tan   



At Cafe 6  六弄咖啡馆  as  Song Yiren   
Sword Master   三少爺的劍 as young Murong Qiudi 



Special Encounter 美容针 as  Qi Ying    


The Last Room  最后一间房 as Ruo Yi 



The Headliner  头条都是他    





Nuwa Growth Diary 女娲成长日记 as Nuwa 



Ever Night  将夜 as  Sang Sang
Time Teaches Me To Love    时光教会我爱你  as  Lin Lu 



The Prince of Tennis    网球少年  as  Qi Ying 
Flavor It's Yours    看见味道的你  as  He Buzui 


Ever Night 2  将夜2 as   Sang Sang
The Best of You in My Mind    全世界最好的你 as  Lin Xichi 
Professional Single    我凭本事单身 as Yuan Qian



Bound at First Sight  最美不过初相见  as  Lu Jiajia

Her Fantastic Adventure  第二次初见 as Gu JingQiao

My Special Girl 独一有二的她 as Hao Jing

Different Princess 花青歌 as Hua QingGe

The Inextricable Destiny

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Song YiRen sent greetings to her fans in French as requested by the host from 12.00 min onwards





Transalation Cr: @MAlba


In French:

-----------  "Ça fait un moment que je n'avais pas parlé en français, mais je suis très contente que vous êtes là, je t'aime"

In English, it means:

----------- "It has been a while I haven't spoken in French, but I am very happy that you are there, I love you"

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Credit: @MAlba



I am really happy for this interesting news which @Alexanderhas shared to me . . . 


1) "Professional Single" is in the Top 10 Most-Watched Chinese Drama for the months of October and November

---- Source: Vlinkage, Chinese Weibo

---- Congratulations to Aaron Deng, Ireine Song and to the whole Cast and Crew


2) "The Best of You in My Mind = Golden Angel Award-Winning TV Series

---- Source: 16th China-US TV Festival, Nov 8, 2020

---- Congratulations to Gala Zhang, Ireine Song and to the whole Cast and Crew


Indeed .  .  .  Ireine Song has come a long way since her award-winning drama series of Ever Night . . . :hearties:

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10 hours ago, N3buLa84 said:

Hello, @NiteWalker I’m finally here. 
Here’s a small video of YiRen as our Sang Sang. 😍


hello i miss u so much....hahaha happy to see you're here.....i had also created the thread for Dylan and Esther latest drama too :heart:

On 1/25/2021 at 2:49 PM, AwkwarDerp said:

I started with the drama she did was Simon, flavour, its yours. Even though its not well scripted but her little self made me fall in love


my mom love her alot after watching her in 'Professional Single' now she is watching 'Ever Night' because of her 

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