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I Am Just This Type of Girl 我就是这般女子 [2021]

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Chinese title: 我就是这般女子 / Wo Jiu Shi Zhe Ban Nu Zi
English title: I Am Just This Type of Girl

Genre: Historical, romance, comedy


Director: Chen Wei Xiang, Yang Xiao Bo

Broadcast Period: Jan/18/21




Guan Xiao Tong as Ban Hua
Hou Ming Hao as Rong Xia
Zhao Shun Ran as Shi Jin
Li Zong Lin as Ban Heng
An Yong Chang as Xie Wanyu
Xia Nan as Shi Feixian
Jiang Hao Min as Jiang Luo



Ban Hua is a girl known for her straightforward and fiesty personality, and due to this she was rejected for marriage three times. However she is actually a kind and sensitive girl. One day, she accidentally finds out that she has the ability to tell the future through dreams. Ban Hua decides to use this to help her family avoid doom. Meanwhile, Rong Xia is a man of outstanding looks and talent, searching for the mystery behind his family's extermination and the truth of his birth identity. He meets Ban Hua, and the two work together to solve the mystery, and falls in love in the process.





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