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The Great Pei 了不起的裴千户 [Pending]


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dsw9aeq.jpgChinese title: 了不起的裴千户
English title: The Great Pei
Genre: Historical, Romance
Episodes: TBA
Airing Date: TBA



Gao HanYu (高瀚宇)

Meng ZiYi (孟子义)

Han MuBo

Liu YaoYuna


Gong ZhengYe







It revolves around two youths of the Qian Hu Troops with contrasting personalities, who work together to solve cases. 


(Source: DramaWiki) 


Official Sites
Baidu | Weibo

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3 minutes ago, Tofu said:

Yes, exactly! :laugh:


u know one of these days, we might as well be the writers and producers lols


that's what i always told my mom, cause whenever she watch a drama or an episode, she will sit there and tell....


'see i told you, this will happen.' 


i will be like yea yea....'cause you're the writer' 

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