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Please Don't Date Him 제발 그 남자 만나지 마요 [2021]


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Please Don't Date Him 제발 그 남자 만나지 마요

Literal Title: Please Don't Meet Him
Director: Oh Mi Kyeong
Writer: Yoon Kim, Kim Jeong-hee, Jung Jae-in, Songpyeon
Network: MBC Every 1
Episodes: 10
Release Date: November 10th, 2020 -- January 2021
Air Time: Tuesday @ 10:40PM KST
English Subtitles: Viki
Official Website: MBC


An AI controlled, household appliances developer in Pelican Electronics, Seo Ji Sung, has dreams to live a perfect life like a well developed program. Working on an Artificial Intelligence refrigerator with voice activated features, she inserts a super sensor chip which was lost by National Intelligence Service into a refrigerator and an "Ancestral Spirit" program that picks scums instead of telling the freshness of vegetables is developed. So, Ji Sung finds out that her deemed perfect fiancé Jeong-han was actually not her Prince Charming. One day, Jung Gook-hee, a firefighter, with no social media record, whom the program couldn't analyze, shows up. Ji Sung is skeptical about him, as there is no trace of his past on the internet.



Song Ha Yoon as Seo Ji Sung
Manager of Pelican Electronics' Voice Recognition Smart Home AI Development Team, a programmer of the AI controlled home appliances



Lee Jun Young as Jung Gook Hee
Whale Fire Station Life Safety Rescue Team Firefighter for 3 years, no social media, no digital convenience.



Yoon Bo Mi as Moon Ye Seul
Seo Ji Seong's friend, Pelican quarantine staff



Gong Min Jeung as Tak Ki Hyun
Seo Ji Seong's friend, Owner of organic café near Pelican Electronics


(Character Descriptions Credit)

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Other Characters
Lee Si Hoon as Bang Jeong Han (Ex-Boyfriend)
Joo Woo Jae as Han Yu Jin (Dentist)
Kim Tae Gyeom as Kim Sang Sik (Tak Ki Hyun's Husband)
Kim Gyeong Il as Gam Oh Joong (Whale Fire Station Employee)


Pelican Electronics
Jeong Min Sung as Oh Byung-Gil
Kim Ki Ri as Jegal Soo Won 
Nam Min Woo as Ok Dong Jin 
Kim Hyun Myung as Cho Yong Hwan
Park Han Sol as Byun Ha Ri

Kang Mal Geum as Telegram Girl


Relationship Chart







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Just now, stroppyse said:

OMG, that's Jun in the lead role! Wasn't he just playing high schoolers recently? I can't decide if this drama looks fun or frenetic, but think I'll check it out for Jun. He was really good and so adorable in Buamdong's Avengers Club.

Yes, it is! I lowkey opened this thread because I adore Song Ha Yoon but also have a soft spot for Jun too. I don't think I saw him in Avengers Club, but I loved him in Class of Lies. He was recently in Good Casting. I didn't like his character all that much in that, was a little too bratty for me. I also didn't like his irresponsible character in Goodbye to Goodbye (although, his pairing with Jo Bo Ah was cute). 


Here's an interview clip of the cast talking about their characters:


By the way, Viki is subbing this drama but it's a little slow because I don't think the drama is that popular. I've enjoyed it so far because it's cute and lighthearted -- nothing is overly complex and it's just something nice to watch. The idea that a fridge can tell you secrets about the people around you is interesting. :laugh:

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  • 2 weeks later...

I might be the only person on JH watching this, but that's ok! Haha! I wouldn't say that it's the best drama out there but it's not horrible either. I don't know how to explain it, I find it cute; although, that might just be because Song Ha Yoon and Jun are super cute as Ji Sung and Gook Hee. 


We are up to episode five now and I think the first four episodes focused too much on the ex-boyfriend. He is disgusting and his friends who are justifying his action (sending half-naked photos of Ji Sung to his friends) are even more disgusting. Actually, I think all the people around the ex-boyfriend lack morals. His mom, his friends, and even himself....I can't believe all of them saw nothing wrong with what he did. Ji Sung did not overact to the situation at all. If that happened to me or someone I knew, I would tell them to break off their wedding too. No one should be in a relationship where there's no respect or trust for the other person. Ugh, just thinking about how this all played out in the drama still makes me upset. I'm so glad Ji Sung called off her wedding! 


I love the friendship between the three girls. They all have their own troubles with men but are really supportive of each other. Ki Hyun is married and wants to have a baby but is realizing that her husband may not want to. I'm hoping that something happens there and she ends up with Gook Hee's firefighter partner; it shows that he has kids but hopefully he's a single father. 


Ye Seul can't seem to find a nice guy. She's dated so many guys but they are all trashy. The guys always end up using her in various ways -- spending her money, etc. Ye Seul meets Woo Jin (the dentist) and he asked if she wants to date but he warned her that he's also "trashy". I don't like that Ye Seul gives in just because he's handsome. I guess physical appearance is enough to make someone look the other way even though the person warned them that they are horrible or there are red flags present. 


If anything, I'm glad that we are finally getting more of Gook Hee's backstory and more of him in general. The first four episodes were spent way too long on the ex-boyfriend arch and I just hope that's over and done with. 


By the way, the fridge that's able to show you a person's online data is actually pretty interesting to me. Ji Sung used this to check on the people who are interested in the people she loves (also how she found out what her ex-boyfriend did). It's pretty crazy how much online data everyone has. I remember watching a documentary on it. The amount of data produced for one person and how companies go about selling these data were pretty eye opening. 


Some cute Ji Sung/Gook Hee moments from episode five:














Gook Hee is cute thinking about Ji Sung's comment about his nose. Haha! He's a bit smitten by her. 




Seems like we get to see Jun's abs in the next episode. Haha!!



Jun's song for the drama. :heart:


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@TofuI just started this drama. Did you managed to finish it? It's pretty good. Btw this drama also have vynil record store. They're like the same with Oh My Ladylord. 


The humour quite unusual, but it did make me laugh a lot. Especially her obsession with the informant fridge. 


And its a reverse, when the girl repair the guy bycicle lols...


I enjoyed this so much, all the characters are fun. Actually even the bad ex bf also make me laugh so much. His crime is serious, but its good he really repent on it. 


The guy from Class of Lies quite handsome and good. The dentist also quite charming (I never seen him before I think).

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10 hours ago, SilverMoonTea said:

Did you managed to finish it? It's pretty good.

I was glad it was only 10 episodes long. I honestly continued to watch it because I liked the female and male leads. The storyline gets a little ridiculous later on and some things didn't make any sense but I just went along with it. :laugh:



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31 minutes ago, Tofu said:

I was glad it was only 10 episodes long. I honestly continued to watch it because I liked the female and male leads. The storyline gets a little ridiculous later on and some things didn't make any sense but I just went along with it. :laugh:



Haha saw this coming. As I think ep 5 they will become couple already?


Btw their height difference is cute. And can't believe they got 10 yrs age gap? Wow...



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12 hours ago, ktcjdrama said:

I will check this out @Tofu First time hearing this drama, but sounds interesting and 10 episodes should be easy to squeeze in my schedule haha... Maybe you can add tags of the cast name and genre to the topic?

Try it ktcj. I like it a lot. I already on ep 5. The synopsis sounds strange, and some review saying its not good. But don't let that deter you. 

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2 hours ago, Tofu said:


@SilverMoonTea - You finished, right? How did you like it?

Surprisingly I like it. 


I think this a bit of sci-fi, romcom, but they're also taking care of family & friendship portion quite well. 


The ML aloof but very responsible. I love his backstory too. 

The FL also quite make sense, and very direct as a person. 


The group lady friendship is unbeatable and strong. All the side characters are so funny. I think only last 2 episodes felt a bit lacking. But overall very entertaining. 

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