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Seo Bok [Movie 2021]


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Seo Bok 서복
Written and Directed by: Lee Yong Ju
Release Date: December 2, 2020
Park Bo Gum (박보검 ) - MyDramaList
Park Bo Gum as Seo Bok
Seobok, the first-ever cloned human created through stem cell cloning and genetic manipulation, has a growth rate twice that of an average human. The boy’s unique genetic construct makes him an undying being. Cursed with immortality, Seobok has to be confined in the lab he was created in until he meets Ki-hun and is forced to face the real world for the first time in his life.
Gong Yoo (공유) - MyDramaList
Gong Yoo as Gi Heon
An ex-secret intelligence agent, Ki-hun lives a secluded life as a result of a traumatic memory. With his living days numbered, he lives day to day in desperation and fear, but when his former boss contacts him with the offer of a special mission involving humanity’s first cloned human, Seobok, Ki-hun has no choice but to embark on a journey full of unexpected events.
Seo Bok is the world's first human clone created through stem cell cloning and genetic engineering, and possibly possesses the secret to immortality.  He is 10 years old, though his clone body ages faster than normal humans.
Gi Heon is a terminally ill ex-Intelligence Officer who is given one final mission of transporting Seo Bok to a safe location. However, the mission goes awry when they are ambushed by unknown attackers. Gi Heon and Seo Bok escape, but the struggle with each other as Seo Bok who has spent his life in a lab is fascinated by everything while Gi Heon just wants to get the mission over with as soon as possible.
This drama is as much a road movie about 2 very different beings who grow to build a relationship as they face various life-threatening situations as it is a science fiction-fantasy film, as they run from various factions who want Seo Bok for their own purposes. Ultimately, as the enemy closes in on them, they are forced to make a choice.
It was PBG's final movie prior to his enlistment in August 2020.
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@mademoiselle @Tofu, couldn't resist. Had to create a thread for this movie. Even though movie theaters are closed in my area and it's getting a theatrical release, so I won't see it for awhile.


I mean it has Park Bo Gum and Gong Yoo! I'm actually way more excited to watch this movie, especially since it seems to have flashes of humor as a road buddy movie with lots of potential bromance rather than being deadly serious, than I have been for the romantic dramas that both actors have been in recently. :love:

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1 hour ago, mademoiselle said:

@Tofu @stroppyse It's confirmed :cry: they will push it to 2021 now


Thanks for finding the confirmation. I wondered when I didn't see any news about the film opening.  Kind of sad because I was really hoping to watch this movie. I'm missing seeing PBG and GY, and the buddy aspect of this movie promised to be good, even if I am wary that it might have a sad ending.

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3 minutes ago, Tofu said:

@mademoiselle - Sigh...why?! I wonder how far back are they pushing it? Hopefully it'll air soon. 

COVID-19 wave again. Third one or fourth?! I really lost count now. Originally CJE was gonna release it 2/12 then they moved to 23/12 after the situation got worse from from stage 2 to 2.5. 


No release date for next year. I wonder why they don't just release on Netflix. 

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1 minute ago, mademoiselle said:

No release date for next year. I wonder why they don't just release on Netflix. 

Yeah, same. I hope they consider it because a lot of companies are now taking that approach (to release their movies on the major streaming sites). Maybe the hesitation is that it might be more profitable if released in theater? 



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Just now, Tofu said:

Yeah, same. I hope they consider it because a lot of companies are now taking that approach (to release their movies on the major streaming sites). Maybe the hesitation is that it might be more profitable if released in theater?

I think so too. Bogum and Gong Yoo together have so many supporters local and international, and maybe they are also really confident it will be a box office hit if they release it in the cinemas.

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It seems like this movie's premiere has been pushed back again. Maybe into March 2021? Can they release on Netflix? :yoongibtspls:


Edit: I read that there is a tentative release date of March 18th, 2021. Hopefully that runs true, it would be good to see this before Park Bo Gum returns from military services. :laugh:

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Gong Yoo and Park Bo Gum will meet at the same time at the movie "Seobok" theater and TV.
Input2021.03.03. 10:58 AM | Na Won-jung, a reporter

The release of the movie will be postponed to the 15th of next month.
TVing subscribers can watch it without extra payment.
CJ "Requires Active Response to Activating the OTT Market"


Park Bo-gum, the lead character in the movie "Seobok," plays a cloned human. [Photo by CJ Entertainment]


The SF film "Seobok," starring Gong Yoo and Park Bo-gum, which cost 16.4 billion won in net production, will be released simultaneously with the theater and online video service (OTT) TVing Original Content on the 15th of next month after delaying its release due to Corona 19. It is the first time that a new Korean film invested and distributed by CJ ENM will be released as OTT since Corona 19.

On the 3rd, CJ ENM said, "We decided to release 'Seobok' on TV to meet more audiences through various platforms at a time when consumers' views and needs on content are rapidly changing due to Corona 19." "Not only TVing but also theater release will take place simultaneously." "We decided that it would be a way to provide more options for the audience and co-exist with the theater, which is suffering from the lack of a new movie," he said.


Gong Yoo, who plays the role of an intelligence agent in "Seobok." [Photo by CJ Entertainment]

"Seobok" is the first comeback film in nine years by Lee Yong-joo, director of "Architecture 101," who is known for his first love film. The story is about Park Bo-gum and Gong Yoo, respectively, becoming the origin of the intelligence agency's last mission to move Seobok, the first cloned human in mankind, and engaging in a chase with various forces seeking to escape. initially consider the release of last summer. Gong Yoo, the main character of the show, has been postponed again, although he postponed his schedule until the end of the year due to the re-proliferation of the Corona 19. Meanwhile, Park Bo-gum joined the military.

It is the second time that a new film by a Korean investment and distribution company with a large multiplex chain was released as OTT after Lotte Entertainment's "Cha In-pyo," which went directly to Netflix's original in January this year. "Cha In Pyo" was released simultaneously to 190 countries around the world through global OTT Netflix without opening theaters. Along with the release of the movie, "Seobok" is an original TVing content that will only be released online in Korea. If you sign up as a member of TVing, you can watch it without payment. The overseas distribution is carried out separately.

The film industry notes that "Seobok" is a masterpiece different from "Cha In-pyo," which was relatively low-budget.

According to CJ ENM, if "Seobok" is released only in theaters, the break-even point will reach 3.26 million viewers. Given that TVing was launched as a split and independent corporation by CJ ENM last year, it is interpreted that it chose to release "Seobok" simultaneously at theaters and TVing to strengthen its platform like Hollywood film companies such as Disney's own OTTT Disney Plus. With JTBC Studio joining, TVing recently said it will invest more than 400 billion won over the next three years to secure quality original content.

CJ ENM believes that its OTT pre-release policy direction has not been established yet, as it is only a case of 'Seobok' alone. "We are considering opening OTT because the theater system did not recover easily from the corona situation," said a CJ ENM official, adding, "We feel the need to actively respond to vitalization of the OTT market." "We decided to make a bold investment because 'Seobok' is a work that can provide a specialized content experience for TVing users," TVing said. "We plan to continue to expand the original content across various genres."


Source | Translated by Papago


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Gong Yoo Talks About Upcoming Film “Seobok,” Working With Park Bo Gum, And More



Gong Yoo Talks About Upcoming Film “Seobok,” Working With Park Bo Gum, And More

Mar 24, 2021 by S. Cho


Gong Yoo is on the cover of Esquire Korea’s latest issue!


The interviewer mentioned how long it has been since fans have been able to see him, so Gong Yoo broke down all of his projects coming in the next few months. He shared, “We completely flew past the time that the film ‘Seobok’ was supposed to premiere. I can’t blame it on anyone and since it’s a situation that everyone is dealing with, not just me, it’s upsetting but the reality is that we have to accept it.” Seobok is newly scheduled to premiere on April 15.


Gong Yoo continued, “The project I’m working on now is wrapping up soon and I already filmed my special appearance for ‘Wonderland.’ The projects I’ve completed will now slowly be released. I’m not confident but I’ll soon be able to greet you through good projects.”






Although “Seobok” has yet to premiere, the interviewer brought up a past interview that goes in-depth about the film. Gong Yoo explained, “That’s the one official interview. Park Bo Gum [who stars as Seobok] had to enlist. We had to complete filming and interviews while he was still here so we scheduled ahead of time. The interview is from July, which is way before the original December premiere date.”


In that interview, they described the film as “a project that discusses the life and death of humans.” Gong Yoo elaborated, “The wording is like that to put it simply and so it’s easier to think about, but I do believe it’s exactly like that. A human’s life is finite. Since it’s finite, I believe that you have desires and develop fears. Being unable to avoid that finite life is a human’s fate, but trying to escape that is also what humans do. It seems very grand but putting this into simpler words became that wording.”


When asked about working with Park Bo Gum, Gong Yoo responded, “Since we have a bit of an age gap, I always end up thinking about myself at his age when I look at him.” He continued, “Although it’s our first time meeting and collaborating, I think about that age range that I’ve experienced and think, ‘What kind of thoughts does Bo Gum have now and what kind of mindset does he have as an actor?’ which creates a special kind of bond.”


Gong Yoo added, “On the outside, he is extremely responsible, bright, and always smiling, but I believe there are certain worries he has on the inside. However, I also think that he’s unable to show that to others and is just blowing off steam by himself.”


Rest of the article here.


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Gong Yoo, Jo Woo Jin, And Jang Young Nam Talk About Their New Film “Seobok,” Working With Park Bo Gum, And More

Apr 13, 2021 by C. Hong


On April 12, the new film “Seobok” held a screening and press conference with director Lee Yong Joo and cast members Gong Yoo, Jo Woo Jin, and Jang Young Nam. Star Park Bo Gum was not in attendance as he enlisted in the navy last August.


“Seobok” is a sci-fi film about a former intelligence agent named Ki Heon (Gong Yoo) who, for the final mission of his life, is tasked with ensuring the safe transportation of mankind’s first human clone. Park Bo Gum stars as the titular clone Seobok, the target of many forces seeking to steal the clone for themselves. Jo Woo Jin co-stars as Department Head Ahn, an intelligence agent who is trying to hide the existence of the clone, and Jang Young Nam co-stars as Im Se Eun, the researcher who watched over the birth and growth of the clone.





This is Lee Yong Joo’s first directorial project since the 2012 hit film “Architecture 101,” and his first time attempting something in this genre. He said, “It took me a long time to decide on my next project after ‘Architecture 101.’ It’s not that ‘Seobok’ took longer because of some special issues. It just took me a long time to write the script. I also prepared for a Chinese film at the same time, but that fell through, so it ended up taking longer. I’m trying to prepare for my next projects more quickly now.”


Asked why he had chosen the sci-fi genre for his new project, he said, “I think that ‘genre’ is just the ‘skin’ of a story. As I expanded on the stories that I worked on, I came across the sci-fi genre. I didn’t choose it specifically. I really wrote the script over the past nine years. I thought a lot about the fear of death. There were some personal incidents involved, and I really wanted to write this story. Because I had this compulsion, it ended up taking longer.”


He went on, “Seobok was made because of our desire for eternal life. Businesses want his power, but from Ki Heon’s perspective, he is afraid of death. Society used to be afraid of stem cells. Seobok stands at the edge between fear and greed. I was worried that the movie would become too much like the superhero movies in Marvel and in Hollywood. Stories about clones usually show up in films like that. The clone has to think about their place in the world and overcome difficulties to reach the ending. But my movie is from the human Ki Heon’s perspective as he looks at Seobok. He faces death, embraces wild hopes, and learns to trust before he is finally saved by Seobok. I wanted him to walk the same path as clones. That’s what sets my film apart from the others.”


Gong Yoo said, “My character’s first appearance in the film got edited a lot. I wanted to show an unhealthy image for the audience’s first impression of him, to drive home the image of a character in pain. But a lot of it got edited out. Scenes like throwing up in the toilet were really hard on my throat, but it all got cut to simplify the story. I’m not complaining that it was edited, but I thought about it when I was asked to share some funny stories from set.”


Lee Yong Joo commented, “We got feedback from people saying they thought it was because he drank too much, so we cut it out.”


Gong Yoo said, “Rather than trying to play a new character with every project, I want to try something that’s a little different. I try to pick projects that I might normally avoid because they’re difficult. If it appears new and fresh to the viewers, then that’s a bonus, but that’s up to the audience to decide. Through this project, I thought a lot about whether I’m living a ‘good life.’ Right now, I think it’s more important ‘how’ we live rather than ‘how long’ we live. I think that ‘Seobok’ had an influence on that.”




Jang Young Nam said, “I had a lot of scenes with Park Bo Gum. All the scenes where I had to look into his eyes were sad. The last scene was so sad that my heart hurt and I cried while watching the movie. It was so sad.” She added, “Park Bo Gum was very thoughtful about my child on set. I still remember that vividly.”




Jo Woo Jin said, “I think that this character is different from other villains because of his ‘fear.’ His strongest emotions are fear of death and fear of humanity’s ruin. I’ve played a lot of characters who torment other characters, but this one conceals a lot of the fear that drives him forward. He’s very afraid, which makes his greed stand out even more.”




“Seobok” was supposed to premiere in December, but was pushed back due to an increase in COVID-19 cases in Korea. It will now premiere on April 15 simultaneously in theaters and in CJ ENM’s OTT (over-the-top) streaming platform TVing.


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