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Yumi's Cells 유미의 세포들 Season 1 [2021] + Season 2 [2022]


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About The Show

Broadcast Station: TBA

Production Studio: Studio Dragon

Schedule: TBA

Episodes: 16

Duration: TBA


Plot Synopsis

Adapted from a popular webtoon, Yumi's Cells tells the story of an ordinary officer worker in search of love and career fulfilment. As she makes her way through life — her thoughts, emotions and actions are conveyed through the cells in her head. Through them, we witness the inner complexities behind each of Yumi's outward expression.


Kim Go-Eun has been confirmed to take on the role of Yumi.


Source: The Korea Herald

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Director - Lee Sang Yeob

Writers: Song Jae Jung, Kim Yoon Joo, Kim Kyung Ran


Yumi Kim - Kim Go Eun

Woong Ku - Ahn Bo Hyun

Babi Yoo -  Park Jin Young

Shin Sunrok - TBA

Sia Seo - Park Ji Hyun

Ruby - Lee Yoo Bi

Wook - TBA

Control Z - TBA

Da Eun - TBA



*Please note that this cast list is based on characters from the webtoon. There is no official confirmation which webtoon characters will appear in the drama.


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1 minute ago, abs-oluteM said:

Ooo what a cute premise...I don't why I thought of the cartoon Inside Out when I read this synopsis @Jane.


It is like that! Except with many many more cells, and not just limited to emotions like Inside Out. You have Rational Cell, Cheapskate Cell, Fashion Cell, Writer's Cell, Hungry Cell, Love Cell, Spot The Difference Cell etc etc. It's super cute!

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7 hours ago, abs-oluteM said:

Seems like she is casted @Jane . Poor girl. She was last  in A Poem A Day in 2017/2018  - and Joseon Exorcist was supposed to be her comeback drama. Hope this works out for her.


Yikes! At least she has something to look forward to. This is how her character, Ruby, looks like. It looks like a pretty close match. 




Hi @movingwheel Looking forward to watch this drama with you!

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The casting of Jinyoung for Babi is pretty unexpected for me. I always thought Babi would be a little older than Yumi so I was expecting someone older. I wonder how they will play visually together as well.


Filming pics of Kim Go Eun and Ahn Bo Hyun! ABH really looks the part of Woong, right down to the same t-shirt in the webtoon! Go Eun as Yumi looks rather more polished than Yumi in the webtoon though.




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tvN has shared the first look at actress Kim Go Eun in her new drama “Yumi’s Cells” (literal title)!

Based on a hit webtoon of the same name, “Yumi’s Cells” is about an ordinary office worker named Yumi but from the point of view of the many brain cells in her head controlling her thoughts, feelings, and actions. It stars Kim Go Eun as Yumi, whose “love cell” has fallen into a coma after the shock of a failed relationship and needs to be woken up by the other cells. Ahn Bo Hyun, Lee Yoo Bi, and Park Ji Hyun co-star as Goo Woong, Ruby, and Sae Yi, who move Yumi toward her path of growth and transformation.

In the new stills, Kim Go Eun syncs up with Yumi’s trademark short hair and refreshing smile. In one image, she sits at her desk, an ordinary office worker daydreaming about something, while in another, she wears casual clothes as she hangs out at a café.


The production staff shared, “After filming began in April, all the cast and crew have been giving their all to create a more complete production. Kim Go Eun is an actor who discovers sides of Yumi that even we didn’t know about. She will create a character who is realistic and relatable, so please look forward to seeing her work.”

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  G O O D  V I B E S  

♪ click me below for my cw, edits, about 

  d r a m a s a f f a i r . c a r r d . c o 

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Round up of some the recent trailers!


Subbed Trailer 2



Trailer 3 (30s)


Trailer 3 (15s)


I am so happy to see Trailer 3 for more glimpses of how they are going to incorporate the animated cells as part of this drama. I didn't expect the live action and animation to be separated so cleanly but I will reserve judgement on this for now. The cells are still super cute and I am looking forward to see how they will show us the cells controlling Yumi's outward actions.

In Trailer 3, we see the ordinary worker life of Yumi with her colleagues. Spoiler alert (or perhaps not at this point), Yumi has a crush on Wook (Choi Minho). The trailer shows us the early chapters of the webtoon! And ooh at the end, we have Woong (Anh Bo Hyun) who is perfectly giving the gruffness and roughness of Woong! What a contrast of Wook and Woong, amirite!

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