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South Wind Knows 南风知我意 [2023]


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Storyline wise, so far very predictable. DOTS style all over again. The romance seems brewing very fast too. I think he already had his eyes on her since he saw her taking care of the sick boy? 


The timing and pace at times felt odd, like it will just suddenly cut or stop at some scenes as it's just for the purpose to create some swoon moment between them. 


But having said all this, I still can't help myself but bewitched by Mr Fuyunshen aka Cheng Yi. How can he still look so gorgeous after all those hiking and climbing is beyond my logic 😅 Cheng Yi is this drama plot, that's all I can say.


Oh and this couple visual really on another level. They're so pretty to look at. 

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Yeah... not bad although it has a B movie feel. As expected it is a trope fest but not as insufferable as My Dear Guardian. That was painful to watch. This on the other hand is a lot of fun.


I'm mainly watching it for the leads and their chemistry which I enjoyed in Stand By Me.


It's finally here indeed. 

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25 minutes ago, SilverMoonTea said:

Im just checking the timeline of filming, Stand By Me shot in July 2020 and South Wind by Nov 2020. Why do I checking this? I still felt the chemistry was stronger in SBM compare to SWK, but since its just few episodes, I will be glad to be proven wrong lols... 


too much of the same CP lols....or maybe the story lines not as good

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