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[K-Artist] Ro Woon 로운

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Ro Woon






Name: Ro Woon

Hangul: 로운

Hanja: 路雲

Real Name: Kim Seok Woo

Real Name in Hanja: 金錫佑 
Birthdate: 7th August 1996

Height: 190 cm (or 192 cm, waiting for Rowoon to admit)






FNC Entertainment


lLe6kHC.jpg 8b1o8fw.png fa0sBaz.png hKY4nnu.png  fOz27DW.png AVmJfbK.png qWnUyzB.jpg




fOz27DW.png fOz27DW.png hKY4nnu.png AVmJfbK.png k1ancw2.png


Personal Social Media


lLe6kHC.jpg hKY4nnu.png kRNxGDn.png  


Other information


Wikipedia [Eng] [Kor] [Chi] || NamuWiki || AsianWiki || DramaWiki || Naver || Daum || DC Gall ||



FilmographyRecognitionVariety ShowsOthers 


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📺 Drama



2016 | Click Your Heart [FNC]

2017 | School 2017 [KBS2]

2018 | Modulove [tvN]

2018 | About Time [tvN]




2018 | Where Stars Land [SBS]

2019 | Extraordinary You [MBC]

2020 | Find Me in Your Memory [MBC] - cameo

2020 | Was it Love? [JTBC] - cameo

2021 | She Would Never Know [JTBC]

2021 | The King's Affection [KBS2]

2022 | Tomorrow [MBC]

2023 | Destined With You [JTBC]


🎥 Movie


2020 | Trolls World Tour (Voice)


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🏆 Acting Awards


2019 | MBC Drama Awards - Best New Actor (Extraordinary You)

2019 | Grimae Awards - Best New Actor (Extraordinary You)

2020 | Brand of the Year Awards - Idol Actor (Extraordinary You)

2021 | KBS Drama Awards - Best New Actor (The King's Affection)




Other Awards

2021 | KBS Drama Awards - Netizen Award (The King's Affection)

2021 | KBS Drama Awards - Best Couple (The King's Affection)


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🤹‍♂️ Variety / Reality Shows


2013 - 2014 | Cheongdamdong 111 (tvN)

2016 | D.O.B: Dance or Band (Mnet)

2016 | Lipstick Prince (OnStyle)

2018 | Law of the Jungle E305-310 in Patagonia (SBS)

2018 | King of Mask Singer E163 (MBC)

2018 | Cafe Amour (tvN)

2019 | Battle Trip E171 (KBS2)

2019 | Amazing Saturday (tvN) with Chani

2019 | Happy Together 4 (KBS2) as Special MC

2020 | Battle Trip E171 (KBS2)

2020 | Knowing Brothers E212 (JTBC)

2020 | Happy Together 4 (KBS)

2020 | Oh My Partner (MBC)

2020 | Amazing Saturday (tvN) with Inseong

2020 | Problem Child in House (KBS)

2020 | Dining Together (JTBC) with Kim Hye Yoon

2020 | Running Man E499 (SBS)

2020 | K-Bob Star [Episode 8 Part 1/2/3/4 ] [IG 1/2]

2021 | Busted! Season 3 E4 (Netflix)

2022 | House On Wheels 4 (tvN)


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🎶 Music Video

@abs-oluteM Look how gorgeous/beautiful Rowoon is in this MV! :wow:


Mnet's D.O.B Dance or Band (Recommended Watch)



SF9 and another rock band had to compete to debut. An interesting watch because you can see just how hard they train and push themselves to win this opportunity.


FNC Neoz School



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 A Must Watch: Getting to Know Rowoon


Rowoon's reaction to eating spicy jjangpong.

Reason: to be eligible to promote their album, SF9 has to eat a bowl of super spicy jjangpong.


Rowoon is good temper but it is the first time I see him getting annoyed at Chani. Although there are other times that he was also annoyed at Chani (for forgetting his birthdays). We'll get to that later~ hahaha.


Rowoon & His Fan(boys)


So, for some reason his fans (boys) love teasing him...




Rowoon HATES insects





Rowoon gets upset with Chani forgetting his birthday xD


Rowoon in blue sweater goofing around




~~ Update in Progress ~~

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Dancing Rowoon

Albeit being so tall and could be a disadvantage, Rowoon is an awesome dancer. I love watching him dance, especially the earlier years of before debut & just after debut


SF9 - Enough (Rowoon Focus - My Personal Favourite) :heart:


Twice's Cover - TT




Girls Generation - Run Devil Run


Another personal favourite (Rowoon Focus) - So smexy




EXO & BTS cover


Love Shot




Call Me Baby + Boy In Luv


Be Mine + Growl + I Need You



D.O.B Dance or Band - Busking in Japan





2016 - 2021 Stage Performances Compilation




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Singing Rowoon


A Personal Fave - SF9 Vocal Medley


2018 King of Mask Singer






Happy Together 4




2019 Music Bank: Rowoon - First Love (A song from Extraordinary You)




2020 Knowing Bros


This part didn't make the cut in the broadcast because the screen time went mostly to child actor Kim Kang Hoon.


2020 MBC's Music Code: Rowoon & Chanmi - Call You Bae






Rowoon's Cover of John Legend's All of Me


It's a wish of mine that one day Rowoon can sing this song in full. He sounds really good singing it.


Cheongdamdong 111 - 18 years old Rowoon



Longer version (but don't know why it's repeated twice)



2018 SF9 Live Fantasy Concert: Rowoon's Solo "Dreamer"


2021 KBS Song Festival: The King's Affection OST - No Goodbye in Love




2022 SF9's Imperfect Concert, Rowoon singing solo "The Days"




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Mukbang Rowoon


Hahahaha~ my boy eats well and I love watching him cook and eat.


Weekend Playlist




Rowoon deep frying oysters


Ra Mi Ran cooks octopus & Rowoon is her assistance


After dinner, they play games



After playing two different types of games, they eat again LMAOOOO







Dining Together




Rowoon Mukbang Compilation


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2 minutes ago, mademoiselle said:

@abs-oluteM My dear Abs-lover... this is the only one I could find where he showed abs... and this is from before debut

Woahhhhh...so young then...not bad la . Got definition and all...ahahah. RoWoon has grown up so nicely. Very manly now. 

I am quite excited that's he'd be doing a historical next with PEB. It will be interesting to see if he can change his  intonation . Think he put in a lot of work for his role in Sunbae.


Let me tag @ktcjdrama and @Noonapau to come and feast their eyes on your thread.

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Mon-Tues: Our Blooming Youth Wed-Thurs: Call It Love  Fri-Sat: Taxi Driver 2 Sat-Sun: Divorce Attorney Shin  C-drama: - Daily: The Love In Your Eyes

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[Magazine] Esquire Korea: Rowoon Talks About How His Thoughts On Acting Have Changed, Living With SF9 Members, And More



SF9’s Rowoon recently participated in an interview and pictorial with Esquire.


In the interview, Rowoon talked about his acting career, his life as an idol with SF9, his diligent habit of working out, and more.



“She Would Never Know” is the second time Rowoon has played a lead role, following “Extraordinary You.” He said, “I’ve learned a lot in between. There’s an online class where Ha Jung Woo and Lee Byung Hun talk in depth about their thoughts on acting. I watched that. I related a lot to when they said that acting is a battle of persuasion. It’s not enough to become immersed in a character’s emotions and express them as much as possible. There are times when you need to express everything, but there are times when you need to conceal things in order to convey the emotion more deeply. You have to think about it. When I did ‘Extraordinary You,’ I thought that I needed to live and breathe the character. Now it’s a little different. I realized that it’s not enough for me to be earnest. Sharing emotions with the character is just the basics. The real key is how to persuade the audience that those emotions are real.”





Rowoon also talked about the physical changes he underwent in preparation for his acting projects. He said, “At the first filming, I felt that I didn’t look strong enough. After the drama began, I’ve been going to work out without skipping once. My character is young and a rookie employee, but he’s in love with his senior and wants to protect her. On set, I’d grab things and do chin-ups, and I bought dumbbells to work out with in my spare time. I felt that I shouldn’t look small compared to Lee Hyun Wook when we’re standing next to each other. Even if you’re tall, you can still look small. I’ve been doing push-ups and squats and shoulder exercises without rest for about six months.”





The interviewer brought up the fact that Rowoon balances both an acting career and his musical career with SF9. Rowoon said, “All of us are acting now. All nine members have acted. Whether it’s web dramas or on streaming services, the members are all in the middle of filming.”


He added later, “We all still live in the dorm together. In the past, we used to fight a lot. To be honest, as trainees, we were competitive with each other because we didn’t know who would debut first. Then all of a sudden we were told that we were one team and started living in one dorm together. It’s not an easy situation to adjust to. Since we’re all guys, when we did fight, it was no joke.”





He went on, “But the good thing is that the members don’t cross lines. Even when we were trainees and sensitive about our situation, and fights broke out, as soon as one of us would think, ‘Don’t go that far,’ we would stop. It’s all memories now. We know each other’s likes and dislikes so well now that we get along well. Even if something happens, we hate being in uncomfortable situations, so we get over it with, ‘Hey! Let’s go for a drink.'”





Source (1) (2) via soompi


And more translated interviews here:


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On 2/24/2021 at 7:42 PM, mademoiselle said:

Does it pass as Clark Kent? xD

Um... not really hahahaa. This look is way too sophisticated. He needs to look a bit nerdier. Thicker frame and a squarish one please ☝️ 

This shrine is so fun! I need to learn a lot from you in creating oppa shrine. Got my first one opened a couple days ago. Need to squeeze out those creative juices from my brain hahaa



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Currently watching: Call It Love // Attorney Shin // Blooming // Love in Your Eyes // Kkokdu

Wanna watch: Poong // Agency // Taxi // Bait ; Current obsession: Meet Yourself

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  • 2 weeks later...

Finally Rowoon updated his IG 

Rough Translation:

I learned a lot and felt a lot.
I don't want to forget the shooting period.
The director, the writer,
The staff, the actors and actresses.
Thank you so much.

The weight of the word love.
Even Hyunseung, who let me know a little bit,
Thank you so much.

Please like Hyunseung a lot.
Thank you for supporting Hyunseung's love.
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