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Destiny of Love 错嫁世子妃 [Pending]


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Destiny of Love 错嫁世子妃


Alternate Titles: Cuo Jia Shi Zi Fei, Wrong Marriage 

Director: Zhao Jin Tao, Wu Wen Guang

Screenwriter: Lin Nan, Fu Chong

Genre: Historical, Romance
Episodes: 24

Broadcasting Network: TBA
Airing Date: TBA



Qiao Man Man is the shopkeeper of Ru Yi Wan Shi Fang. Because of a business deal, she mistakenly marries Fu Cheng Jin, the "disabled" Prince Jin of Lu Zhao Country. From bickering rivals to lovers, they work together to deal with the schemes of second prince Fu Yun Nuo, as well as Hu Er Sa, the prince of neighboring Xi Lin Country. Meanwhile, A Li Ya, the princess of Xi Lin Country, was supposed to marry Fu Cheng Jin in a marriage alliance between the two countries. However, she was mistakenly taken in by Ji Mo, Qiao Man Man's subordinate. The only problem is that Ji Mo has a strange illness which makes him terrified of girls. (Credit)


Official Websites: 

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Guan Hong (Darren Chen) as Fu Cheng Jin

Huang Ri Ying as Qiao Man Man

Wang Zhuo Cheng as Fu Yun Nuo

Chang Zhe Kuan as Hu Er Sa

Zhang Mu Xi as A Li Ya

Liu Nian as Yue Tao

Wang Ze Lei as Jiu Feng

Li Hong Yi as Ji Mo

Liu Yin Jun

Zong Feng Yan

Tian Zhong

Yu Xin Tong

Song Xiao Ying Zi (宋霄瑛子)

Zhai Yi Qing (翟一青)



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