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The One and Only/ Only One Person 한 사람만 [2021-2022]

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Pyo In-Sook (Ahn Eun-Jin) is a stubborn woman and she never listens to other people. She lives a completely spontaneously, nearly forgetting which emotions are appropriate for a situation. She has always felt like she doesn't belong to this world. Pyo In-Sook hears from a doctor that she doesn't have much time left to live and she doesn't know how to express her feelings. She decides to kill one bad guy because she’s dying anyway.


On the other hand, Min Woo Cheon is a mysterious hitman hidden under a veil. Although he is a natural killer with superior physical condition, sharp instincts and clever mind, he struggles with deep emotional scars and profound sense of emptiness from having lived a crooked life that he didn’t want to lead. After the two meet, they wind up becoming the most important person in each other’s life.

In their lives, two more women show up, equally carrying a heavy toll on their shoulders. One such woman is the housewife, Kang Se Yeon, who has led a pretty normal life without being noticed by anyone. She realises the rift between ordinary and stability that she believed and relied on so much only after being sentenced to death.
While the other woman, Seong Mi Do, who is a famous SNS influencer, also doesn’t have much time left to live. With death close ahead of her successful life, she experiences various complex emotions.


( Oh wow ...everyone is dying ...:shocked:)

Source : Asian Wiki, Soompi, My Drama List

PD directed Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo and scriptwriter wrote Matrimonial Chaos & Police University.


Director: Oh Hyun-Jong

Writer: Moon Jung-Min

Production: KeyEast

Network: JTBC

Episodes: 16

Airing Date: 20 Dec 2021 (Mon-Tues)



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2nd Teaser


In the teaser video, In-sook meets Min Woo-cheon (Kim Kyung-nam) at the end of her life due to an unexpected murder.At the end of Insook's gaze, "He looks happy when he's crying, he looks sad when he's angry. But I keep looking forward to it. Knowing that I'll definitely get hurt."

The production team said, "Insook is a person who has walked through the dark and the depths. As she has to express her inner feelings in detail, she will be able to confirm the true value of Ahn Eun-jin." Please show a lot of interest in ‘Only One Person’.”


Ooo Kim Kyung Nam is a contract killer and he will meet AEJ's character , and I guess will fall for each other. 



New stills of Kim Ye Won


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12 hours ago, abs-oluteM said:

Ooo Kim Kyung Nam is a contract killer and he will meet AEJ's character , and I guess will fall for each other. 

It's not because he was contracted to kill her, right? If that ends up being the storyline....I don't know if I even want to check out the first few episodes. :scaredpanda2:



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26 minutes ago, Tofu said:

@abs-oluteM have you watched this yet? Just wondering to know if I should give it a try. I told myself I wouldn't after Reflection, but I'm willing to take a look before I decide too. HAHA!

I watched it live, no subs yet as I think K plus airs one day later (like how it was for Undercover). So I will recap shortly. In spite of it's supposedly depressing premise, it was funny and quite exciting all at the same time. I love how the leads met.

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Recaps for Eps 1

It starts off with In Sook  at her workplace - think she works at the sauna or something and she was in some argument with the customers. You can already see the hints of her feeling unwell. She's feisty , I like that about her and it doesn't seem like life was easy. Her parents are divorced , and I think her father left her in the care of grandmother . Father is/ was some musician who wanted to find his dream etc . Useless . She's got a wonderful grandmother who collects recyclable stuff to sell, and yes it wasn't easy for grandma to raise her , but In Sook is a good girl who cherishes her grandmother.


Anyhow after dinner one day, she went for a walk in the neighborhood. Nearby a young girl called San Ha lives with her abusive and drunkard father. San Ha's dad had another drunk episode and was going to hit her ( poor girl already has bruises) and she ran out. Long story short our In Sook saved the little girl but the dad did hit In Sook which made her feel ill. Even though she managed to call the cops , but I think San Ha's legal guardian is the father ( think the mum was also abused , and I can't remember if she died or she ran away). In Sook promises to protect the little girl in whatever capacity she could.


In Sook went to see the doctor given how unwell she has been feeling . Doctor says it is a brain tumor - 3 months left. I think treatment was also too expensive with slim chances of recovery. I think she did ask her father for financial help , but of course he couldn't .  Long story short In Sook decided to admit herself to a church run hospice. She put aside all her bank books (with $$) for her grandmother to use. She just told her grandmother she was on a trip to Singapore.


Meanwhile we get to see Kim Kyung Nam in action too. He plays Woo Cheon. He's a hitman , and while we don't see him "kill" anyone with his bare hands, he would orchestrate their death in some way. But so far it seems like all the targets are "baddies" themselves , maybe links with underworld or something. One of his targets later on will be Ha San's (the abused girl) father.


(to be continued)


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Recaps for Eps 2 (Part 2)

The fun begins when In Sook admits herself to Morning Light Hospice ( she came to this seemingly scary looking place because of a discount) . While heading there Influencer Mido ( played by Joy)  nearly hit In Sook  while driving a frantic drive with her friends in the middle of the night.


Anyhow I love these funny moments at the hospice. In Sook was taken a tour of the place and met her roommates. Here I also love what the head nun told her about how this is a place to live not a place to wait for death.


(I put some excerpts here from Naver):

Sister Veronica (Bora Yoon) of the hospice said, “This place is started due to a long-cherished desire of Sister Magdalena. Think of it as a female-only guesthouse. Usually hospice is for people with a life expectancy of 6 months, but we do not have a specific time limit,” she said.


"I don't know if you've heard the rumors, but this place has been in ruins for a long time," Veronica said. Because the building is so big and the land is so large, an actor bought it at a low price, and after a while he died of suffocation while eating rice cakes in a drama. So it was known as a cursed place, but Sister Magdalena bought it at a low price,” she said about the hospice building.


In-sook was assigned to the 'Green Light' room. In-sook, who shared the same room with influencer and internet shopping mall owner Seong Mi-do (Park Soo-young), appeared on Mido’s internet broadcast as soon as she entered the room.


In-sook, feeling displeased, struck Mido's cell phone with her hand, and Seong Mi-do, angry at this, grabbed In-sook's hair. Intense catfight  ensued, and Mi-do, who was enraged, said, "Don't you know who I am ? I’m an influencer, too,” she shouted. Insook said, “Influenza?” :lmao2:  Seong Mi-do said, “Does it  sound like influenza. Are you kidding me? Do you not know me?” she asked again. Insook said, "I know people like you well. Just a pretty kid. But aren't  you going to die too?” she said.


The two were called to meet the abbot Sister Magdalena. The nun said, “About two years ago, two patients were fighting while holding their heads together like the two of you before, and one of them died. Was it a heart attack? I couldn't even close my eyes and died. That's the last face she's ever seen..."

 Mi-do said, “Are you threatening me now?” and coughed. 


 Sister Magdalenna said, “Mido is often like this these days. Because Mido has lung cancer..” She revealed the name of the disease. Seong Mi-do said, “Why are you suddenly saying the name of someone else’s disease? Don't you know that not saying name of the disease is unwritten law?" she was angered. Magdalena said, “Oh, yes? It’s the director, but I didn’t know?” she said.


Seong Mi-do, angry, shouted to Pyo In-sook, “Do you have a disease too?” Magdalena said, “Calm down and fights are forbidden in the hospice. It's not because she's dirty, but it's a symptom of the disease. There is an anger control disorder program at 2 o’clock, so please participate.”


Sister Magdalena said to Insook, “A place is a place to live. Not a place to wait for death. After being sentenced to death, the world is the same, but I am different. Living in that place casually is harder than you think. It's lonely and scary. That’s why I thought of a space where people in the same situation live together,” she said, welcoming Insook.


(to be continued next page)

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