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My sister loves going to art galleries. So when we do travel together, she likes to drag me to go with her . I remember this place clearly on our trip to Barcelona. This museum is the Fundacio Joan Miro. Joan Miro is a very famous contemporary Spanish artist and sculptor who had some rather interesting artwork.




I remember taking a picture with this sculpture. LOL


I cannot claim to understand or analyse modern paintings but I do love the colours he uses


The famous one - Harlequin's Carnival




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@ssteph thanks to Dali & Gamjatang...I googled about objet. LOL 





A French term for a natural or discarded object found by chance and held to have some aesthetic value to an artist. Artists have always used various materials and some have made a virtue out of creating impactful art out of found objects. In singular, these are called objet trouvé and in plural Objets trouvés.

It relates directly to Marcel Duchamp’s readymades, Dada and Fluxus art.

Art critics have coined the terms arte povera (Italian) and junk art (Anglo-American) to signify art which incorporates the said objects.

As a more recent development, artists can enter so-called ‘Trashion’.It is the use of trash to create art and fashion. Many organisations sponsor junk art competitions like these. In addition, Trash art may has a social purpose, of raising awareness about trash and conspicuous consumption combined with depletion of natural resources.




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I've been looking for Ryu Junyeol's photo collection from his first exhibition as photographer but still not find it, guess I have to screenshot or something (later if Lost drama finished maybe to wash up my withdrawal 😋) I LIKEEE the photos he def has that artistic sense to me, talk about the composition, I like it


so I post up his behind story about the exhibition & talk here is it ok??



 cc: @SilverMoonTea if you didn't watch this yet 😊

actually I kind of have feeling that Lost director Hur Jinho saw his Kangjae here(??) as he said his mind went directly to RJY 😂


and this one vlog a visitor to the exhibit:


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