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English name: Arthur Chen
Native name : 陈飞宇 Chen Fei Yu
Birth Date     : April 09, 2000
Birth Place    : United States
Education     : Beijing Film Academy
Occupation  :  Actor, Student
Years active : 2010 - present

Social media: Weibo | Instagram


Arthur Chen, better known by his Chinese name Chen Feiyu, is a Chinese-American actor. He is most known for his role in the 2018 fantasy epic Ever Night. 


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Secret Fruit OST

  • The Secret Words 秘语
  • For My 17-year-old Self  给17岁的自己
  • 17-year-old, I've Got Something to Say  17岁的我, 有些话想说


My Best Summer OST

  • The Best of Us 最好的我们

My People My Country OST

  • My Motherland and I 我和我的祖国
  • Starry Sea 星辰大海


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  • 2 weeks later...

Long time no see him with this kind of shirt


Added weibo link:



晚上收工的陈飞宇,飞宇辛苦了身体早点康复哦#陈飞宇 https://v.douyin.com/JhJJebx/ 复制此链接,打开【抖音短视频】,直接观看视频!


#飞云系 #皓衣行 #陈飞宇  21点52 https://v.douyin.com/Jh1WbAs/ 复制此链接,打开【抖音短视频】,直接观看视频!



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Adding one more link video
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2 hours ago, Lynne said:

Tothestarssssss ❤️

Feiyu looks built!!! he's not as skinny as he has been lately... I hope he's doing better now... 2ha hasn't finished shooting yet right? 


According to the schedule, 2ha should be wrapped next month Sept 20. He looks built yeah, love it!


1 hour ago, NiteWalker said:


hahahah well it is up to you whether you want to stay there or join us here.....


Well i think i will try to keep update at both, until nobody there. I have invited them to here.

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1. Arthur's dream start to come true, a fans said "it is CFY's dad" to CKG






2. Dad CKG talk about Arthur determination to be an actor.








5 hours ago, Sentimental said:

Arthur Chen is so cute! At his height, he towers over almost everyone. 😆


Towering everyone with his giant 46 foot size! LOL



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Arthur Family's greeting, dont know for what, @NiteWalker help lol.






New Belgium Series




Since currently his moran topless images are everywhere, so the Fanmade video compilation of Arthur bath scenes resurface again!





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1 hour ago, Tothestars said:

Arthur Family's greeting, dont know for what, @NiteWalker help lol.




Shanghai Theater school, the next one shall be you...


most probably asking ppl to enroll or encouraging ppl....


btw the the merging is 10mins and also u might want to put some of your pictures into spoiler :) 


as we will only allow 3 pictures max per post to save the loading times

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