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An abs-licious club meant for all sorts of fan service , to satisfy your innermost oppa spazzing desires.
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  2. Content Writing Reporter Jung Bit 2AM Jo Kwon showed off his impressive physique. On May 5th, Jo Kwon surprised his fans and followers on his Instagram with his latest post. In the post, he shared multiple pictures showing off his chiseled abs and thigh muscles in a gym. He assured that these pictures were not photoshopped in the caption. Back in 2010, Jo Kwon adored the cover of Men's Health magazine showing off his lean and hard physique. http://star.moneytoday.co.kr/
  3. “Stealer: Seven Joseon Coins” Joo Won reveals impressive incredibly abs and defined chest. 😉 I believe his abs are hidden in half muscle fit shirt.
  4. Need to post more while I can... who knows when is the next time I'll ever see this again
  5. ROWOON Hurray! Rowoon has officially finally made it into Abs club on 19th October 2021!!!
  6. Nobody exercising last 6 months? 🤣 That's why this is my motto. Source
  7. @mademoiselle why it’s nice is because it’s proportionate. Like he’s buffed but not too much. Plus his torso is quite long .
  8. @mademoiselle % approval rate! I think I will immediately add in my adoption list :D
  9. Welcome Ahn Hyo Seop, making into the Abs club. Approved by @abs-oluteM source
  10. @ssteph I believe he would have looked HOT as hell if he bothered to show his complete profile but I understand and wish to respect his privacy..... then again , he is looking sleek in those glasses...!
  11. aaaaa... glasses oppaaa..... The first thing that came to my mind is Bae yong Jun.. hahaha.. I know.. i knoww.. i'm oldd hahaha
  12. @mademoiselle recently i saw Song Joong-Ki at a driveway wearing a glass... and we can only see his side profile but I think I can gladly say that he was looking attractive there as well... I tried to find the photo in internet but could not find it.. Maybe @ssteph can help...
  13. @abs-oluteM First is The Devil Judge Sun Ah kissing Yo Han. Both from Viki. I couldn't see @SilverMoonTea's video too but I assume that is a kiss scene from SKJ. Kyyyaaaa fresh off the oven kiss from The Devil Judge tonight!!!
  14. I can't see two of the videos - the 1st & 3rd one. But woah that was some intense kiss in the 2nd video @mademoiselle
  15. ooo now I can seee @mademoiselle that gifs hahahahaha ty bb 😘
  16. @bairama Reuploaded onto another hosting site, see if you can access. https://i.postimg.cc/G3G967Cj/005-T39-ILgy1gtghm9i413g30mq0mqu1e.gif https://i.postimg.cc/6Q8pczcn/005-T39-ILgy1gtghmczm97g30mq0mqu18.gif

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