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Twilight Heart 暮色心约 [2023]

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Twilight Heart 








~~ Adapted from the novel “Hard to Find Only Because of Twilight” (只因暮色难寻) by Yujing Pengxiang (御井烹香).  


Qi Lian Shan is a novelist who witnessed Liu Xia, a psychiatrist, talking to a girl thereby stopping her from committing suicide


Native Title: 暮色心约
Also Known As: 只因暮色难寻 , Hard to find only because of twilight , Twilight Heart , Mu Se Xin Yue , Twilight Covenant , Twilight
Genres: Mystery, Romance
Tags: Investigation 
Country: China
Type: Drama
Episodes: 40
Original Network: Tencent Video
Duration: 45 min.


Filming started on 5th January 2022



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@SilverMoonTea Oh okay, I'm going to watch this too! It sets on modern day and the summary looks good and hopefully it will be. 


@Tofu haha, I like them all come at once, they shouldnt be kept for too long or else I will forget if they ever planned to be aired. If silver didnt remind me this I might already skip it since I forget if Allen has signed in this one. 


I admit taking many cdramas lately but at the end of the day, from those long titles I watch, it will be only left for 2 or 1 that I can finish to the end. So it's not difficult for me to fit another new airing drama into my watchlist. 😄

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