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Doona! 이두나! [2023]

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English title: The Girl Downstairs

Literal title: Lee Doo Na!

Hangul: 이두나!

Director: Lee Jong Hyo

Streaming Site: Netflix

Episodes: 8

Websites: NamuWiki | MDL |


Plot Summary


Lee Doo-Na (Bae Suzy) was a member of an idol girl group. She was the main vocalist and the most popular member of the group, but she suddenly announced her retirement. She now stays at a share house, located near a university, and rarely goes out. Meanwhile, Lee Won-Joon (Yang Se-Jong) is a university student. He is a warm-hearted, ordinary young man without anything special in his background. He begins to stay at the share house where Lee Doo-Na resides. His warm heart gives Lee Doo-Na comfort. They get attracted to each other.


Source: AsianWiki

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Suzy & Yang Se Jong begin filming for Netflix-original romance drama 'The Girl Downstairs'


According to media outlet reports on July 29, Suzy, Yang Se Jong, and more have begun filming for the anticipated Netflix-original drama series, 'The Girl Downstairs'. 


Based off of a hit webtoon series of the same name, 'The Girl Downstairs' tells the story of a beautiful idol who decides to retire from the entertainment industry, and an ordinary college student, as they end up living together in a share house. Suzy will play the role of the female lead Lee Doo Na, while Yang Se Jong has been cast in the role of the male lead, Lee Won Joon.


Many fans of the original webtoon series have high expectations for the drama remake of 'The Girl Downstairs'. The series will mark Yang Se Jong's first acting project after returning from his mandatory military service, as well as Suzy's newest project after her Coupang Play original series, 'Anna'. 


source: ALLKPOP




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Suzy And Yang Se Jong Confirmed To Star In New Romance Drama



Suzy and Yang Se Jong will be starring in the new drama “Lee Doo Na!” (working title, also known as “The Girl Downstairs”)!


Based on the webtoon of the same name, “Lee Doo Na!” is a romance drama about an ordinary university student Won Joon who meets a retired K-pop idol member Doo Na at a share house.


Suzy will take on the role of Lee Doo Na, who used to be the main vocalist of a popular idol group but suddenly announces her retirement and stays in a share house near a university. Based on her solid acting skills recognized through the dramas “Anna,” “Start-Up,” and “Uncontrollably Fond,” as well as the film “Architecture 101,” Suzy is expected to perfectly portray Lee Doo Na’s complex emotions.


Yang Se Jong will play the male lead character Won Joon, a college student who is extremely ordinary and has nothing much to show off but gives Doo Na a place to rest with his warm and pure heart. Yang Se Jong, who showed a wide acting range through the dramas “Degree of Love,” “30 But 17,” and “My Country,” is expected to breathe new life into the character Won Joon with his solid acting skills.


The drama will be directed by Lee Jung Hyo who helmed the dramas “Crash Landing on You,” “Romance Is a Bonus Book,” “Life on Mars,” and “The Good Wife.” Lee Yoo Bi is also in talks to join the drama. Stay tuned for more updates!



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Found HD versions! Still have to wait a long time. It's Q4 of 2023 🥲

Set reminder now! https://www.netflix.com/title/81595046


Directed by: Lee Jung-hyo

Written by: Jang Yu-ha 

Based on: WEBTOON original series ‘The Girl Downstairs’ Created by MIN SONGA

Produced by: Studio Dragon, Showrunners, STUDIO N

Starring: Suzy, Yang Se-jong

Release: Q4


“Doona!” portrays the romance between Won-joon, an ordinary university student, and Doona, a former K-pop idol, as they cross paths in a shared house for students. The series is based on a webtoon beloved for the heart-pounding romance with a housemate who is a former K-pop idol and the nuanced depiction of emotions that bring the story to life. Having been consistently cited as the perfect cast for the role thanks to her background as a K-pop idol and beauty, Suzy creates amazing chemistry for a budding romance with Yang Se-jong, who has breathed life into each character he played.The series is directed by Lee Jung-hyo, who directed Crash Landing on You and Romance is a Bonus Book. After the sensation of Crash Landing on You, Director Lee Jung-hyo is now ready to present a beautiful, budding romance between those in their early 20s.

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