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Love In Your Eyes 내 눈에 콩깍지 [2022-2023]

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The Love in Your Eyes 내 눈에 콩깍지






Korean Title: Nae nune kongkkakji / 내 눈에 콩깍지
English Title: The Love in your Eyes
Producer: Hwang Ui Kyung

Director: Ko Young-tak
Network: KBS1
Episodes: 120
Release Date: 3rd October 2022



the story of the story many families without a peaceful day



Main Characters

Baek Song-hyun  as Jang Kyung-joon
Bae Nouri  as Lee Young-i
Choi Yoon-ra  as Kim Hae-mi
Jung Soo- hwan  as Jang Se-joon

Other Characters

Lee Ho -jae  as Chairman Jang
Kim Seung- wook  as Jang-jae
Kim Kyung- sook  as Cha Yoon-hee
Jeong Hye -sun  as So Bok-hee
Park Cheol -ho  as Kim Chang-il
Park Soon- cheon  as Oh Eun-sook
Choi Jin -ho  as Kim Chang-i
Lee Ah- hyun  as Seo Hwa-kyung


Note: This series follows Bravo My Life


Sources: Korean Wikipedia






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1 hour ago, Nohamahmoud2002 said:

@stroppyse my friend, I translated the title as blind love, is it correct?


After searching Google  I found this definition. Blinded by love.




Either works. The literal translation of the title is "my eyes are covered" or "my eyes are blinded", but "blind love" or "blinded by love" work as translated interpretations of the title.


Thank you for starting the thread!

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They are using the hash tag  A Pod In My Eyes...

Anyhow thanks for opening this @Nohamahmoud2002. I don't know if I can survive a long drama but I am tempted because I just realise who the ML is :wow:... @ktcjdrama recognise him right? ahahah


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7 hours ago, abs-oluteM said:

They are using the hash tag  A Pod In My Eyes...


Okay, let me take another stab at translating this title.


So, the word "콩깍지" as in from the title literally means a bean pod.


And the phrase that is used in the title "내 눈에 콩깍지" translates most literally as "In my eyes, a bean pod" meaning that a bean pod is covering ones eyes and so one can't see straight, and it usually refers to being blinded by love. However, the love doesn't necessarily have to mean romantic love. You may be blinded to the faults of your children or friends, for example, because you love them, or you may be blinded to the faults of your hero (or your oppa).


Hope this makes it a little clearer.


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11 hours ago, stroppyse said:

or you may be blinded to the faults of your hero (or your oppa).

Or blinded to the abs of oppas, as in the case for @abs-oluteM 😄

And yes, the ML was in Voice. I actually just realized he is the child actor co-starring with Park Shin Hye in Stairways to Heaven. That old melodrama. 

Edited by ktcjdrama
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'Bean pods in my eyes' Bae Nouri, MZ generation daughter-in-law Lee Young reveals her first pose 



'A bean pod in my eyes' Bae Nouri revealed her first appearance as a part-timer at a convenience store, straight from her eyes.

KBS1's new daily drama 'Bean Pods in My Eyes', which will be aired for the first time at 8:30 pm on October 3, is the second love of a rogue daughter-in-law who appears in a 30-year-old gomtang restaurant, a confident single mom Young-i who speaks up no matter what. And it is the story of many families who do not have good winds. It provides an opportunity to reflect on the definition and meaning of a new family in this age through the conflicts and love of parents and children of the MZ generation, who have a traditional mindset, and their life stories.

After having a child at a young age, Bae Nouri took on the role of Lee Young-i, who married despite opposition from those around her, but eventually becomes a single mother.

In her drama, Lee Young-i is a character who remains with her daughter Mi-nae (Yoon Chae-na) at her in-laws' Bok-hee Gomtang's house and continues to pioneer her own life despite all kinds of hardships. It is expected to catch the attention of viewers of small screens by digesting Lee Young-yi, a typical MZ generation who enjoys a party, with her meticulous character analysis and natural acting

In this regard, the scene where Lee Young-i was working day and night as a part-timer at a convenience store was caught.

The appearance of young-looking Lee Young-yi, without makeup, with her hair tied in a tight braid while serving customers and dozing off, makes us guess the harsh reality. What is the reason why Lee Young-i jumped into her life without doing anything bad, Lee Young-i's unique story of her is raising her curiosity.

Bae Nouri said, "I'm happy to take on the role of Lee Young-i, the owner of an outward appearance who looks strong and strong, but has a soft girl-like appearance on the inside. As everyone is sweating and filming together, I am very excited that a very interesting drama will come out.”

Then, she conveyed her aspirations for the role with her sincerity, saying, “Like the title of the drama, put a pod over her eyes and enjoy watching, and I would like to ask for your generous support and love for Lee Young-i, who is more attractive the more you look at it from now on.”

Her fresh face, Bae Nouri, is drawing attention to whether she will emerge as Cinderella in her new daily drama through the role of Lee Young-i.

Meanwhile, KBS1's new daily drama 'The Pod in My Eyes' will be broadcasted for the first time at 8:30 pm on the 3rd of October
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30년 전통 곰탕집에 불량 며느리가 나타났다!
무슨 일이 있어도 할 말은 하는 당찬 싱글맘 영이의 두 번째 사랑, 그리고 바람 잘 날 없는 사연 많은 가족들의 이야기다.

남편과 사별하고 시댁 식구들과 아웅다웅 살아가던 영이에게 찾아온 두 번째 사랑 경준.
그러나 경준은 5년 전 죽은 남편의 각막을 이식받고 눈을 뜬 바로 그 사람이었다.
샛별처럼 빛나던 남편의 두 눈을 받고 새 삶을 얻은 남자를 사랑할 수 있을까?
과연, 시집 식구들은 영이의 새 출발을 진심으로 축하해 줄 수 있을까?
끝까지 영이의 가족으로 남아 그녀의 새 삶을 응원해 줄 수 있을까?

비록 겉으로 보기엔 태도 불량, 언행 불량, 뻔뻔해 보이는 21세기 며느리지만,
결국엔 영이의 새 출발을 응원해 주며 그녀에게 든든한 친정이 되어주는 시집 식구들과 주변 인물들의 이야기를 통해 가족의 진정한 의미를 되짚어보고자 한다.


Papago translate 


A bad daughter-in-law appeared at a 30-year-old beef-bone soup restaurant!
It is the story of Young, a proud single mom who says what she has to say no matter what, and the story of many families without a good wind.

The second love, Kyung-joon, came to Young-yi, who had passed away from her husband and lived with her in-laws.
However, Kyung-joon was the same person who opened his eyes after receiving a corneal transplant from her late husband five years ago.
Can I love a man who got a new life after receiving her husband's eyes shining like a rising star?
Indeed, will the in-laws be able to sincerely congratulate Young on her new start?
Will she be able to stay as Young 's family until the end and cheer for her new life? ...


https://namu.wiki/w/내 눈에 콩깍지

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On 9/16/2022 at 10:05 PM, abs-oluteM said:

I don't know if I can survive a long drama


On 9/19/2022 at 7:35 PM, abs-oluteM said:

actually I am more excited for this than the next weekender . LOL

The way I do these dailies is to watch it while eating my breakfast/lunch. Usually an easy watch and just the right length of time (1.5x - 2x speed) for eating, making sure I don’t rush through my meal too 😁

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