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A Good Day To Be A Dog 오늘도 사랑스럽개 [2023-2024]


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Is anyone still watching this?


It's not very interesting for me even though I am up-to-date :jiminbtssigh:

Mountain God, Lee Hyun Woo, is now in full revenge mode. The editing is choppy and not flowy. One scene really came out of nowhere was Seo Won grabbing Bo Geum's collar, asking him what he did to Hae Na and where she is. The next moment, we see Hae Na sitting in his car.


This episode ended with Hae Na not remembering Seo Won because Bo Geum gave her two options. Either to save her family's curse or choose Seo Won. She must have chosen to save her family (and also it's what Seo Won asked her to do).

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On 12/23/2023 at 7:54 PM, mademoiselle said:

Is anyone still watching this?


Was really busy end of the year and into the first week. I only tried catching up last weekend, but it is really hard to go through ep.11-12.... The story loses steam already. It was fun and interesting at first. So sad....


Agree about the editing being choppy, especially with the flashback... Don't understand why Mountain God has to wait this long for the revenge to happen. And he was also steered by the fox/principal to become suspicious of the servant. Why can't he investigate by himself? I still don't get why he couldn't just carry out his revenge there and then. Just because of the unborn baby?  Anyway, I will put this on hold and come back later when I am in the mood.


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@ktcjdrama I finish it. I just let it run and watch what I think is important. The finale was quite meh, not unless you are invested in this couple, then you probably wouldn't feel too meh about it.


I reckon they could have just done this in 10 or 12 episodes. They don't have enough materials for 14.

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