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Let's Get Caught By The Neck 멱살 한번 잡힙시다 [Upcoming March 2024]


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Let's Get Caught By The Neck

 멱살 한번 잡힙시다





Seo Jung Won (Kim Ha Neul)  is an investigative reporter and the host of the current affairs television program “Let’s Get Grabbed by the Collar.” Thanks to her unique and straightforward way of exposing all kinds of torts committed by culprits—all whilst making sarcastic remarks—she gains great popularity and attracts the general public’s attention. When Jung Won is accused of murder, she joins with detective Kim Tae Hyun (Yeon Woo Jin) , and sets out to find the truth. Also helping her are her husband Seol Woo Jae (Jang Seung Jo), respectively.



Episodes: 16

Premieres: 2024 

Airing days : Monday, Tuesday

Network: KBS2

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No guesses who is playing the villain here...and why must there be a love triangle? I think what is worst is that I love both oppas a lot...I don't want to have to choose. LOL. I hope they just focus more on the crime aspect.


A more detailed synopsis from Naver : Source

Kim Ha-neul plays the role of Seo Jeong-won, a 'professional killer' reporter who travels all over the field in the play. When it comes to scoops, she is a reporter who catches bad guys by the collar without any hesitation, giving viewers a vicarious satisfaction like cider. Seo Jeong-won is expected to raise the heart rate with unpredictable developments, such as becoming entangled in a love triangle with her ex-boyfriend Kim Tae-heon (played by Yeon Woo-jin) and her husband Seol Woo-jae (played by Jang Seung-jo) through a mysterious murder case. Expectations are high for a new transformation from Kim Ha-neul, who has shown a wide acting spectrum in numerous works such as 'Kill Hill', '18 Again', 'The Wind Blows', and 'On the Way to the Airport'.


Yeon Woo-jin, who has created a variety of life characters for each role he has played, such as 'Morning Comes Even in the Psychiatric Ward', '30, 9', 'Let Me Hear Your Song', and 'The Judge', plays the role of Kim Tae-heon, a detective who handcuffs bad guys in the play. divided into . Although he speaks with a snarky tone, he is a person with a natural passionate temperament in his actions. As he meets Seo Jeong-won, whom he loved passionately but has now become part of his past, through a murder case, his mind begins to swirl. Yeon Woo-jin, who predicted a complete transformation as Kim Tae-heon, is looking forward to another breakthrough as a life-changing character.


Jang Seung-jo plays the character of Seol Woo-jae, a second-generation chaebol novelist and the husband of Seo Jeong-won. Seol Woo-jae is a character who looks perfect on the outside, but his heart is infinitely empty and dark inside. He always believed that he would live a stable life with his wife, but cracks begin to appear due to a series of events. Jang Seung-jo, who perfectly digests genres such as 'Model Detective', 'Can I Become a Stranger', and 'Lee Jae, I'll Die Soon' and portrays character narratives in a more attractive way, is immersed in the play with his deep melodious eyes and delicate acting skills. There are plans to add more.


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Script Reading! Jang Seung Jo looks really thin here. 


From MDL: 

Actress Kim Ha Neul plays Seo Jung Won, a famous journalist with a strong sense of justice who believes in the people's right to know. She is a woman who fights the challenges that come her way.

Yeon Woo Jin plays Kim Tae Heon, the ace detective of the violent crimes unit. Kim Tae Heon is strong yet has a boyish charm to him. 


Jang Seung Jo plays the role of Seol Woo Jae, a second-generation chaebol and Seo Jung Won's husband. Not to be fooled by his warm smile, Jang Seung Jo has a dark side to him.

Veteran actors Jung Woong In, Yoon Je Moon, Han Chae Ah, Jung In Ki, and Kim Min Jae delivered passionate performances at the script reading.


After the script reading concluded, actress Kim Ha Neul commented, "I felt like the chemistry was stronger because the characters I had only envisioned came to life and [actors] acted together." Yeon Woo Jin said, "I feel like I've read a mystery novel." Jang Seung Jo shared his excitement, stating, "It seems like it will be fun to finish reading the script. I will work hard to prepare well."


Let's Get Caught by the Neck is scheduled to premiere in March. It will take over the time slot of Love Song for Illusion.

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