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[K-Artist] Song Joong Ki 송중기

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• Name : 송중기 (宋仲基)

• Birth date : September 19, 1985

• Birthplace : Daejeon, South Korea

• Height/weight : 178 cm / 65 kg

• Family : father, mother, older brother, and younger sister

• Blood type : A

• Education : Sungkyunkwan University (Business Administration)

Official Instagram :
(Run by his agency)
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• Reborn Rich (JTBC, 2022) - Yoon Hyun Woo/Jin Do Joon

• Little Women (tvN, 2022) - Park Joo Hyung (cameo)

• Vincenzo (tvN, 2021) - Vincenzo Cassano aka Park Joo Hyung

• Arthdal Chronicles (tvN, 2019) - Eunseom & Saya
• Man to Man (JTBC, 2017) - cameo
• The Sound of Your Heart (KBS2, 2016) - cameo
• Descendants of the Sun (KBS2, 2016) - Yoo Si Jin
• Nice Guy (KBS2, 2012) - Kang Ma Ru
• Tree with Deep Roots (SBS, 2011) - young King Sejong
• Sungkyunkwan Scandal (KBS2, 2010) - Gu Yong Ha
• OB/GYN Doctors (SBS, 2010) - Ahn Kyung Woo
• Will It Snow for Christmas? (SBS, 2009) - Han Ji Yong
• My Fair Lady (KBS2, 2009) - cameo
• Triple (MBC, 2009) - Ji Poong Ho
• My Previous You (KBS2, 2008) - Jang Jin Ho
• Love Racing (YTN, 2008)
• Get Karl! Oh Soo Jung (SBS, 2007)


• Bogota (TBA) - Guk Hee

• My Name is Loh KiWan (2024) - Loh Ki Wan 

• Hopeless (2023) - Chi Geon
• Space Sweepers (2021) - Kim Taeho
• The Battleship Island (2017) - Park Moo Young
• WolfBoy (2012) - Cheol Su
• The Grand Heist (2012) - older Jung Goon (cameo)
• Tears of the Antartic (2012) - narrator
• Rio (2011) - Blu (Korean dubbing)
• Penny Pinchers (2011) - Chun Ji Woong
• Hearty Paws 2 (2010) - Dong Wook
• The Case of Itaewon Homicide (2009) - Jo Jong Pil
• Five Senses of Eros : Believe in the Moment (2009) - Yoo Jae Hyuk
• Frozen Flower (2008) - No Tak


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HighZium Studio (formerly HiStory D&C)

Website https://hi-story.co.kr



Instagram @highziumstudio

Twitter : highziumstudio



Ki Aile / 키 엘

(Aile in French means wings. Because fans are like wings for him)

Ki Aile official fan cafe


Song Joong Ki Japan official fanclub


Twitter : @songjoongki_jp

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2020.8.15 SJK at restaurant owned by Yang Kyung Won's mom


Cr : borinepig


This man took pic with SJK. They are at the same age. His wife likes SJK so much.


I have liked him since childhood. I met him in my real life. I can’t believe I had three times to see him. My phone B612 couldn’t be good enough to capture his real beauty. He is really a gentle man. I took pics three times in order to adjust the angles in favor of me. His voice so amazing and he has a good sense of wit. Anyway my hear has still fluttered for one night two days.

Cr : nine.85, 91164cm

Eng trans by ace_chingu

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NEWS SUMMARY : Song Joong Ki x Kim Tae Ri "Space Sweepers" delayed due to Covid-19


Eng trans by ace_chingu




“Space Sweepers” will be postponing their release due to ongoing concerns of COVID-19.
A Representative of the film “Space Sweepers” shared, “Although ‘Space Sweepers’ was scheduled to premiere on Sept.23, we will be postponing the release with the hope that we cooperate in the movement to ban the spreading of Covid-19. The Company will announce the releasing date as monitoring how the Covid-19 cases developes.

Newly reported Covid-19 cases hit 441 on Thursday in Korea, the first time the daily reading has been above 400 since March 7. Other movies also join in this “Delaying the release of movie” Movement.

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SJK's old house in his hometown, Daejeon 🏡


This house is a place where SJK was born and grown up until he was 5 years old. It was also told that his grandparents lived there before they passed away. So fans in Korea have called the house ”SJK’s old house” or “his ancestor’s house”.


Now nobody lives there but SJK’s Dad takes care of this house. As SJK becomes a public figure, many fans from various countries sent a lot of goods, gifts, banners, letters, etc. His family started to use this house to display all those souvenirs from fans as a way of expressing the gratitude to their love and support also sharing with other fans each of their meaningful memories related to SJK. It is also said SJK sometimes visits this house with friends and take a rest.


This house has been a landmark in Daejeon city. It is said residents in this small town also help fans from other countries when they visit this house. This house is open to all fans.


(thanks ace_chingu for letting me use your explanation as an intro about the house ^^)


New update

Cr ace_chingu







More pics :


These pictures are sent from a Korean Ki Aile living in Daejeon.
She hopes to share those pictures with Ki Ailes living in OVERSEAS COUNTRIES, especially those who had plans to visit Korea and Actor Song’s old house this year around the time the movie Space Sweepers would be released.

Due to the severe spread of COVID-19, many International fans had to give up visiting Actor Song’s old house this year, but their so-called 2nd home in Korea has been well taken care of by Appa Song and fans living in Daejeon!
I am so touched! So grateful to those people who diligently care for this memorable place for Ki Ailes!


Let’s hope and pray the time comes soon when we can meet Taeho at the cinema and decorate his old house again with many good memories with Taeho and Space Sweepers!

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Thanks for this thread @ssteph. I didn't even realize how much I've missed seeing him until I saw the pics on this thread. Looking forward to Space Sweepers, though to be honest, I haven't heard much about it other than that it's SJK's next movie out.


Thought SJK was one of the things about Battleship Island that I enjoyed the most, though his part wasn't actually that big, even though they used the heck out of him to do promotions for the film.

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@stroppyse yes, first half of 2021.




"Vincenzo" tells the story of justice enforcement in a criminal way when a tough, veteran lawyer that is involved in a mafia syndicate's consigliere returns to Korea due to internal conflicts. Under the motto of "villains must be punished in the way of the villains," the drama promises to be a means of catharsis for the viewers with the dark heroes' fierce confrontation against degenerate villains that cannot be punished by law.


The combination of the hit-makers is such a noteworthy point. Director Kim Hee Won - who once demonstrated his impressive ability in "The Crowned Clown", "Money Flower", etc. - is expected to be a guarantee for the quality of the work. Besides, the one in charge of "Vincenzo" script is screenwriter Park Jae Bum, who is absolutely reliable thanks to the stable techniques and subtle sense of humor showcased through dramas "The Fiery Priest", "Chief Kim", "Good Doctor", "God's Quiz", etc. The two will invent a novel "social black comedy" with a unique and creative worldview in the genre of black comedy.


The actor combination that accentuates the appeals of characters is also arousing drama lovers' anticipation.


Song Joong Ki will bring a novel acting transformation through the role consigliere Vincenzo Cassano - a cold-blooded lawyer and strategist of a mafia gang. Unlike his sweet appearance, this character has an intense charm and such a great negotiation prowess that can take control of the opponent, and is also a "revanchist". After coming to Korea and encountering a deep-rooted villain cartel, Vincenzo Cassano will suddenly get involved with Hong Cha Young (played by Jeon Yeo Bin) - a devilish female lawyer who can even give her soul to win the case, ever since, they embark on the journey of resolving unpredictable cases. Getting much love from the public with the limitless transformation through each production, Song Joong Ki is anticipated to create another "role of a lifetime" in his career. Therefore, the audience is eager for how he will pull off Vincenzo Cassano - an unprecedentedly attractive role on the small screen - with his enthusiastic and flawless acting.


Jeon Yeo Bin, who has quickly emerged as a popular actress by participating in both movie and drama fields, will continue expanding her filmography in the role of Hong Cha Young, a malicious lawyer. This character has an abrasive manner and competitive spirit, she also the ace lawyer of Woosang, Korea's largest law firm. Hong Cha Young, who always pursues benefits over justice, will gradually change herself after she meets a "strong man" from Italy named Vincenzo Cassano (played by Song Joong Ki). The viewers are expecting that the performance of actress Jeon Yeo Bin - who always enhances the unique beauty of her characters - will double Hong Cha Young's energetic charm.


In the drama, Ok Taecyeon plays Jang Joon Woo, an overseas intern lawyer who desires to become "James Bond" of Hong Cha Young. This is an unpredictable character who has a manly look with a naive and sincere smile, but possesses such an eccentric and careless personality. Having wholeheartedly trusted and accompanied his boss Hong Cha Young, his aggressive nature is completely awakened at the appearance of Vincenzo. Accordingly, the audience is eagerly looking forward to Ok Taecyeon's new image with prominent charisma that promises to draw a lot of attention to the drama.


The production crew said, "'Vincenzo' in a black comedy telling about the story of dark heroes punishing villains in the way of villains. The work stands out with the synergy of unique characters, creative materials, and vivid story development. The drama gathers the capable cast that promises to best promote the reality and characteristic of each character."


The new TV series "Vincenzo" (tvN) will broadcast the first episode in the first half of 2021.

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