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[K-Artist] Lee Joon Hyuk 이준혁

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A Havenite Shrine Dedicated to 



How not to love this man? From his handsome good looks to his versatile acting skills, it is hard for me not to stan him. Probably my ultimate bias , I took note of him in Secret Forest 1  and fell completely for him in A Poem of Day. How does a man go from playing a smarmy annoying prosecutor to an adorable awkward physiotherapist called the Advice Machine so effortlessly? ( yes I was Ye-Line all the way!)  Tell me if you did not love him as the goofy and warm hearted detective in 365 : Repeat the Year. 



Lee Joon Hyuk plays good and bad roles equally convincingly. He is not afraid to challenge himself as he take on roles that may require him to be a villain like in Equator Man , to roles where you may question his state of mind like in Designated Survivor 60 Days.  While he is in my books leading man material, he is more than comfortable in taking on supporting roles that may require loss of limbs and  death like in The Lies Within or as a faithful long suffering Personal Assistant in Are You Human Too. 


Apart from dramas, he has had some memorable supporting roles in movies including the successful franchise Along With The Gods , and in Baseball girl  ( which was well-received in both the Seoul and Busan film festivals in 2019)  


And here's a fun surprising fact  - he can sing - rocker vibes !



And he's artistic too :D




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Date of Birth :

13 Mar 1984 

Height :


Hanshin University – Advertising and Public Relations

 Dankook University – Performing Arts

Year of Debut:



Ace Factory Official 



-Naver Page

Personal IG




Asia Artist Award 2020

Best Acting Award ( 365: Repeat The Year & Stranger 2)

2020 MBC Drama Awards 

Excellent Actor (365: Repeat The Year) - 

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2009    Fortune Salon  -   Ho-joon       

2010    I Saw the Devil  -  NIS agent  [Cameo]
2012    The Peach Tree  - Chul-min   [Cameo] 
2016    Two Rooms, Two Nights - Cafe owner  [Cameo]
2017    Along With the Gods: The Two Worlds    
             - First lieutenant Park      
2018    Along with the Gods: The Last 49 Days    
             - First lieutenant Park        
2019    No Mercy  - Han Jung-woo      
            Baseball Girl  - Choi Jin-tae        
2021    Firefighter - Song Ki-chul






2007 Drama City : The Way Love Moves Us [KBS2] - Seo Jung-woo

2007–08 First Wives' Club [SBS] - Han Sun-soo

2008 Worlds Within [KBS2]- Lee Joon-ki

2008–09 Star's Lover [SBS] - Min Jang-soo

2009 City Hall [SBS] - Ha Soo-in

2009–10 Three Brothers [KBS2] - Kim Yi-sang 

2010 I Am Legend [SBS] -Jang Tae-hyun

2010 Secret Garden [SBS] -Joon -hyuk [Cameo in Ep 8]

2011 City Hunter [SBS] - Kim Young-joo

2012 Man from the Equator  [KBS2]- Lee Jang-il

2012 Fairytale [Chinese Drama] [Hunan TV] -Du Yu Feng

2014 My Spring Days [MBC] -Kang Dong-wook

2015 House of Bluebird [KBS2]- Kim Ji-wan

2016 The Birth of a Married Woman [SBS Plus]- Kim Chul-soo

2017 Naked Fireman [KBS2] - Kang Chul-soo

2017 Stranger 1 [tvN] - Seo Dong-jae

2017 Drama Stage: Chief B and the Love Letter [tvN] -Cameo

2017 Drama Festa: Han Yeo-reum's Memory [JTBC] - Park Hae-joon

2018A Poem a Day [tvN] -Ye Jae-wook

2018 Are You Human? [KBS2]- Ji Young-hoon

2018 Life [JTBC]- Park Jin-young Cameo (Ep. 16)

2019Designated Survivor: 60 Days  [tvN] - Oh Young-seok

2019 The Lies Within [OCN]-  Jeong Sang-hoon

2020 365: Repeat the Year [MBC] -Ji Hyeong-joo

2017 Stranger 2 [tvN] - Seo Dong-jae

2021 Dark Hole [OCN]- Yoo Tae-han 


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ehhh to keep each other from being lonely we're visiting each other's oppa threads eh 

@SilverMoonTea @mademoisellesia :laugh:...

Yeah LJH is artistic. I remember him drawing stuff to give away to fans during A Poem A Day, if I recall correctly. 


 I am still waiting for this to be confirmed



His entire career till now...



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5 minutes ago, SilverMoonTea said:

@abs-oluteM he donate his performance on Naked Fireman as free? Wow the guy I can felt he's really kind & a gem. Btw I think for me his career really fully start to bloom from City Hunter. He did left with deep impression on that drama. 

I think so too.  But it also took him a while to build back his career after military . SF 1 was the one that gave him a lot of attention. 


He's a sweetheart and is quite lowkey - no SNS etc. But seems fans were able to dig up his charity contributions. I think he has a soft spot for firefighters  - he is going to be in a movie about them. Started filming in May . Should have wrapped up


Fan cam of him filming - he's the one on the right




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On 9/19/2020 at 1:10 PM, abs-oluteM said:

@Keyta I just set this up. Do post away. I know he has a lot of updates recently. I will do up the thread in the mean time

Yay! Ty @abs-oluteM for this shrine))

Yes a lot of delicious upds these days. 

after seeing this photoshoot i feel attacked)) 

And his interview for Singles -




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@Keyta This article translated as well 




Actor Lee Joon Hyuk opened up about his 'Stranger 2' character with 'Singles' magazine.

Lee Joon Hyuk, who's currently starring on 'Stranger 2' as Dongjae, is featured in the October issue of 'Singles', and he took on a dreamy, dark concept in black and white. In his interview, the actor explained, "He's a person who's hateful and annoying to be around, but also has a realistic side. Most people move back and forth a little bit between good and evil. Looking at Dongjae, I hoped he would get the feeling that 'I'm still a little better.'"

He continued on his fans, "I'm really thankful that my fans like me a lot when I promote. What am I even? It's great to be able to give someone energy."



shall I use this photo for my next profile pic ? 









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His article in Cine 21: http://www.cine21.com/news/view/?mag_id=96203]

There's an auto translate:



“Dongjae Seo, are you alive now?” As soon as I met actor Lee Jun-hyuk , I wanted to ask. This is because the whereabouts of Prosecutor Dong-jae Seo, who holds the key to the case, has been conspicuous for several times in the situation where both sides set the blade for the adjustment of the prosecutor's right to investigate. Recalling season 1 of the drama <Secret Forest>, which he hated, this moment comes very unfamiliar with everyone saying that it is'Our Dongjae' and everyone wishes for the safe return of Seo Dongjae. Entering Season 2, actor Lee Joon-hyuk focused on Seo Dong-jae's'shamelessness', who became more smirk and agile. This is because he best understands the situation of Dongjae Seo, who has to live harder than anyone else after being pushed out of the center of power. “This is Dongjae Seo, Uijeongbu District Prosecutors’ Office. Take good care of me." After the first line of the scene for the first appearance of season 2, where actor Lee Joon-hyuk worked the most, his desperate and brazenness eventually turned the viewers back. Now that everyone's attention is on'Our Dongjae', we sat down with actor Lee Jun-hyuk and talked.

-<Secret Forest 2> Are you doing a real shooter? I heard that I'm not good at monitoring.

=That's right. At the moment, I don't see what I've done well, and it takes a long time to see it. It's embarrassing. Season 2 is also a little peek. Still, I've seen everything except for the latest two stories. The viewership rating for the first episode of season 2 was better than expected, so'Oh, what is it?' Wanted (Laughter) It was a burden in a good sense.

-Many people are curious about the whereabouts of Prosecutor Seo Dong-jae.

= I am at Dongjae's house because it is in the second stage of Corona 19. (laugh)


Dang look at his page ..the new photos...looks fab








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@mademoisellesia @Keyta lol ! I was so excited after I saw those pictures on Ace’s Naver Blog 



:SquirtleNiceAhah: @SilverMoonTea come admire my oppa’s arms , he rarely shows them these days 





Ehhh but errr....I dunno what to think about these sort of pants :laugh:




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20 hours ago, abs-oluteM said:

Ehhh but errr....I dunno what to think about these sort of pants :laugh:

Yeah this some anime visuals here (kinda detective conan vibe)) 



P.S. - There are three things you can watch forever: fire burning, water falling.. and LJH munching snacks.


Edited by Keyta
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