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Coffee Ikagadeshou (How About Coffee) 珈琲いかがでしょう [JP Drama 2021]

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How About Coffee


Romaji: Coffee Ikagadeshou

Japanese: 珈琲いかがでしょう




Director: Naoko Ogigami, Yoshitaka Mori, Hiroshi Shoji

Writer: Misato Konari (manga), Naoko Ogigami

Network: TV Tokyo

Episodes: 10

Release Date: April 5th 2021

Runtime : 11.06 pm - 11.55 pm

Language: Japanese

Country: Japan



Hajime Aoyama (Tomoya Nakamura) runs the mobile coffee shop Tako Coffee. Riding in his coffee truck, he goes from street to street. Along the way, he comforts the minds of people of who are wounded. Hajime Aoyama appears to not have a care in the world, but he has a secret.



Based on manga series "Coffee Ikagadesho" by Misato Konari (first published September 13, 2014 by Mag Garden).



Tomoya Nakamura - Hajime Aoyama






 Official Website 


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