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Gyeomi Couple (Run On) - Shin Se Kyung & Im Si Wan

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Im Si Wan  (Seon Gyeom)  :hearties:  Shin Se Kyung ( Mi Joo) 






I have no idea why  I am starting this shippers thread :smug:....maybe it's because Run On is coming to an end , and I want to extend the magic of their on screen romance. Or perhaps I find them so cute  in all their BTS videos that I just like the idea of seeing them together.  It does feel like their BTS personas & interactions are so similar to the ones we see on screen. They clearly enjoy working together, and there's a fair bit of flirty cute interactions off screen as well.


Anyhow ,  whether you like them on or off screen, feel free to chat, spazz & posts about them here. This is a fun shipping thread where nothing is taken too seriously , and all are welcomed :heart:


These series of videos especially this one caught my attention , that was when I started paying a closer look to their BTS scenes. Subbed by JTBC .



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12 minutes ago, SilverMoonTea said:

Omg our @abs-oluteMopen shipper thread :laugh:... Hope many will come here ... They do looks cute and SW seems smitten .... 

I wanted to help open for Mr Queen cause I think they may be shippers for that drama...but I ended up doing this one instead since I personally like them . They are really cute together. We get good fan service on ISW's IG and it helps that JTBC subs a lot of their stuff. By the way please help me put this on the directory. Thanks :D

@ktcjdrama see what I have opened  :pandahappy:


kkkkk I really like this one


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