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Insider 인사이더



Director: Min Yeon Hong (previous work: Missing: The Other Side)
Writer: Moon Man Se (previous work: Priest)
Network: JTBC
Episodes: 16
Release Date: June 8th, 2022
Air Time: Wednesday and Thursday
English Subtitles
Official Website: jTBC



After going undercover for an investigation, Kim Yo Han experiences a crisis and ends up struggling to try to obtain a hand of cards that will change his fate as he gambles in prison. Kim Yo Han is prudent and always thinking a few moves ahead, and he keeps a poker face on. Although he gets into a dangerous situation when he becomes embroiled in an unexpected incident during the investigation, he’ll continue to fight to survive and manage to grow with his ability to turn a crisis into an opportunity. (Credit)



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This one looks interesting. After all the sad dramas in the last few months, glad there are a few thrillers coming.


From SCMP:

When the Camellia Blooms star Kang Ha-neul is back as the lead of the thriller Insider. He plays Kim Yo-han, a young judicial apprentice who winds up behind bars after taking part in a sensitive undercover investigation. Despite his predicament, he continues to put his poker face and exacting planning to use behind bars.


Dr Brain’s Lee Yoo-young plays Oh Soo-yeon, a woman who appears before Kim after having amassed powerful connections. Co-stars include Squid Game’s Heo Sung-tae, and Fan Bingbing in a cameo role (JTBC, June 8).


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This promo clip was from mid May...but it was so funny. It says the KangHaneul we knew is gone ...he's gonna become evil now! LOL


Wahhh I just realised I suddenly have so many new shows I want to watch in June


BTS stills


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Mon-Tues: Our Blooming Youth Wed-Thurs: Call It Love  Fri-Sat: Taxi Driver 2 Sat-Sun: Divorce Attorney Shin  C-drama: - Daily: The Love In Your Eyes

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      I wanna see previews of Cho Seung Woo singing Phantom of the Opera / Music of the Night / Point of No Return!
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      "why do some people mock other people when they are happy and think they're always right, when they know that person is suffering?" , "too much drama,  curse and mock a lot" ~ dialogues in 'Pandora'
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      "what does being a lurker mean?" 
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      Suddenly misses uri Happiness couple (Yi Hyun + Sae Bom) so I spent all morning FF through some scenes of Happiness.
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