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Happy White Day 2021


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In a number of Western cultures, St. Valentine's Day is a day for couples to give tokens of their affections to each other and show their appreciation for each other. It can actually start at a relatively young age since I remember taking Valentine's Day cards and sweets to my classmates in grade school.


In many parts of Asia though, including Korea and Japan, St. Valentine's Day (February 14) came to be a day when girls would give chocolates to the boys that they liked. A month after Valentine's Day, on White Day (March 14), the guys would in turn give gifts to the girls that they liked. In turn, White Day actually became a bigger affair than Valentine's Day.


Here is a ink to the Wiki article which contains more info on how White Day came to be. Similar to Valentine's Day, it really was a marketing blitz that really took off.



Do you celebrate White Day? If so, what gifts have you received (or given) for White Day?


In any case, HAVE A HAPPY WHITE DAY, and may everyone love your own self best even as you give and receive love from those around you!

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I have never celebrated White Day but always see it being mentioned in the dramas. But as far as I am concerned every day is White Day when you have as many oppas as some people have ahem @SilverMoonTea @mademoiselle.


The best White Day gift that my oppa Kim Seon Ho can give me is some casting news please!

Lots of love to everyone


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Hahaha @abs-oluteM never celebrated White Day. I don't think it's adapted from where I was from. Your Oppa Seon Ho is busy earning $$ enough to buy a condo, I reckon. LOLLL.


@SilverMoonTea I received so much chocolates for X'mas and I don't want to eat them (and get fat) so I bring it to work and let others help me finish rather than chucking them in the bin. :laugh: Westerners here love chocolates, I only eat limited few types and prefer dark chocolates over milk chocolates.

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14 hours ago, SilverMoonTea said:

You need to give ur PSJ boy more love too? 

You didnt watch Youn's Stay? 

Sigh. I know. My heart has been all over the place lately, but no worries -- it always come back to Park Seo Jun. :btsnamjoonlove:


I'm on episode 3 of Youn's Stay. I'm waiting for it to be done airing so I can binge it all in one go. :laugh:


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