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My Roommate is a Gumiho 간 떨어지는 동거 [2021]

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Was finally able to watch the finale. Fun times! 


My big (but not so big) problem is that Jae-jin and Hye-sun stole the show for me. I found myself reaching for my phone when it was the main leads on screen. 😂 I like that she said 1.5 years is nothing compared to 700 years. I'm not sure what was the implied wish Hye-sun thought of when she held her marble. 


Pretty happy ending for the rest of the cast too. I did not expect at all that Lee Dan will be using an arrow to get Seo-Woo's bag. 😆 It might have earned the greatest reaction from me for the last episode. I laughed hard how absurd and unnecessary it was, but I'll happily take it. 

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I’m late to the watch party. but the best thing about binging there is no weekly wait :pandahappy:


Hyeri is doing a fantastic job.  Find it silly she was worrying about not being funny enough or capturing the audience attention.  I’ve already found myself laughing and am only episode 3.


I read Ryu Jun Yeol watched all the episodes… I couldn’t help the little bubble thought go off. (Hands off my woman !) :laugh:

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BTS (last 2)





BTS (All in One!)


@Mizv I gather you are RJY's fan coz of your profile picture. Yeah Hyeri said in the post-drama interview RJY monitors and gives her feedbacks. Got me wondering if he really watches all of the scenes and feedbacks her kiss scenes too. Hahaha :pandascared: Based on his YoF & Travellers shows, he gives off the vibe that he is aiming one day to be a director so he's probably doing it from that perspective. :yoongibtscheer:


Anyway, I hope you enjoy the show as much as I do.

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