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Broadcast station: Netflix

Schedule:  2022

About the Show:  About a woman searching for her missing boyfriend, who disappeared one night in a flash of unknown lights. With the help of a community of UFO watchers, she uncovers the truth behind a mysterious secret. Hong Ji Hyo is a “parachute hire” (someone who got hired based on their family connections). She has a steady job and a solid family background. Although they are no longer passionately in love, she also has a boyfriend that she’s dated for four years. The couple is beginning to think of marriage when her boyfriend suddenly goes missing. (source: soompi)

Genre: Thriller, Mystery, Comedy, Sci-Fi




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Production: Studio 329

Episodes: 6

Director: Roh Deok
Screenwriters: Jin Han Sae

Official Website: -



Main Cast

Jeon Yeo Bin >> Hong Ji Hyo

Nana >> Heo Bo Ra 

Lee Dong Hwi >> Ma Hyung Woo


Supporting Cast

Baek Joo Hee >> 




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4 hours ago, movingwheel said:

awaiting whole heartedly.....she is a treat to my eyes but i want her to take more roles with established actor like she said she won jackpot while acting with song joong ki...

Yes, I want people to see her for her potential, not because she is tailing on someone's coattail.


4 hours ago, abs-oluteM said:

Yay . Thanks for opening this @ktcjdrama. Two of my favorite girls in the same show . 

I knew you'll be excited. Was going to tag you but got distracted by some youtube videos while waiting for 10 minutes next post :laugh:

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Written By Lee Si Jin.


‘Glitch’ presents friendship with dash of sci-fi.




Nana (left) and Jeon Yeo Been star as longtime friends Heo Bora and Hong Ji Hyo, respectively in "Glitch." (Netflix)



Global streaming service Netflix is set to unveil its new alien comedy thriller “Glitch,” notable for an absence of bloody fights, thundering gunfire or life-threatening actions, which have been essential elements behind previous Netflix Korean originals like “Squid Game,” “All of Us Are Dead” and “Hellbound.”


Though the most eye-catching role in “Glitch” may be its green hat-wearing alien, series creator Roh Deok shared that the chemistry among the actors, especially the “womance” theme stories presented by two lead characters Hong Ji Hyo (Jeon Yeo Been) and Heo Bora (Nana) are what she wanted to emphasize.


A combination of “woman” and “romance,” womance refers to the nonsexual, tight bond between female characters that goes above and beyond ordinary friendship.


“The alien is something that suddenly appears in Ji Hyo’s life, making her set off on a journey in search of the alien and, in the process, meet longtime friend Bora,” the director said at a press conference at Yongsan CGV in Central Seoul on Tuesday, mentioning that a more important story begins after Ji Hyo encounters Bora.




From left: Jeon Yeo Been, Director Roh Deok and Nana pose for photos before a press conference at Yongsan CGV in Yongsan, Central Seoul, Tuesday. (Netflix)



The 10-part series centers around the young woman Hong Ji Hyo, who decides to investigate the existence of aliens, after her boyfriend’s sudden disappearance. The sci-fi series develops as Ji Hyo joins forces with a group of UFO enthusiasts, including Heo Bora.


Emphasizing that she had had her eyes on Nana since watching her performances in 2016's “The Good Wife” Jeon added she became close friends with Nana on and outside of the set.


“We were like soulmates. If Ji Hyo were a person afraid of dancing, Bora was someone who led Ji Hyo to a bright stage and enabled her to perform in front of others.” Jeon said.


Nana answered that Ji Hyo is a character who made Bora feel alive.


“The relationship between the two characters was initially that of longtime friends. But I decided not to define their relationship with such expressions. I hoped the characters to trust each other and grow from their experience in ‘Glitch,’" Roh said, mentioning that she envied Ji Hyo and Bora for watching each other’s backs.


The 42-year-old director, who made a name for herself with the romance film “Very Ordinary Couple” in 2013, felt excited to present her genre-bending series to local and global viewers.


'Glitch' is not limited to a single genre. It is a buddy comedy, has a little bit of sci-fi, thriller and mystery as well. I am waiting with excitement and ready to hear viewers' opinions,” Roh said.


While “Glitch” is scheduled to be released on Netflix on Oct. 7, it will premiere on-screen section of this year’s Busan International Film Festival on Oct. 5.






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I managed to watch the first episode, and honestly, it was really slow. The first episode just covers what's in the synopsis on the first post in this thread. JiHyo seems to have been a rather exuberant child who has become a very subdued adult. She has a steady job, even if she got it through connections, and she has a long time bf who has just managed to get the down payment on an apartment and now wants to move in together, though her parents are pushing for them to get married.


In the first episode, in addition to the set up and brief flashes back to childhood, JH keeps seeing an alien wearing the batting hat of a defunct baseball team, the Unicorns. Unfortunately, no one else seems to see the alien. There had been a close encounter when she was a child as well, and it's not clear whether it's the close encounter or that no one would believe her that traumatized her more. Anyway, after her sighting of the alien, the rest of the episode is spent trying to ignore the alien, running away from it, and consulting with a psychologist friend about how to stop seeing it.


It was slow enough that I stopped after the first episode when her bf disappears in some bright flashing lights. I may try to pick it up again since I expect the pace to pick up. At only 10 episodes, it should be a fairly tight story, despite the draggy first episode.


Will come back to comment if I get around to watching the other episodes. This is really just based on the strength of Jeon Yeo Bin since she hasn't been in a bad project yet. Plus, we don't see Na Na as yet, and I'm curious about the sismance that the two are supposed to have.



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Okay, I powered through another 3 episodes, and I think I'm going to give the rest of this drama a miss. It turns out that it's not really a UFO story, though it kind of is. It's a "UFO and a cult who worships the "Light" and perhaps causes people to commit suicide" story.


The sismance between JYB and NN wasn't that interesting for me after all. JYB's character and NN's character had been friends in school until a traumatic incident in which JYB's character is found passed out in a field and stays in a coma for 3 days, and NN's character is blamed for feeding JYB's character drugs that caused it to happen. Later on as adults, as JYB looks for her missing (ex)boyfriend, she runs into NN's character who is part of a gang of UFO believers. However, NN's real motive in life is to get enough followers for her social media channel, and get paying subscribers. Of course, that's not the total story, and the two women have some history to make up over which I suspect they will in a later episode, though right now, they both just seem to want to mess each other about.


Anyway, I've given it 4 episodes, and I'm no longer curious as to why the boyfriend is missing or whether there are really UFO's or whether they only exist in JYB's character's mind as the early episodes seem to suggest. They do answer the mystery of the alien wearing a Unicorns batting helmet. It turns out that NN's character had been a fan of the Unicorns, and that JYB's character had originally drawn the alien.


In addition to NN's character being rather screechy and tiresome, despite seemingly playing a tough character, the pacing never really picks up. Perhaps the pacing is deliberate and it's supposed to build suspense, etc., but it instead caused me to drift away to think about anything other than what I was watching. Not a good sign. The humor also feels forced, so that it comes across as awkward when it even registers. That left me following the befuddled heroine as she searches for answers, including various flashbacks that should have perhaps given some insights into a tragic incident in the past, but really seem to be randomly placed within the drama.


If anyone else ends up watching it, please let me know if it gets better. I'm not willing to invest any more time on this drama unless someone I know assures me that it's good after all. Oh well.

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