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Dt. Appledog's Times 我的时代你的时代 ll 亲爱的挚爱的 [2021]

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21 minutes ago, NiteWalker said:

i like to believe we are good one....at the very least we still watch some clips in between right lols hahahahaa

Haha, that is very true. And we will post updated photos, when we see them. 


It's YangZi and LiXian -- these photos are from their cameo. 




The music video.


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12 hours ago, NiteWalker said:

somehow to most its the excitement of seeing LiXian & YangZi again in the same screen lols

Hahaha.. nahh both actors have a good amount of fans.. i think the drama will be fine.. lol. 

but as i don't watch GGS so I think I'll skip this one.. i might catch a clip or two in the net.. 


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The books (God's Left Hand &  Fish Playing while Trapped in the Secret Room) are okay. The story is a classic meet cute, and the characters have a lot of restraint and awkwardness. I watched the drama trailer and I think they made it more appealing to the general audience by making DT less robotic and recasting AppleDog. 


The best among the trilogy ought to be Honey-Stewed Squid. It was sensual and hilarious, and they actually toned in down in the drama. But they changed the tournament from esports to CTF (hacking), which doesn't make sense to me because seriously, have you ever seen how CTF players dress and get promoted? 

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