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Firstly, thank you to @bluepebbles, a long-time Hyun Bin fan, for transferring this precious thread to me. It is an honour. This is an exciting project. But one which I anticipate will take some time

Dramas - work in progress   List     2019-2020  Crash Landing on You     2018-2019  Memories of the Alhambra

Military Service - work in progess     Hyun Bin: Marine Diary [eBook] courtesy of 'withHyunBin' [Thanks bluepebbles@janghaven for the link.]    

Feb 11, 2021

Hyun Bin's Lunar New Year Greetings ❤


★Best TV★2021 Happy New Year - Hyun Bin -


a small but definite project of virtue
2021 Happy New Year❣

To celebrate the new year of 2021 for actors from VAST,
Bestie prepared a small but definite gift 🎁💗

With the VAST actors,
Get started with the 2021 Lunar New Year holiday.😉



This is probably his look for Confidential Assignment 2.




Omerdazeeee I understood nothing but does that even matter anymore? He is glowwwwingggg

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Feb 13, 2021

Confidential Assignment 2 Script Reading



"모두가 기다려온 #공조 가 다시 시작된다!" 

<공조2:인터내셔날> 대본리딩 현장 깜짝 공개 ❣

"The long-awaited #cooperation begins again!" 
<Cooperation 2: International> script reading site surprise release ❣






For more information on Confidential Assignment 2, please refer to the movie thread.



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This is why I love Hyun Bin. When he speaks, it is with sincerity and sense. A humble man too. I am not so eloquent - Gigi says it best below.


Aside, I think, end 2010/start 2011, for some reason, he looked very good to me. He was so skinny after losing so much weight for Secret Garden, and that god awful haircut on the SEGA poster has somehow grown out to suit. But the photos and series of interviews during that time period are exceptional. Like a boy on the cusp of becoming a man. Or I'm just crazy...


Video Credit: taepyoungwon



"…When I am discharged from the Army [he ended up in the Marines, assigned to Baengnyeong Island near the Northern Limit Line😫], if there are people who wait for me, that is really something grateful."


Much is said (rightfully so!) about Hyun Bin's face, physique, and general presence but one thing I've always admired and been drawn to -aside from his talent as an actor- is his personality. A question so simple elicited an response which truly gave insight into the man he is.


Putting your life and career on hold for nearly two years -especially when you're currently at the top like HB was- requires a great deal of acquiescence and relinquishing control. No actor wants to be be forgotten during their enlistment but new faces come and trends change.


He knew that he would have to face military discharge with the possibility of being forgotten and earning back the love of fans again. It shows a certain level of self awareness and humility for Hyun Bin to know that it wasn't realistic to expect fans to wait for him.


He's always gone above and beyond to give us his best on and off screen. Through the expected ebbs and flows of his career he's persevered and shined bright. Kim Tae Pyung, you've done so well and I hope life continues to shine brightly for you in all the ways you've hoped. 💞💚🌻


He's not super animated (we can tell😂) and spilling tea all his in interviews but when HB talks it's with great sincerity and truth. He tries to see things as they are and remain positive. Best man Hasti!!❤


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Feb 14, 2021

Smart's 3rd CF - jointly with Son Ye Jin


Smart Communications

Believe that anything is possible with #Smart5G at the palm of your hands. The future is inevitable, it's time to break barriers. More on http://5g.smart/

#SmartBinJin #SMARTMadeBinJinInevitable #SimpleSmartAko



For more details, please visit the BinJin thread here:



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Feb 15, 2021

Hyun Bin [현빈] Esquire x OMEGA MAKING FILM -2-


[VASTree View] 2021 Esquire의 첫 표지를 장식한 현빈의 오메가(OMEGA)화보 현장❣ 한 순간도 빼놓지 않고 현빈의 모든 모습을 보고픈 더순이들을 위해 오늘도 ALMOST 노컷 메이킹을 준비했습니다❤ 월요병을 부셔줄 나의 구원자를 만나고 싶다면, 지금 바로 PLAY!


[VASTree View] Hyunbin's OMEGA pictorial site that decorated the first cover of 2021 Esquire❣ For the Soon who want to see all of Hyunbin's appearances without missing a moment, we have prepared ALMOST no-cut making again today❤ My savior who will destroy the Monday disease If you want to meet, PLAY NOW!



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Feb 18, 2021



Confidential Assignment 2 will begin filming today so here's to the sexy, brooding, tough, and kick ass Im Cheol Ryung! Well wishes and safety to HB, Hae Jin, and the entire cast + crew. Fighting! #HyunBin #현빈 #공조2 *cr: IG/hyunbin.so*





"Confidential Assignment 2" is scheduled to begin filming in Ilsan on the 18th after recently checking the voice of the Corona 19 prosecutor and reading the script by actors and staff. [Source: Naver]


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More Under Armour photos from GQ! 😋😋😋🔥🔥🔥



Actor Hyunbin, who worked with #sponsored Under Armor 2021 training collection, Rush and Project Rock, showed the best training performance. Check out the March issue of ZQ, the meeting between Hyunbin and Under Armor with strong energy.







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Feb 18, 2021


GQ Korea

#협찬 부드럽지만 단단한 남자 배우 현빈을 만나봤습니다. 결과에 휘둘리지 않고 묵묵히 달려온 현빈은 언더아머와 함께 지치지 않고 계속해서 달려갑니다. 새롭게 선보이는 언더아머 플로우 러닝화와 함께 한 현빈의 러닝 모먼트를 확인해보세요.


#I met Hyun Bin, a soft but solid actor who sponsored. Hyun Bin, who ran silently without being swayed by the results, continues to run tirelessly with Under Armour. Check out Hyun Bin's running moment with the new Under Armour Flow running shoes.










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2009 Interview in Japan


Thanks to Chami@Chami51477268 and SYS @SYS_totoro.


MC: You're so popular with girls I want to be like you. what should I do?

HB: I do exercise. I think that women like the men who work hard.


MC: What kind of women do you like?

HB: I like the woman who understands me and has a good sense.


After HB ate the almond jelly, the MC said "we just did an indirect kiss" and HB stopped eating. [🤣🤣🤣 who says HB does not have a sense of humour]


Disclaimer for OP: I have to tell you first. I don't understand Korean. I just read the Japanese subs. Please understand. (If I made a mistake, sorry.)



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HyunBin is listed in the Japanese fashion magazine 25ans as: a face genius, a physical beauty, and a kiss craftsman Handsome, good bod, can kiss. Ok, noted. 😆




[Korean actors] Hyun Bin, Park Seo Jun, BTS V (Tete), Cha Eun Woo are here! "New Korean Four Tenno" selected by Korean editors

Among the 25ans editorial department, four editors who are particularly passionate about holding a roundtable discussion of Korean handsome men.

By 25ans 2021/02/12



"(I want to boyfriend) National boyfriend," "face genius (handsome)," "shoulder gang (physical beauty)," "Kiss craftsman (kiss good)," "expected! To success after his discharge" without permission of the Four Heavenly Kings in each of the five divisions of Elected to. I will talk with each of the recommended points. Take a look at the overflowing feelings.


● Roundtable members


Editor S child ... 

25ans digital charge.

While being excited about Hyun Bin & Park Seo Jun's big W star, he reaffirmed his charm with his success in the sub-role drama of Jung Hae-in. Recently, I'm addicted to bibigo official mail order, buying 1 kg of kimchi dumplings & frozen kimchi, and enjoying chamisul & drama night at night.

Editor M child ...

In charge of wedding.

I was completely absorbed in the charm of Korean dramas because of "lovelessness", and on holidays, making pure tofu in a Tobbegi hot pot purchased from amazon and watching the drama while drinking chamisul is the best healing. Recently, he is also expanding into a Chinese drama.


Editor AYko ... 

25ans In charge of fashion for this magazine.

BTS fan history for two and a half years & Park Seo-joon recommended. I miss the time when I visited Korea about five times a year to examine fashion, beauty treatment salons, and other handicraft materials at Dongdaemun Market. The handmade gimbap has more beef, and you can't let go of the LOOKAS 9 double shot latte and the sesame ramen of Ottogi.


Editor Uko ... 

25ans Digital charge.

Because of my mother who loves Korean dramas, I have loved Korean culture ever since "Winter Sonata". Park Bo-gum and Gong Yoo are recommended, but the original four heavenly kings are still crushing. I can't forget Gamjatang, which I often ate while studying abroad, and I continue to search for the taste of memories online.




[Face genius (good-looking guy) four heavenly kings]

NO.1 Hyun Bin

I still can't get out of the swamp! More and more addicted and go signs



Too addicted is in North Korea of military personnel Li Jong Hyuk role "crash landing of Love", people many who drowned in Hyun Bin swamp. On New Year's Day, he acknowledged his love for Son Ye Jin and is waiting for the release of the movie "Negotiation (original title)". I have high expectations for continued success this year.

S child :

Hyun Bin will definitely enter. The other day, I went to "Ai no Crash Landing on You". The memory of the drama and the passion at that time were fading ... I found it in the stage costumes and paragliders. A huge poster of the famous scene where Hyun Bin sheds tears. After all, this crying performance is on par with art! My memory revived instantly (laughs). I realized that I was a face genius with all the acting. That's why Hyun Bin is a star! I say.

Uko :

I see. Hyun Bin is still indispensable when talking about the new four heavenly kings.

Sko :

No matter what you look at, I'm chasing after Li Jung-hyuk from "Crash Landing on You" (laughs). If you deviate from that, you will be disappointed.

Uko :

Your role and acting were too perfect. When I saw the "Alhambra", I was a little disappointed that "I don't have Li Jung-hyuk ..." (laughs).

>> A series of people who are addicted to the swamp of love that can cry! "Crash Landing on You" Cast Love Circumstances

>> Looking back on the actor life of Hyun Bin, a Korean star who became the face of this year in "Crash Landing on You"




[Shoulder gang (boasting physical beauty) Four Tenno]

No.1 Hyun Bin

Volunteer for the Marine Corps and challenge the limits



S child :

The impression that Hyun Bin has peeled off is after the discharge. Joined the Marine Corps, which is said to be the toughest, and made a strong comeback. I was addicted to the first movie "The Fatal Encounter -Lee Sang's Decision-" after the discharge, but the physical beauty of Mukimuki was no longer the same person.

Mko :

It appears at the beginning of the movie! " Emergency landing of love probably because too addicted to", Hyun Bin works of before-military service I did not think that much cool. There are many interesting works, though.

S child :

Maybe I too. But after-sales military service Hyun Bin is good! The role of Wal in "The Negotiation" also has a really good balance between physical beauty and acting ability. The aura was shining because I entered Alafor.

M child :

looking forward to publication of the "Confidential / mutual assistance" of people extraordinary action scene part was also was lovely ♡ production announcement 2 from now.




[Kiss craftsman (good at kissing scene) Four Tenno]

No.4 Hyun Bin

The kissing scene that cannot be seen without tears is a gift of research



S child :

craftsmanship of Hyun Bin is we'll also ripe. " Emergency landing of love looking at the making of", after all the first time in considerable research. Check the angle of the hand holding Son Ye Jin's face and how to charm the chin line while looking at the camera.


AYko :

From the perspective of Koreans, Hyun Bin seems to have a god. It seems that Korea was also shocked when it was reported that he had a relationship with top star Son Ye Jin.


Uko :

But if your partner is Son Ye Jin, you'll get a better impression. It's nice to see not only youth and beauty, but also how you approach your work and your personality.


Sko :

Imagine that you had a hard time in love with ex-girlfriend Song Hye Kyo, so I hope this big romance will be happy!

>> Hyun Bin and “Crash Landing on You” Enthusiasm ♡ Son Ye Jin is 39 years old! Thorough tracking of beloved secrets

Source: 25ans_jp


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Feb 19, 2021

GQ x Under Armour Interview - 1

Source: gqkorea.co.kr


Thanks to @celest1al1, @doolyfeels, @yejinsuniverse and @hyunbiinsfiancee on Twitter for the translations. Some are translated by Google & Papago.


GQ Korea March 2021 Issue




Actor Hyun Bin meets Under Armor


Hyun Bin ran silently, and is still running.



UA Rival Fleece Alma Mater Crew Sweatshirt, UA Rival Fleece Alma Mater Shorts, UA Playmaker Mid Crew Socks, UA Hover Infinite Summit 2 Running Shoes Price undecided, all under armor.



UA Legacy Windbreaker Jacket, UA Sports Style Cotton Shorts Price Undecided, All Under Armor.


You exercised a lot today.

I 've filmed something similar, but it's the first time I've filmed it with exercise equipment. [translated by @hyunbinsfiancee]


What is your favorite item when you exercise?

Dumbbell. I like shoulder exercises. Dumbbell is often used for shoulder exercises. [translated by @hyunbinsfiancee]


People pointed to your shoulder. They called it “Pacific Shoulder”.

Hahaha. Shoulder exercises are painful when you do them, but they're very fulfilling. [translated by @hyunbinsfiancee]



UA RUSH™ Seamless Short Sleeve T-shirt, UA Training Stretch Shorts, UA RUSH™ Seamless Leggings Price undecided, all under armor.


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Feb 19, 2021

GQ x Under Armour Interview - 2





UA Isochill perforated sleeveless, UA Qualifier Speed Pocket 7” shorts, UA Isochill perforated leggings, UA Hover Phantom 2 running shoes price undecided, all under armor.



UA Run Anywhere Anorak Jacket, UA HG RUSH™ 2.0 Short Sleeve T-shirt, UA Run Anywhere 2N1 Shorts, UA Flow Running Shoes Price Undecided, All Under Armor.



UA Run Anywhere Anorak Jacket, UA HG RUSH™ 2.0 Short Sleeve T-shirt, UA Run Anywhere 2N1 Shorts, UA Flow Running Shoes, UA Sports Mask Price undecided, all under armor.


The outcome of "Crash Landing On You" is tremendous. In Japan, the exhibition "Crash Landing on You" is held, and how does it feel to be at the center of the fourth Korean Wave boom? Can you feel it?

I think it's hot, but I'm not in a situation where I can meet my fans in person like before Covid-19, so I just send my heart through a handwritten letter. I can feel something, but I can't see it in person. [translated by @hyunbinsfiancee]


You've been using handwritten letters for communication for a while. What does this meant to you in an age full of social media?

When it's hard to meet people directly handwritten letters are the best alternative. It's a way for me to convey my heart and thoughts sincerely. [translated by @doolyfeels]


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Feb 19, 2021

GQ x Under Armour Interview - 3





UA Run Your Face Off Flying Short Sleeve T-shirt, UA Run Your Face Off Shorts, UA Run Your Face Off Leggings, UA Flow Running Shoes Price Undecided, All Under Armor.


In an interview with 2009 you said, "I think my prime is in my mid-thirties." Your heyday is in progress, so your predictions are wrong. What if you could say something to yourself then?

It's 12 years ago in 2009. You were very young. "When you're in your thirties, decide again." (laughs)


What can you say about about how your 30s went?

I thought that when I reached my 30s, there would be a big change. But after living out the days with a 3 in front of my age, I realised there wasn't much of a difference. [translated by @celest1al1]


That's unexpected. I get the feeling that Hyun Bin in his 30s has achieved a lot. Is that so?

When it comes to interpersonal relationships and work, I have become more relaxed/easy-going and inclusive (engaged/involved). This has widened my scope/range of embracing any situation. Other than that, I don't really know... [translated by @celest1al1]


<My name is Samsoon Kim> When you became a top star with Samsik, you were twenty-four. At twenty-nine, Joo-won of <Secret Garden> came. Is it because you've already gone through so much in your 20s?

Well, that's possible.


Also the character of Ri Jeonghyuk stood at the center of the hallyu syndrome. Did this have any effect on you?

(Drawing circles on his hand) There wasn't much of this. I tend to keep it in the middle (drawing a horizontal line), emotions or anything are flat. [translated by @doolyfeels]


Are you trying to maintain it or did it happen naturally?

I think I tried before. I didn't want to go all over the place, but I didn't want to be droopy. There was a time when I worked hard to get myself together. I don't think the work "effort" is right? I think I just got angry. [translated by @hyunbinsfiancee]


As I said, there were many choices of works that showed my belief that I would not be swayed by popularity of money.

The low-budget movie "I'm Happy" and "Come Rain, Come Shine" participated in the no-guarantee event. I have a lot of questions about new things. I'm open to challenges. Even if I had a lot of questions, I wouldn't have been able to connect without a chance, but the opportunities came when I wanted to. I think that's why I just tried. [translated by @hyunbinsfiancee]


Looking at the past films, what do you think?

Well… , Is this the best? Are you sure?


Hahaha. Was it the best?

I do not know. If you return with your mind now, the work may change. The scenario depends on when you watch it. Why is your inspiration different depending on what period in your life you read books, right? At that time, I think it was the best option for me back then.


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Feb 19, 2021

GQ x Under Armour Interview - 4





UA Project Rock Game Long Sleeve T-shirt, UA Project Rock Knit Track Pants, UA Playmaker Mid Crew Socks, UA Project Rock BSR Training Shoes Price Undecided, All Under Armor.


Which of the characters you have been in charge of so far has the greatest pleasure in creation?

The one who created the most was Mansu of <I'm Happy>, and Joo-Won felt a lot of pleasure. Mansu was a character who made all the eyes and gestures with director Yoon Jong-chan. I was proud to have done something as hard as it was. On the other hand, Joo-won was the case where the things inside me matched all the elements well.


How about Lim Chul-ryeong of <Gongjo>, which will soon begin filming the second episode?

How much should the character be transformed to be heterogeneous? What if a new aspect to be added reduces the charm of the character in half? If it is similar to the first episode, will it feel boring? . Ha, it's not easy. I'm in trouble.


What do you think of the scenario where Cheol-ryeong comes to the South and has to cooperate with <Crash Landing on Love's> Yoon Se-ri (Son Ye-jin)?

If Cheol-ryeong met Se-ri? Hahaha. (Thinks deeply) No! Cheol-ryeong has to meet Min-young, and Jeong-hyeok has to meet Se-ri. [translated by @celest1al1]


You sound very determined.

They have to go separately. I'd rather see Chul Ryeong and Jeong Hyeok meet (laughing). I think they can get closer and cooperate. I think Jeong Hyeok will approach first. I made this character when I was a little older so I think he'll be more tolerant. [translated by @hyunbinsfiancee]


Then I'd like to ask... Sam-shik and Joo-won in your 20s, and Ri Jeong-hyeok at the end of your 30s are rom-com characters you've portrayed. Was the love you expressed in your 20s different from the texture of love coming from your emotions in your 30s?

My fundamental idea of love is the same. However, there is a difference in how to express it. This could be because our perspectives/ideas change as we get older, or like I mentioned earlier, there could be a change because my ability to be relaxed and inclusive (engaged/involved) has widened. [translated by @celest1al1]


Then, what do you think love is?

It's something you can't live without, but it's also something that's not easy to protect (keep/guard)? [translated by @celest1al1]


Are you the type of person who makes an effort to protect (keep) it?

I make the effort. I try to protect it. [translated by @celest1al1]


Are you a person who puts an effort to protect (the love)?

I am putting an effort. I am trying to protect it. [translated by @yejinsuniverse]


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Feb 19, 2021

GQ x Under Armour Interview - 5





A Recover Legacy Windbreaker Jacket, UA Multi-Color Rocker Tag Short Sleeve T-shirt, UA Recover Legacy Pants, UA Hover Phantom 2 ABC Running Shoes Price undecided, all under armor.



UA Project Rock Terry Bull Hoodie, UA Project Rock Snap Shorts, UA Project Rock Training Gloves, UA Playmaker Mid Crew Socks, UA Project Rock BSR Training Shoes Price Undecided, All Under Armor.



UA Project Rock Terry Bull Hoodie, UA Project Rock Snap Shorts, UA Project Rock Training Gloves, UA Playmaker Mid Crew Socks, UA Project Rock BSR Training Shoes Price Undecided, All Under Armor.


What do you think is the most important thing as an actor?

The truth... Should I say it's sincere? Maybe I'm being deceived by myself who's satisfied with watching the monitor. Maybe I was tricked into saying okay by the expressions I've seen a lot, the expressions I like, and the familiar things. Is this feeling real? It's a series of worries. [translated by @hyunbinsfiancee]


Will there be an end to that worry?

Probably not. So it's not easy. Acting.


I think the slogan of Under Armour "the only way is through" fits you very well. When you hear the name Hyunbin there are lots of expectations. It feels like you've broken through the path.

I don't think there is a middle path. Since my character doesn't want to leave anything with regrets it seems that I have just walked the given path. Yes. It wasn't that I broke the path I just walked through it. Some people turn into perfectionists when this happens. It's like I have to take a test every time. [translated by @doolyfeels]


Ah… What should I do if I haven't taken the test?

I exercise. I'm not so concerned about the results. It's not the last work, but if you're swayed, there's no end to it.


Managing your mental state is also important.

When a difficult moment comes I think "this too shall pass". This also applies to when all human relationships get difficult. When it comes to work I think of the thought "this is a one in a life time opportunity" and that clings to my mind. [translated by @doolyfeels]


If you were to combine you from your debut in 2003 into a novel, what would you like to name the book?

Wow, that's difficult. If you set your goal a little bigger, you can say 'Appetizer!' If you would like to make a title based on your age, 'Act 1 of 3?' Hahaha.


Why is it Appetizer?

Because the main dish didn't come out yet. (He meant this is just the beginning.) [translated by @hyunbinsfiancee]


Even though you have achieved so much?

That's why I set a precondition. "When you set your big target!" I can't do this. I'll have to add a subtitle together. 'When you set a big goal, an appetizer!'


What kind of breakthrough do you want to have this year?

"The Point Men" is in post production. Although it's something I can't decide on my own, it would be nice to give greetings at the movie theatre through corona. I really want to do that. [tanslated by @doolyfeels]


Source: gqkorea.co.kr


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Hyun Bin's official fan club, The Space, sponsored Welcome Dinner and Coffee/Tea Truck for Confidential Assignment 2.



🎉 Team Welcome Dinner #Lim Cheolyeong Welcome Dinner !!! 🎉


Google Translate

I went to the dinner scene prepared by actor Hyun Bin's official fan club The Space.
. The Space, which prepared for the welcome dinner from buffet to #honey_falling eyes_shot added coffee tea!!.
It would have been a great help to the actors and staff who were tired of the busy shooting
At the welcome dinner site, it was
windy but warm, so you found a lot of ice drinks!!.
Welcome Dinner Little Stone's popular menu!!
Coffee, latte, homemade soft drink, tea, you ordered evenly without missing any one.
(It's not secret that 2.5L of Homemade Strawberry Cheong went out >.<).
After eating, the actor came to the front of the coffee tea.
The aura and coolness that can be felt from a distance at the walk of the actor!!👍👍.
Stop at that moment!! Or will it be foul?.
Still, I held back and made a drink to the actor with great care😆.
I'm an actor go ahead without forgetting their banners and photos submitted fans bundeulkkeseo prepared walled one by one in the eye
He looked at the menu for a while and asked what kind of “tea” was delicious.
It is not strong in taste, and it is recommended to actors because it is a kind of tea that is not easy to eat because it is a kind of tea that is not strong and is not easy to eat.
The actor also ordered it to eat it with root tea and made it warm.
And the actor did not forget to say thank you and went back to filming.
Ah!! The actor prepared iced green tea, warm root tea, warm americano, and finally iced green tea.
Little Stone also came back after having a cup of coffee after dinner, which was delayed due to a lot of delays.
Actress Hyunbin, who trusted and entrusted me with the official fan club The Space Thank you again 🙇‍♀️🙂.
'Everyone has been waiting for' movie cooperation!!.
I wish Little Stone a safe and safe filming till the end.🙏
# Hyun Bin #Hyunbin # official fan club _ More Space
# 2 HVAC # director Lee Seok Hoon # Yoo Hae-jin # Yoona # Daniel Henney # Jin Seon-Kyu # Jang Young-nam
Now that everyone's safety is important with Corona, Little Stone proceeds safely after steam sterilization before the start.
Coffee tea # # snacks tea # support # Support Artists # Catering # corporate events #foodtruck #coffeecar



review from littlestone op said op can feel hyunbin’s cool aura even from far away op said he looked at the banner and photos prepared by the fans one by one carefully he stared at the menu for a long time before asking what’s good from the ‘tea’ section

fyi he started with ice green tea, hot 뿌리차 (omg idk the english name leh ... root tea???), hot americano and lastly ice green tea


















Source: littlestone_v


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Hyun Bin Reflects On His Successful Career, Opens Up About His Personality, And More

Feb 21, 2021 by S.P.


Hyun Bin recently participated in a pictorial and interview for the latest issue of GQ Korea!

The actor sported various athletic outfits in the photos, which show off his coordination and strength. Hyun Bin commented that it was his first time using exercise equipment for a photo shoot. When asked what equipment he typically reaches for when he exercises, he replied, “Dumbbells. I enjoy working out my shoulders so I often use dumbbells for that purpose.”


He grew sheepish when the interviewer mentioned that people said his shoulders as wide as the Pacific Ocean. “Shoulder workouts are painful, but they’re that much more rewarding because of it.”







Hyun Bin is well known for his role in the hit drama “Crash Landing On You.” When asked how it felt to be at the center of attention, the actor replied, “It feels crazy. Since I can’t meet fans like I could before the COVID-19 outbreak, I express my feelings through handwritten letters. I feel the effects of it, but I also can’t quite wrap my head around it.”


Explaining why he treasures handwritten letters in the era of social media, Hyun Bin said, “When we’re in a situation where we can’t meet each other in person, handwritten letters are the best alternative to me. It’s an old-fashioned way of expressing your deepest feelings.”


In a previous interview with GQ, Hyun Bin was quoted as saying that his mid-thirties would be his prime. Following up with this declaration, Hyun Bin shared, “I must have thought that there would be some big change when I turned 30. Now that I’ve spent years with a 3 in the front of my age, there’s really not much that has changed.”


Hyun Bin conceded that he did become more open-minded and laid-back in his work, noting that he is now more able to readily accept whatever situation is thrown his way. He also shared that he attempts to keep everything in his life, including his emotions, steady.







Hyun Bin’s filmography is proof of his desire to not be swayed by fame or money, having taken part in the low-budget film “I Am Happy” and appearing in “Come Rain, Come Shine” despite not being guaranteed pay. “I’m really curious about new things, and I’m open to challenges,” he explained. “Even if I have plenty of curiosity, it wouldn’t come to fruition if there were no opportunities. Those chances found me at a favorable time, so I think I just took my shots.”


Pondering over whether or not he truly poured his all into his career, Hyun Bin mused, “If I went back in time with the mindset I have now the productions I take part in could change, since it depends on when I read the script. The inspiration you get from a book changes depending on when you read it, right? I think that I made what I thought were the best choices for me at that time.”







Hyun Bin is set to star in the upcoming sequel for the 2017 film “Confidential Assignment” as the North Korean detective Rim Chul Ryung. He contemplated about how much he should alter his character for the sequel, noting that viewers might find him boring if his portrayal remains too similar to that of the previous film.


When the interviewer asked him what would happen if Rim Chul Ryung came to South Korea and met Yoon Se Ri (Son Ye Jin) of “Crash Landing On You,” Hyun Bin laughed as he answered, “That can’t happen! Chul Ryung needs to meet Min Young (Yoona), and Jung Hyuk needs to meet Se Ri.”


Hyun Bin then pictured what would happen if Rim Chul Ryung met Ri Jung Hyuk. “If it were those two, they would probably get close and cooperate with each other. I think Jung Hyuk would initiate it first, since he’s a character made when I was a bit older. He would probably be more open and understanding.”







Hyun Bin said that he valued sincerity most as an actor. “When I feel satisfied while monitoring my scenes, I wonder if I’m fooling myself. I wonder if I’m just okaying what I see because they’re expressions that I’m used to. I wonder if what I’m feeling is real. It’s a continuous worry.”


Despite being under the public eye for so long and having to live up to the expectations of many, Hyun Bin revealed that he doesn’t want to try out a different route. “My personality is such that I don’t do things that I’ll regret, so I’ve just kept plodding down the path I was given. I didn’t overcome anything, I just walked.”


Describing how he overcomes difficult situations, Hyun Bin said, “I think to myself, ‘This, too, shall pass.’ When it comes to relationships, I think, ‘People are like that sometimes.’ In terms of my work, I hang on with the thought, ‘This will only happen once in my entire life.'”







Asked to come up with a title describing the book of his life from his acting debut in 2003 up until now, Hyun Bin said, “Wow, this is difficult. If I were to aim big, I would say, “Appetizer”! If I were to consider my age, I would say, ‘Act 1 of 3.'”


Hyun Bin explained that he came up with “Appetizer” because the main course hasn’t yet arrived. He added, “I should attach a subtitle. ‘When I’m Dreaming Big, Appetizer!'”


Finishing up the interview, Hyun Bin described his goals for 2021. “‘The Point Men’ is in the later stages of production. Although it’s not something I can achieve myself, I want to overcome COVID-19 and greet everyone on stage with ‘The Point Men.’ I really want to.”


Source: Soompi


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