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My Demon 마이데몬 [2023-2024]

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Director: Kim Jang Han

Writer: Choi Ah Il

Episodes: 16

Broadcast station: SBS

Online Streaming Site: Wavve / Netflix

Schedule: 24 Nov 2023 – 20 Jan 2024

Website: Official website | NamuWiki | MDL | Naver


Plot Summary


Do Do-Hee (Kim You-Jung) is the successor of the Future Group. She has an arrogant and cool-headed personality, who doesn’t trust in anyone. She is cynical about love. Do Do-Hee gets involved with a demon named Jeong Gu-Won (Song Kang) and makes a contract marriage with him. She faces big changes in her life.


Jeong Gu-Won is a demon. He can live for eternity by making dangerous, but sweet deals with humans who endure hellish lives. He looks down upon humans and he has prowled over this world like an apex predator for 200 years. He gets involved with Do Do-Hee and somehow loses his power all of a sudden. He then enters into a contract marriage with her. To prevent his own extinction, he must protect Do Do-Hee who has taken all of his power. Their relationship develops romantically.

Source: AsianWiki





Original Soundtrack



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Song Kang And Kim Yoo Jung In Talks For New Fantasy Romance Drama



Song Kang and Kim Yoo Jung may be uniting for a new drama!


On January 18, industry representatives reported that the two actors will be starring in the upcoming drama “My Demon” (literal title).


In response to the reports, Song Kang’s agency Namoo Actors commented, “‘My Demon’ is one of the projects he has been offered.” Kim Yoo Jung’s agency Awesome ENT similarly responded, “It is one of the projects she is considering.”


“My Demon” is reportedly a romance drama about chaebol heiress Do Do Hee who is everyone’s enemy and the demon Gu Won who loses his powers one day as they end up living together. Song Kang has been offered the role of Jung Gu Won, while Kim Yoo Jung was offered the role of Do Do Hee. Jung Gu Won is superior to humans in every way, but when he loses his powers, he will have to work with Do Do Hee to recover them, and romance begins to bloom in this process.


“My Demon” will be written by Choi Ah Il, one of the co-writers for “Mr. Queen.”



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Ommo... I saw the first teaser. Both r looking so beautiful! The slow mo of the umbrella scene is just so epic! I like it! November please come faster!

Btw that scene reminds me of the legend umbrella scene in EY. Anything with umbrella and handsome guy never fail, 😆

@mademoiselle otteokhaeee!!! I love the second teaser! I'm ready for romance this time!! 😄

Also, I love the melody they used as the teasers bgm. I wonder if they also use it for the drama ost later? I keep replating the scene and the music sounds so majestic! Why is October felt so long!!

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