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Because This is My First Life [2017]

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I decided to watch what was once my favourite drama when it was airing. I remember eventhough it was a romcom, it's also very relatable to commoner people's life. 


Because my memory is so bad, I barely remember the storyline 😆 So the second time is also very enjoyable for me. 


Ep 1-2 

We were introduced to Ji Ho's character a struggle writer with patriachal family and have a spoiled brat brother who's married with baby to be born. She got kicked out from her own house due to that reason. She have 2 supportive friends Soo Ji and Horang. Soo Ji is a career woman who's succesfull on her own, but often stressed out because of her work. Horang have a nice boyfriend and working as waitress. 


While on the male lead side, Se Hee is a very quirky man who strive hard to have his own pace of life undisturbed. Quiet, and leaving with his precious cat. It make me think he might have slight autistic trait, like he don't like his schedule got changed or have any additional things to his normal daily life. By far he's the most relatable character here for me 😂 He just want quietly settle his house loan debt, and this where it will lead to the living together with Jiho. 


They actually become living housemate because of some misunderstanding about their gender and mixed by their friend. Their first meeting was just briefly on his office because she just bumped accidentally to him. But they finally spoke while he was watching soccer outside on some drinking company event (he seems want to enjoy quietly outside and avoid his colleague lols), while she was felt shy because she thought the man she like will confess to him. All this led to later on they meet up again at bus stop and she kissed him because he comforted her, after she found out the man she liked for 3 years already have girlfriend. 


They did found out they're actually the living housemate, but because he really liked her keeping his house clean they continue their cohabitation. But his mom not happy and signed him up to blind dates ( which tires him out lols -> he need to put alarm reminder to text his blind date was a lols ). And her life become more miserable after she decided to leave his house. By the end of ep 2, they meet up again at his house, and he proposed her for marriage of convenient. 

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