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Melo Movie 멜로무비 [Upcoming on Netflix]

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Plot Summary

A story about the dreams and love of young people who also carry wounds and trauma. Go Gyeom (Choi Woo-Sik) becomes a movie critic after working as an extra actor. He loves movies so much that his goal is to watch all the movies made in the world. Kim Moo-Bi (Park Bo-Young) then comes into his life. Go Gyeom is very curious about her and he even likes her name that sounds like "movie." Kim Moo-Bi began to work in movie industry due to her love and hatred for her father (who loved movies more than her) and her own curiosity on what exactly is a movie. She has a quiet and peaceful life in the movie industry, but Go Gyeom, who stands out too much, suddenly appears in front of her and causes change in her life. Meanwhile, Hong Shi-Joon (Lee Jun-Young) thinks of himself as a genius, but he is still an unknown songwriter. His ex-girlfriend Son Joo-A (Jeon So-Nee) works as a screenwriter.


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Choi Woo Shik, Park Bo Young, Lee Jun Young, And Jeon So Nee Confirmed For Drama By “Our Beloved Summer” Writer




It’s official—Choi Woo Shik, Park Bo Young, Lee Jun Young, Jeon So Nee will be starring in the upcoming drama “Melo Movie” together!


“Melo Movie” delves into the lives of young individuals who are used to always pretending to be fine in the face of hardships. Now, they aspire to experience love and fulfill their dreams yet find themselves drained and exhausted from the relentless hardships they endure.


Despite its initial impression of having a somber undertone, the drama is a comical romance written by Lee Na Eun, the scriptwriter of “Our Beloved Summer.” The drama will also be helmed by director Oh Choong Hwan of “Castaway Diva,” “Big Mouth,” “Start-Up,” “Hotel Del Luna,” and more.


Choi Woo Shik will play Go Kyum, an actor who takes on extra roles but becomes a film critic. Go Kyum loves films to the extent that his dream is to watch all the movies in the world. Eventually, he meets Kim Moo Bi, who he is interested in even just from her name, which sounds like “movie,” and is curious about like how he is curious for the laws of romance film.


Park Bo Young will play Kim Moo Bi, who enters the film industry out of curiosity due to her love-hate relationship for her father who considered films to be more important than her. Despite wanting to live quietly, she faces changes in her life after meeting Go Kyum—who excessively stands out in life.




In addition, Lee Jun Young will take on the role of unknown composer Hong Si Joon who prides himself in being a genius. Meanwhile, Jeon So Nee will play Hong Si Joon’s ex-girlfriend and scriptwriter Son Joo Ah.






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