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@SilverMoonTea - Jun has a new drama coming out next week, Imitation. I liked him in the weekend drama where he played opposite Jo Bo Ah, Goodbye to Goodbye. He was a brat in it though. He grows up a bit towards the end. Jun is a good actor but his projects has always been a little lackluster. I wished he would stop playing dramas that has to do with idols because I think he has a little more range than that. :jiminbtssigh:



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1 hour ago, ktcjdrama said:

Coz they have same built, tall and broad shoulder, I am having a hard time to decide who 😆

That's why you adopt both. Come on. Your Oppa list needs some updates! Hahahahahahahahahaha

They are already adopted, so I can't re-adopt. LOL LOL.


I love this smile from Rowoonie


source: Dorothy


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@mademoiselle @ktcjdramamy mum likes SK too...but if I have to choose it is Rowoon...:lenny:.


@SilverMoonTea I see you're using abs and animals to sell dramas these days.


You know my Fri- Sat has 3 dramas - all my oppa / ahjussi loves  decided to have dramas all at once.

Taxi Driver, Undercover and Dark Hole. In some ways it is a good thing that Vincenzo ends this weekend or I will have a hard time juggling


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Missing: The Other side Mon-Tues : Racket Boys Wed-Thurs : Monthly House  Thurs: Hospital Playlist Fri-Sat : Voice 4  Sat - Nevertheless Sat- Sun: The Devil Judge  C-drama : - 

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15 minutes ago, Chocolate said:


Don't out me leh!

Lucky he has no other show I want to watch now. Otherwise I may sink.


Why not?! Be honest! No shame in that to love someone else!

You can watch his older dramas but not gonna be this hot, I guess. LOL.


Interviewing @Chocolate So what in Taecyeon that rocks your boat. He's totally different style "Can you feel my heartbeat" to HB. xD

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