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L.U.C.A.: The Beginning 루카 [2021]


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4xzKK_4f.jpgLooking forward to this since this will be Kim Rae Won's return to the silver screen after a 3-year break. He will be joined by the gorgeous Lee Da Hee who made her mark in Search: WWW and The Beauty Inside. 



Synopsis from AsianWiki /Soompi/ MDL: 


“LUCA,” which stands for Last Universal Common Ancestor, is a concept inspired by Charles Darwin’s “On the Origin of Species,” in which the scholar first proposed the theory of universal common descent from a shared ancestor. The upcoming drama will tell the story of an elite scientist who, after facing personal hardship, creates a new living organism to speed up the process of human evolution. 


Ji-O (Kim Rae-Won) has a special power and a secret, but he doesn't know who he really is. He is chased by mysterious figures, while he tries to find answers to numerous questions that surround him.

Goo-Reum (Lee Da-Hee) is a detective. When she decides on a course of action, she won't change no matter what. Her parents disappeared when she was only a young child. Goo-Reum chases after the truth behind her parents' disappearance. She meets Ji-O and her life changes.


Director: Kim Hong-Sun
Writer: Chun Sung-Il
Network: tvN
Episodes: ( I once read that it was 10 /12 episodes - TBC)
Release Date: February 1, 2021 --
Runtime: Monday & Tuesday 21:00




Kim Rae-Won - Ji-O

Lee Da-Hee - Goo-Reum
Kim Sung-Oh - Yi-Son
Kim Sang-Ho - Choi Jin-Hwan
Park Hyuk-Kwon - Kim Cheol-Soo
Ahn Nae-Sang - Ryu Joong-Kwon
Jin Kyung - Hwang Jung-A
Kim Min-Gwi - Kim Tae-O
Jung Da-Eun - Choi Yoo-Na
Lee Joong-Ok - Kim Hwang-Sik
Hwang Jae-Yeol - Detective Kim



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Trailer & OST

Subbed trailer 1


Subbed trailer 2



Explanation for trailer 1  in spoiler credit  Source


A third teaser video for the show begins with a taste of the thrilling chase at the center of the action. Kim Rae Won as Ji Oh runs through a dark forest and the pursuit continues in the city, with Ji Oh desperately trying to escape and Lee Son (Kim Sung Oh) chasing after him with beast-like instincts. The teaser announces the awakening of “action instincts that will save the world.”

Ji Oh shows superhuman strength in a fight as he emits mysterious blue light, while chilling lines over the action scenes include, “One day I woke up and I was in a strange world” and “I was a human until I was called a monster.” Lee Da Hee as Gu Reum says, “You’re not a monster if you have even a bit of a human heart.”

The teaser ends with the line, “Try to kill me. I’m going to survive until the end and kill everyone,” along with more intense action and mysterious images.


Explanation in spoiler credit Soompi


“L.U.C.A” is an action thriller about a man named Ji Oh (Kim Rae Won) who is being chased because of his special abilities, and a violent crimes detective named Gu Reum (Lee Da Hee) who is the only one who remembers him.


In the new teaser, Kim Rae Won wanders empty fields and streets at night as he says in voice-over, “I don’t where I am or how I got here.” He is frequently seen bloodied and bruised and collapses on buses and bridges as a powerful spasm overtakes him. In voice-over, Lee Da Hee responds, “Not having memories doesn’t mean you don’t have a past.”


She adds, “You’re not just a human, are you?”, but he insists, “I am human. I want to be human,” even as the teaser shows he has the ability to manipulate electricity on subway tracks. He continues, “I want to live as a person who has no special abilities.” Lee Da Hee responds as she engages in a desperate chase, “It’s not an ability, it’s absolute control.”


As the situation gets more and more dire, Kim Rae Won grapples with Kim Sung Oh, who plays Lee Son, the man tasked to chase him down.





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Character posters:

This article has explanation. 








Autotranslated from: https://star.mt.co.kr/stview.php?no=2021011310543382134


'Luka: The Beginning' Kim Rae-won and Da-hee Dahee clashed hotly.

tvN's new Monday and Tuesday drama 'Luca: The Beginning' (screenplay Seongil Cheon, director Hongseon Kim, production Studio Dragon, Takeone Company, H House) released a teaser video of the characters Raewon Kim and Dahee Dahee full of urgency on the 12th. The overwhelming synergy of the two actors who exploded their action instincts sparked a thrill, predicting a new world of action with a different dimension.


'Luca: The Beginning' (hereinafter referred to as'Luca') is a spectacle chase action play in which Geo (played by Kim Rae-won), who was chased for his special ability, faces a huge conspiracy with the only homicide detective Cloud (played by Lee Da-hee) who remembers him. A large number of actors from actors such as Kim Rae-won, Lee Da-hee, and Kim Seong-oh, who predicted an unprecedented transformation, as well as Kim Sang-ho, Park Hyuk-kwon, Ji-sang, and Jin-kyung, emerged as the most anticipated work in the first half of 2021.


Above all, the expectation that the 'masters of the genre' pour into the pursuit action in harmony is hot. Director Kim Hong-sun, who has unfolded the world of unrivaled directing such as 'Voice 1' and 'Hand : The Guest', and Chun Seong-il, who has been loved through dramas and movies such as 'Chuno','Pirates' and '7th-level civil servants'.  The teaser makes our hearts  flutter. It opens a new horizon of genre by completing a new worldview about the  subject of 'human evolution'.  It is also interesting that it is the first drama chosen by cinematographer Choi Young-hwan, who is said to be the well-known in the Korean film industry. In addition, he added martial arts director Jang Jae-wook of the movie ``An Si-seong'' to expect the birth of a pursuit action with a different scale.


Meanwhile, the teaser videos of Kim Rae-won and Lee Da-hee, which were released, boost expectations.


First, Kim Rae-won's intense and mysterious aura, who plays as Geo, a man who is chasing while hiding his ability to change the world, robs the gaze. With the narration "I don't remember why I'm here or how I got here," Geo's desperate struggle to be chased by something causes a breathtaking tension. Because of his special 'abilities' and 'secrets' that aren't in the world, Geo engages in a grim chase with those who constantly pursue him. His empty and weary glances add curiosity to Geo's desperate urgency, lost memories and thrown into the world. Geo's eagerness to say "I want to be a person" to the cloud that says "It's not just a person. It's a disaster, not an ability" amplifies his curiosity about the secret he has.


The breathtaking action confrontation with Lee Son (played by Kim Seong-oh) who pursues himself with the beast-like instincts in the video that follows also gives an intense thrill. Geo's anger, saying, "Wait. I'll fix it all," and even his deep, mysterious eyes with blue light. Geo's special narrative, constantly agonizing over his existence in deep solitude, makes'Luka' more await.


The only woman living in Geo's memory, Lee Da-hee, who has transformed into a'cloud in the sky', overwhelms the gaze with intense action and an untouchable aura. With the narration "I remember who you are," the cloud persistently searching for Geo explodes the action instincts without limits by confronting unknown people. A blue boy who was caught after a struggle with Geo. Geo's question, "What did you do to me," and the voice of the cloud, "I wanted to know that, and found you my whole life" raises curiosity in the narratives of those who are terribly desperate.

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@mademoiselle @SnowBlob I think everyone has messy hair in this show :shocked:


@joccu__ will you be watching this one?

New still of LDH



Cast greetings & longer BTS


I finally found a subbed trailer!


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I just realised it's gonna air on the 1st of feb (gasp)..i hope my current dramas have finished then so i can add this. 


@abs-oluteM oh yahh...both leads have messy curly hair.. I know which one @mademoiselle will love...that other guy (with short hair and mustache)..his hair is straight (although his stache looks a bit messy)! :PsyWhat:  jkjk

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48 minutes ago, SnowBlob said:

@mademoiselle the short straight hair guy looks sooo familiar though. I must have seen him recently in some dramas. When i got time i m gonna google him. Welll not by choice...i have to wake up around the time always..coz kids are up 

It's raining. Such a nice weather to :pandasleep: 

That guy is a common second/tetiary actor. He has been around for a long time. It is definite that you would have seen him in some dramas. 

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Looks like Viu is subbing this


Subbed BTS




New stills of Kim Sung Oh


Kim Sung-oh plays the role of Lee Son who pursues Geo (KRW's character) with an animal-like instinct. Lee Son, a former special force, is a person who obeys the orders given and desires absolute power.

In the released still cut, Kim Sung-oh radiates intense eyes full of madness. With a cold face that can't read emotions, you can see the madness of a cruel pursuer who chases Geo without blood or tears.

Kim Sung Oh , through 'Luka: The Beginning', will present  Lee Son's role as "a person who can't even try to do anything else and only thinks that the work given to him is his own destiny."




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oh yeah....I think there will be some romance...ahahaah...I always like romance in dangerous situations 

New couple poster




The couple poster that was released that day showed Geo  (Ji-O) in the arms of the Goo Reum. In the arms of Goo Reum , Geo is healed and comforted by his desperate fate.


In particular, the phrase "If I survive, I will go to you" amplifies the curiosity about the fate of the two who will face a huge conspiracy. The relationship between the two, which will unfold in the breathtaking chase, is expected to be another spectator point of' Luka: The Beginning'. 

The production crew of 'Luka: The Beginning' said, "Geo, who was born strong and thrown lonely, and Goo Reum that will become his only refuge and savior, are intertwined with a terrible fate that they cannot escape." "You can expect the synergy of Kim Rae-won and Da-hee Da-hee who will cross the thick line action and the big emotional line."

Edit to add: This article has a bit more explanation for this later poster



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@mademoiselle @ktcjdrama  @SnowBlob his hair looks more curly than the Uncanny Counters ! :pandawhat:


Article extract on what makes Luca different & special


In particular, 'Luca: The Beginning' is different in that it deals with the unknown world of genetics and human evolution. The title is interesting. The most primitive cell phase of all living things, and life-differentiated seeds, is called L.U.C.A. (Last Universal Common Ancestor). Luca, which contains the mystery of life, begins "Luca: The Beginning" from a scary human obsession to solve the secret and create a better human being.


Writer Chun Sung-il explained that he put the end of loneliness as the focus of the story, with the question, "Should I let a human who tries to change everything but himself be the same human being?" "Ji-o is the only one who has different abilities than others," he said. "I thought the that being the only one with that existence would be lonely," he said. "I didn't want to miss the story of how the world would change if the world continued to create lonely people, like Ji-oh, who was ostracized by the group for being different."


The special relationship between Ji-o, who is struggling with loneliness due to his  ability to change the world, with  "Goo Reum" who is the only living person in  his memory is also an important point to watch. When author Chun Sung-il asks, "Draw the sky," most people draw clouds together. The sky seems to be completed only when there is a cloud. "Cloud in the sky - Goo Reum" is the only person who accepts Ji-o as he is, and I thought the world would be completed only when such a person was there." The detailed sense of melting the narratives of the two, which are destined to be intertwined, into the character's name stands out. Viewers are still paying keen attention to the veiled worldview of "Luka: The Beginning."


It is also noteworthy that the spectacular chase actions will take place. The leading production team in the Korean film industry has gathered for the spectacular and tense "high-quality" action visuals. "This is a script that I received at a time when I wanted to try a new challenge," said Choi Young-hwan, who played in big works such as "Veteran," "Berlin" and "The Thieves." "It was the most interesting script I've read recently," he said, explaining why he chose "Luka: The Beginning" as his first drama. "I focused on protecting my style that I showed in the movie," he said, "I thought a lot about keeping the dynamic of the chase action." Director Kim Hong-sun also said, "I wanted to follow the more cinematic directing grammar. If you watch the drama, you can feel the reason why you were with director Choi Young-hwan," further stimulated expectations for the chase action completed by the two genre masters.


Martial arts director Jang Jae-wook, who was highly praised through the movie "The Great Battle," maximizes reality in action beyond the limits. He described the action of "Luca: The Beginning" as "light-lightening," and explained, "I wanted to express energy as fast and powerful as lightning." He also added, "In order to upgrade the capabilities that viewers can understand, we thought a lot about action situations and movements that fit the cause."


"When Ji-o was able to recognize his ability and control it, he had to be good at action as he was chased by his opponent," he said about the action style of "Ji-o," which has special abilities. "The most important part was variety." "I tried to give you a different feeling of action, even in the same place and in a similar situation." "Kim Rae-won's immersion and detailed acting are really strong and amazing," he said. "I wanted to do it myself, saying that I would feel different if I did it myself," he said, expressing admiration for his extraordinary passion for acting.


Lee Da-hee, who plays the role of  JI-o's only resting place, "Cloud in the Sky ( Goo Reum) ," and Kim Sung-oh, who played the role of "Yi-son" who chased Ji-o with animal instincts, also lavished rave reviews. He said, "I was surprised that Lee Da-hee was really good at learning the movements, technical aspects, and action that saved her style," and said, "Acting Kim Sung-oh's action is impossible to achieve." "He's a very attractive actor," he said.



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