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Wu Lin Has Pride 武林有骄气 [2023]


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v4nwhpF.jpgTitle: 武林有骄气 / Wu Lin You Jiao Qi
English title: Wu Lin Has Pride
Also known as: Wu Lin Has Pride
Genre: Wuxia, romance

Director: Zhu Dong Ning
Screenwriter: Xie Nan Xue (谢南雪)
Episodes: 24
Network: Youku
Broadcast period: Jan. 29th, 2023



Li HongYi as BaiYue
Huang RiYing as YeXi
Zhu ZanJin as CangQi
Qi PeiXin as TangHuan
Zhang XinYan as Lin XiaoXiao
Li XingChen as ChuYao
Jiang Peng as TangYang
Sun Hao as Uncle Hui
Cui YiShao as XiaoBei



Ye Xi, a kind-hearted and good-natured girl, aspires to become a pugilistic hero of her generation. Having no experiencing in jianghu, she harbors a beautiful fantasy toward the wulin as well as love. Ye Xi whole-heartedly helps the weak, but does not understand the sinister side of human heart. She used, lied to and betrayed by the people she trust; causing her reputation to be tarnished and her life almost taken. However despite these repeated blows, Ye Xi does not forget her original intention, and believes that justice naturally inhabits man's heart. She sets out to investigate the truth and prove her innocence. During her journey, she meets divine doctor Bai Yue, who silently protects her and go through life-and death with her. Ye Xi also matures in the process, becoming more confident and strong; and also finally understands true love as well as the spirit of wuxia. With Bai Yue's help, Ye Xi exterminates the scums who framed her and caused harm to jianghu. Bai Yue also uses his medical skills to treat the people who were bewitched. From then on, the wulin regains its upright aura, and returned to the avenue of chivalry.

(Cr: Dramawiki)


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