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Bulgasal: Immortal Souls 불가살 [2021 - 2022]

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Bulgasal: Immortal Souls




English title: The Immortal

Literal title: Bulgasal

Hangul title: 불가살

Broadcast site: tvN

Streaming site: Netflix / TVING

Director: Jang Young Woo

Writer: Kwon So Ra, Seo Jae Won

Episodes: 16

Schedule: 18 December 2021 - 6 February 2022

Website: Official website

Other reference: Naver | NamuWiki |


Plot Summary


"Immortality" tells the story of Dan Hwal (Lee Jin-Wook) and Min Sang-Woon (Kwon Na-Ra).


Dan Hwal was a human 600 years ago. While he was carrying out his mission as a military officer to erase the remnants of the former dynasty, he became immortal. He has been immortal for the past 600 years.


Min Sang-Woon used to be immortal. She is now reincarnated into a human being and lives as a human. After she went through a tragic event, she changed her name and identity. She lives in hiding and looks to exact revenge.


Ok Eul-Tae (Lee Joon) is immortal. Unlike Dan-Hwal, he enjoys his immortality, as well as power and wealth.


In the past, Dan Sol (Gong Seung-Yeon) used to be Dan Hwal ’s wife. She has something special.


source: AsianWiki

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2021.03.17 Lee Jin Wook, Kwon Nara, Lee Joon, Gong Seung Yeon, And Kim Woo Seok Confirmed For New Fantasy Drama




tvN’s upcoming drama “Bulgasal” (literal title) has confirmed its cast lineup!


“Bulgasal” is a fantasy drama that revolves around two characters. The first is a woman who has gone through several reincarnations over the course of 600 years and remembers all of her past lives, and the second is a man who has lived for over 600 years as a bulgasal—a mythical creature that feeds off human blood and is cursed with immortality.


The drama will be directed by Jang Young Woo who helmed “I Need Romance 3” and co-directed “Mister Sunshine” and “Sweet Home.” The script is penned by Kwon So Ra and Seo Jae Won of “The Guest.”


Lee Jin Wook plays the bulgasal Dan Hwal who used to be human 600 years ago. He turns into a bulgasal during the Joseon dynasty while working as a military official and completing a mission to erase the remnants of the previous dynasty.


Kwon Nara will be Min Sang Un, who was once a bulgasal but is reincarnated as a human. After suffering the loss of her mother and twin sister at the hands of an unidentified murderer, Min Sang Un escapes with her younger sister Min Sa Ho and lives quietly in hiding. Although she works hard to conceal her name and identity, the appearance of a bulgasal alters her life of secrecy.





Lee Joon will take on the role of Ok Eul Tae, another bulgasal living in secrecy. He has enjoyed immorality for the past centuries and has accumulated immense wealth, which he uses to control politicians, businessmen, and the media. With his decadent beauty and overwhelming charisma, he has all the ingredients to be the most powerful figure in Korea.


Dan Hwal’s past wife Dan Sol will be played by Gong Seung Yeon. Dan Sol is the daughter of a powerful family who ends up marrying Dan Hwal because of her father. She has something special that others cannot make sense of.


Jung Jin Young, Park Myung Shin, and UP10TION’s Kim Woo Seok round out the cast lineup for “Bulgasal,” which is slated to air next year. The mixture of veterans and up-and-coming rookie actors will provide a nice balance to the drama.


The producers of “Bulgasal” commented, “We will showcase a Korean style fantasy drama that will captivate the world with its sophisticated direction, strong script, and fabulous actors.”


Source (1) via soompi

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13 hours ago, Tofu said:

@mademoiselle He is hairy in both time period. :laugh:Are you going to watch this?

At least in modern times his hair is slightly better...? I think I will try to watch and see if I like the storyline. I remember watching immortal show called Highlander before when young... wondering if it's something like that. Haha





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4 hours ago, Tofu said:

OMG @mademoiselle!! I just realized Lee Joon is in this drama too! :lmao2: I liked him in My Father is Strange. 

Seems like Lee Joon will be another immortal and a villain. I honestly worry about the world building and plot for this one. It has a high tendency to fail in its story-telling. It's written by The Guest's writers and that show has good reviews (even tho I couldn't get past episode 2 or something) so fingers crossed it'll be good.

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1 hour ago, mademoiselle said:

I honestly worry about the world building and plot for this one.

Same here. I'm hoping they do well with this because I don't think I can continue to watch if it's not done well.


I read the Google/Papago translation of the character descriptions and here's what I found (apologies in advance if I got anything wrong):



Danhwal is seeking revenge for his wife, son, and father-in-law who died in a tragic incident. He is in search of the woman who caused him to lose everything.



Sang Woon lost her mother and sister to an unidentified person. She lives a quiet life with her younger sister, who were the only two that survived. She works really hard to hide her identity. (There was a part I had a hard time understanding, it was translated into something like she needs to find a sword that will help kill the immortal). 



Eul Tae is a wealthy man who helps the underprivileged and supports politicians. He has shares in multiples companies and is an entrepreneur. No one knows the source of his money and information about his age and family are unknown. 




Dan Sol is Danhwal's wife. She married him because he was like a stepson to her father. She never received love from her father and thought she finally found a family member when she had a son, only to have that end in tragedy. 




Dan Geuk is Dan Sol's father and stepfather/uncle to Danhwal. He lived his life on the battlefield. He treated Dan Sol badly.




The shaman predicted the curse of the immortality. 




Nam Doyoon has a bright personality but life has not always been easy for him. He starts following Danhwal after Danhwal saved him from bullies. 



So it seems like Lee Jin Woo's character is looking to kill Nara's character??



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14 hours ago, mademoiselle said:

The cinematography in this preview gives off it's a high production kind of drama. I hope it is what it appears to be and not be like Sisyphus.

Don't jinx it! I won't be able to watch if that's the case. :pandasadspoon:


I think this is the most interesting trailer to date. It even looked like a movie trailer too!


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