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Now, We Are Breaking Up, 지금, 헤어지는 중입니다 [2021-22]

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Now, We Are Breaking Up


Director:  Lee Gil Bok
Writer: Jae In 
Network: SBS
Episodes: 16
Release Date: Second half of 2021
Air time: TBA
Production: Samwha Networks 
Country: South Korea



Ha Young Eun, a 38-year-old design team leader at a fashion label, is described as a cold-hearted realist who is also smart and prioritizes safety above all things. She is clear about reaping the rewards for her own work, and she doesn't waste time getting emotional over men.



Song Hye Kyo as Ha Young Eun

Jang Ki Yong as Yoon Jae Guk

Choi Hee Seo as Hwang Chi Sook
Kim Joo Hoen as Seok Do Hoon

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Song Hye-kyo as Ha Yeong-eun

The daughter of Kang Jung-ja and Ha Taek-soo, and a close friend of Hwang Chi-sook and Jeon Mi-sook, design team leader of a fashion company called 'The One'.

Jang Ki-yong as Yoon Jae-gook

A hot freelance fashion photographer

Choi Hee-seo as Hwang Chi-sook

She's the design director of The One, the daughter of CEO Hwang, a close friend of Ha Young-eun and Jeon Mi-sook , And Hwang Chi-hyung's older sister.

Kim Joo-hun as Seok Do-hoon :Representative of the talented PR company at the center of the trend




Nam Gi-ae as Kang Jeong-ja -

Ha Yeong-eun's mother, who still has a dream in her heart after becoming a mother of a child in her youth, loves her daughter dearly.

Choi Hong-il as Ha Taek-soo

Ha Yeong-eun's father, a middle school vice principal a month before retirement

Joo Jin-mo as Representative Hwang

Hwang Chi-sook's and Hwang Chi-hyung's father, CEO of The One, and self-made man

Cha Hwa-yeon as Min Hye-ok

Yoon Jae-gook's mother, a kind and humble wife but scarred

Jang Hyuk-jin as Go Gwang-soo

The head of the production department of The One

Song Yoo-hyun as Oh In-ah

The head of the design team of Lamont, the second brand of The One

Lee Joo-myung as Nam Na-ri

She has been working for a long time in The One with Ha Yeong-eun, a junior who trusts and follows her

Park Hyo-joo as Jeon Mi-sook

Hwang Chi-sook and Ha Yeong-eun's close friend, and Kwak Soo-ho's wife

Yoon Na-moo as Kwak Soo-ho

Jeon Mi-sook's husband and Seok Do-hoon's colleague

Yoon Jung-hee as Sin Yoo-jeong

An influencer with over 600,000 Instagram followers and the only daughter to Hills Group.

Ki Eun-se as Seo Min-kyeong

Deputy manager of Vision PR's marketing team run by Seok Do-hoon

Kim Do-geon as Jimmy, The One's male casual advertising model

Yura as Hye-rin, the best celebrity of the era with numerous followers

Oh Se-hun as Hwang Chi-hyung

new designer of The One in the design team He's not just an ordinary employee, he's the son of the CEO Hwang and Hwang Chi-sook's younger brother.

Shin Dong-wook


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16 minutes ago, SilverMoonTea said:

So you're going to watch with us? Hahahaha.... 

I actually prefer less skinship in drama, maybe I'll check few episodes and see how. 

Ehhh not sure but I believe the hype for this show is quite high.

Highlight trailer


Press con



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