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Work Later Drink Now 술꾼도시여자들 [2022-2023]

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Season 1

Season 2




An So-Hee (Lee Sun-Bin), Han Ji-Yeon (Han Sun-Hwa), and Kang Ji-Gu (Jung Eun-Ji) enjoy meeting after work and drinking together. The three women are single and in their 30's. Their jobs have An So-Hee work as a broadcasting writer, Han Ji-Yeon as a yoga instructor, and Kang Ji-Gu as a YouTuber.

Meanwhile, Kang Buk-Gu (Choi Si-Won) works as a PD of TV variety show. He hangs out with the 3 women.



Director: Kim Jung-Sik

Writer: Mikkang (webcomic), Wi So-Young

Network: TVING


Release Date: Oct 2021 -


Source: Asian Wiki

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Lee Sun-Bin - An So-Hee

Han Sun-Hwa - Han Ji-Yeon

Jung Eun-Ji - Kang Ji-Gu

Choi Si-Won - Kang Buk-Gu


Extract from here for the main character descriptions

Choi Siwon  - He  plays Kang Buk Gu, an entertainment PD who will be part of the stories of the female leads. “The actor’s pleasant charm is a perfect match for the drama,” is the description read by the K-drama producer.

Han Sun Hwa - She will take on the role of Han Ji Yeon, a yoga instructor with a strong personality who will captivate with her personality.

Lee Sun Bin  - She plays  Ahn So Hee, a television writer who neither expresses nor receives affection.

Jun Eunjin (of  Apink ) - She will become Kang Ji Gu, a very egocentric celebrity youtuber.

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I am reminded of Be Melodramatic!


Lee Sun Bin, Han Sun Hwa, Jung Eun Ji, And Choi Siwon Confirmed To Star In New Heartwarming

Jul 7, 2021

by S. Nam


“City Girl Drinkers” will tell the story of three women whose life beliefs revolve around having a drink after getting off work. Based on a popular webtoon, the drama will comfort viewers through the uplifting story of 30-year-old women who feel as if they are at a loss in life.


In the drama, Lee Sun Bin will display her characteristic loveliness as the television scriptwriter Ahn So Hee.


Han Sun Hwa will take on the role of the yoga instructor Han Ji Yeon. The actress will be a perfect fit for her bubbly character with a high-pitched voice.


Jung Eun Ji will impress with her convincing acting as the origami YouTuber Kang Ji Goo, who’s the type to focus on only one thing.



Choi Siwon will play the variety show PD (producing director) Kang Book Goo as the only man to take part in the various stories with the three female leads.



“City Girl Drinkers” will portray a realistic story through the actors who play characters they are similar in age to. A point to anticipate in the new drama will be the chemistry of actors who have each been acknowledged for their different charms.


The production team shared, “We’ll deliver comfort and fun through a universal story with a relatable setup. We have cast actors who are spot on with the appealing aspects of each character, so we will showcase a convincing and highly immersive drama.”

Having already kicked-off production, “City Girl Drinkers” is slated to air in the second half of the year.



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10 hours ago, abs-oluteM said:

 my nightmare with facial hair ...look at Siwon. @SilverMoonTeaI think even this amount of facial hair  you cannot accept . LOL

:laugh: if it makes any of you guys feel better, he shaved it clean already... I was wondering why he even kept such facial hair, now I know. Sigh, it seems that we won’t see much of his handsome face in this drama 😅

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Drama press con. Fully subbed




Teaser looks so fun!


Based on a webtoon, “Work Later, Drink Now” is about three women whose philosophy in life revolves around having a drink after getting off work. Lee Sun Bin stars as variety show writer Ahn So Hee, Han Sun Hwa stars as yoga instructor Han Ji Yeon, and Apink’s Jung Eun Ji stars as origami YouTuber Kang Ji Goo. Super Junior’s Choi Siwon co-stars as Kang Book Goo, a variety show PD (producing director).


The highlight clip starts by introducing each of the three female leads and showing their daily lives as they battle stress at work and let loose with after-work drinks. Ahn So Hee (Lee Sun Bin) wakes up on the floor of her room and is late to work, much to the displeasure of her co-worker Kang Book Goo (Choi Siwon). She messes up during a meeting with the pronunciation of “ASMR,” and the caption reads, “I drink for the fuel I need to endure the world.” When she drinks, she becomes bold and reckless, irritating the people around her, but when she’s sober, it’s Kang Book Goo who gets on her nerves.


Ahn So Hee’s roommate, Han Ji Yeon (Han Sun Hwa), wakes up with a bra over her face instead of a sleeping mask. She heads to work at the yoga studio, but when she instructs her students to breathe deeply, one of them whispers, “Don’t you smell alcohol on her breath?” Her caption reads, “I drink because it’s fun.” When she’s drunk, she acts flirtatious and cute, but at one point she begins to talk to a stranger at the bus stop like she knows him.


Kang Ji Goo (Jung Eun Ji) makes an astonishing entrance in the video by sleeping inside a literal doghouse. As she crawls out, the voice-over says, “The reason that Ji Goo is sleeping in a doghouse is because the owner of the house used to have a dog. It’s not that Ji Goo is a dog.” Cold and cynical while sober, she relaxes a little but doesn’t lose her bluntness when she’s drunk.


The clip also introduces Kang Book Goo, whose quirky ways of thinking suit him for the life of a variety show PD but get on his writer Ahn So Hee’s nerves. He insists, “Back in my day, we didn’t even have time for a glass of water while filming,” suggesting that he’s a hard-liner when it comes to work.


The rest of the clip shows the three female leads visiting various restaurants in pursuit of drinks and the tasty food that accompanies them. One restaurant owner is shocked to find that the three women had drunk 20 bottles of soju and beer between them. But their fun is cut short when all the people around them, including family members and doctors, warn them to cut back on the drinking. They mess up at work and embarrass themselves, but still end up getting together for drinks.



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4 hours ago, TRaNz said:

SiWon with a beard or any facial hair is sooo bad. He looks sooo much better clean shaven.

This is the one thing that bugs me no end ! Urrghh I feel like shaving it for him.


Anyway, the drama is only subbed by KPlusAsia who has sole rights. So they release subs a day later. So it is not as fast as the normal subbers. I am still waiting ...


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I caught the 1st eps and it cracked me up no end. The drama was very creative in how they introduced our leading ladies who all where a little crazy with very colourful personalities by having them each go on a blind date with Kim Ji Suk ( this was truly an extended cameo). The women were such crackos that I think at the end of it all KJS would not want to date ever again.


The 1st eps pretty much sums up what the girls do, their quirky personalities and the fact that the 3 of them were such heavy drinkers and the best of friends. But what will be interesting is that they promise to find themselves a man each  (or two ) by  next Christmas. So will be this be their journey going forward? 


My poor oppa...what a cameo!:lmao2:


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I have watched until episodes 4. This drama is pretty light and I watched it while I was having my dinner / supper.. it's quite fitting since most of the scenes are about eating and drinking lol.. 


Up until ep 4, we haven't got any real plot or how the story is going. So Hee and the PD are going to start their journey in confusing relationship since So Hee starts to develop a feeling for him, even though it was fuelled by the alcohol in her blood. We didn't know about Ji Yeon other that she loves drinking and seems to not have a good brain for engaging with others. Ji Goo.. I wonder what happened to her and her family that she decided to cut off all communication with them. There must be a story about that.. 

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@LaLa so far I watch up to eps 2 & it is quite plot-less . While I think I don’t mind an episode or two with them being all crazy & drunk, but I do hope there’s more to it. I was hoping to see more of SiWon too. ( though his excessive facial hair is killing me :lmao2:

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Wow, Choi Si Won looking like a bit of a lumberjack wannabe with a Santa complex with that beard (or maybe I'm already being affected by Christmas stuff???). Not sure I can get used to it. I really want to try this drama for CSW, but the subject matter doesn't actually interest me that much? I think I'll lurk for awhile longer before even attempting to start this.

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@stroppyse I wasn't expecting much from this show but as the episodes progress it turned out to be a pretty good watch. Each eps is very short about half hour each with 6 episodes being aired. There's the romance between Choi SiWon and Lee Sun Bin's character weaved in but the drama is really a lot more about the friendship among the 3 girls and the ups and downs that they have gone through together. In spite of their arguments from time to time, they are each other's pillar of strength in times of crisis. For example , I like how in eps 5 they were each other's emergency contact and they actually had this emergency alarm that they could press to alert the friends when they got into trouble. It was pretty touching. 


The only thing that bothers me is seeing how messy Si Won is ...urghh...especially when I am OCD with things like this. LOL. But that said even though he comes across a little smarmy and all but I think there should be more to him for Lee SunBin to have had these pent up feelings for him. 

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