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The Golden Spoon [2022]


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File:Gold Spoon-tp01.jpg



The Golden Spoon



Director: Song Hyun Wook

Writer: Yoon Eun Kyung, Kim Eun Hee

Based on a webtoon by: gp04fb

Broadcast: MBC, Disney+

Episodes: 16



Lee Seong Cheon was born to a poor family, known as having been born to a dirt spoon. He tries to change his fate with his friend Hwang Tae Yeon who was born to a golden spoon, meaning he was born to immense wealth.


sources: MBC Entertainment, wikipedia.org, asianwiki.com, hancinema.net

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7 hours ago, mademoiselle said:

@abs-oluteM @stroppyse @Tofu Are you guys checking this out? Looks like a fantasy drama. I do like Yook Sung Jae in Goblin and Mystic Pop Up Bar... just unsure about the rest of the casts.


Not sure. I do like YSJ, and that he was pretty fantastic in MPUB, and I'm not put off by the cast. However, if it's a literal body switch kind of thing via a fantasy wish fulfillment, I'm not sure how on board I would be. It will depend on the story itself, so I guess I have to decide if YSJ is enough of a draw to at least give the premier episodes a try. 


Wow, that's really a non-answer from me, isn't it? :lmao2:

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4 hours ago, Nohamahmoud2002 said:

I was waiting for the thread ,🙂 thank you @stroppyse


I Watched Sung jae in School 2015, liked him, then I liked BTOB songs



Arrgghh! I really wanted to like School 2015, and I agree Sung Jae was really good in his role there, but the story and the loveline didn't make much sense to me in that drama.


I haven't listened to much BTOB. BTS is the only kpop I really listen to, however, are there any BTOB songs that you recommend?



12 hours ago, ktcjdrama said:

I might check this out for YSJ.... The posters though... Are the golden spoons supposed to be like their crown? 😆 I don’t think I like the concept of the posters. All the same too, except two of the characters being upside down 😅


Yes, it's kind of a weird halo thing or crown thing with all the spoons. Other than having YSJ as the male lead, there are a number of things about this drama that makes me trepidatious about watching this drama. Still, I think I'm committing to the first 4 episodes, especially now that I know that @Nohamahmoud2002will also be watching. So, come watch with us! At least the first few episodes.

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22 hours ago, stroppyse said:


I haven't listened to much BTOB. BTS is the only kpop I really listen to, however, are there any BTOB songs that you recommend?


I listened to almost all their discography.  I recommend two songs







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Will checking this too. Sungjae is cute and funny, I finished Mystic Pop Up Bar and it was such an enjoyable drama. 


I saw the FL before, she have room for improvement, but for sure very easy in the eyes. I hope she recover well from her injury. 


Story seems a bit absurd 😅, like literally genie in the bottle, now just change and rub golden spoon ? Well okay haha.... 

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BTOB's Sungjae, Jung Chae Yeon, Lee Jong Won, & Yeonwoo are alluring in 'Singles' magazine photoshoot



BTOB's Sungjae, Jung Chae Yeon, Lee Jong Won, and Yeonwoo are alluring on 'Singles' magazine.


On September 21, the cast members of MBC's new drama 'Gold Spoon' gathered for a photoshoot with 'Singles' magazine, ahead of their drama premiere. In the photos revealed, Sungjae showed off his handsome visuals with a daring gaze, his fingers adorned with gold rings . In another photo of Sungjae and actor Lee Jong Won, the two individuals leaned on each other's backs, drawing attention with their contrasting auras.


on a wine-colored draped chair. Yeonwoo looked chic in a simple pink dress, letting her long hair fall gently behind her back. 


The photoshoot further raised anticipation for the premiere of 'Gold Spoon' on September 23 at 9:50PM KST


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