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One Hundred Won Butler / May I Help You 일당백집사 [Current - Wed/Thurs]


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100 Won Butler 


It tells the story of Butler Kim, who runs errands that begin at a cost of 100 won per job, and funeral director Baek Dong Joo, who grants the wishes of the dead, as they operate an errand-running business called Ildangbaek (meaning one person doing the work of 100, and in this specific case, also referring to the fact that one errand costs 100 won).




Native Title: 일당백집사
Also Known As: 100 Won Butler , Il Dang Baek Butler , Ildangbaek Butler , Il Dang Baek Jibsa
Director: Shim So Yeon
Genres: Romance, Drama, Fantasy
Tags: Funeral Director Female Lead, Bright Female Lead, Secret, Strong Female Lead 
Country: South Korea
Episodes: 16
Airs: Oct 19, 2022 - Dec 8, 2022
Airs On: Wednesday, Thursday
Original Network: MBC
Duration: 1 hr. 10 min.

Cast :




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I watched the first two episodes and they were ok. I'm not as emotionally invested because there wasn't anything that really stuck out to me -- really grabbed my attention. I am curious to see the connection between the boy who passed away and Tae Hee. Was that his hyung or someone close to him? 

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6 hours ago, stroppyse said:


Have you tried it yet? What do you think?

The ep 1-3 a bit scattered around. But not sure it's my problem or the drama? I felt hard to focus in any drama story nowadays. But the ep 4 quite touching, and finally they might see each other from better point of view. 


Eventhough the topics kind of gloomy, but both of them so energetic. So the drama is an easy watch for me. I even prioritised this over Love is For Sucker, because I get annoyed with FL character attitude. 

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the dream scene was totally unexpected...the boy will bond TH and DJ even more..

the epilogue..hmm..  who is the girl...she was really surprised when she saw TH on the screen..:pandathink:


The ''A Dime and A Job'' Squad is so hilarious..



new still cuts..  






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Such beautiful scenes in todays episode.

I like the awkwardness in the bus scene...so sweet...

TH is caring and kind and DJ notices it. Im glad they are smiling more.

The boy was DJ's first client.. Tae Hee failed to save the kid (his brother?) and then he quit his job as a doctor.

The bed scene was so cliche but it made me laugh ..   :laugh:


behind the scene




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On 11/11/2022 at 1:25 PM, SilverMoonTea said:

Jun's acting is amazing


that was a powerful scene..  

that tweet made me laugh - ''(..but his chest is very distracting..) '' 






ep 6 is my favorite...


The whole bed scene was so hilarious...I liked when TH tried not to hear DJ's shower. nice.






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@rocher22This drama is kept getting lovelier by each episodes. At first I was not too into it. But the story about the guy who's suicidal on the bridge because losing his wife finally got me into the story. TH and DJ progressing well since then and TH been really cute & a bit lovesick haha... 


Uhm can I get the duck and the guy ? :duckyes:



I'm so looking forward to this drama, and it's the only K drama I'm following now.

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