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New Generation 我们的新时代 [2021]

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New Generation: Because Have Home - Tan SongYun & Bai JingTing

Chinese Title: 我们的新时代: 因为有家

Director: Lu Xing


College student and a village official Huang Si Qi and a popular Internet celebrity Zhuang Xiao Dong lead villagers to use e-commerce to gain profits and revitalize their hometown.

(Source: Baidu)


New Generation: Happiness Method - WuQian, Sa RiNa, Dai XiangYu, Zhang YunLong

Chinese Title: 我们的新时代 幸福的处方

Director: Lu Ying


A university student becomes a doctor in the ER Department after graduation. In order to take care of her mother, Liu Shi Lan gives up on the opportunity to work at a renowned hospital in the city, and becomes a doctor in the countryside., succeeding her mother as a second-generation village physician.  She butts head with the black-bellied village secretary head, Hai Yang.

(Source:  Baidu)

New Generation: Beautiful You - Liu MinTao, SunnyWang, TianYu, GaoLu, Teresa Li, Tian XiaoJie

Chinese Title: 我们的新时代 美丽的你

Director: Liu Hai Bo



New Generation: Emergency Rescue - Tong DaWei, ChenHao, Chunyu ShanShan, CiCiWang, YuHaoMing, ChangShiXin

Chinese Title: 我们的新时代: 紧急营救

Director: Wu Bai


New Generation: Leap - Li XueJian, Wang LuoDan, MickeyYuan, LiJian

Chinese Title: 我们的新时代: 腾飞

Director: Xu JiZhou


New Generation: The Hurt Locker - Shawn Dou, Xi MeiJuan, Deng JiaJia, Cassie Zhou, MaxLuan, Teresa Li

Chinese Title: 我们的新时代: 排爆精英

Director: ZhangTing



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10 hours ago, Alice Wonderland said:

I read tan song yun so I read and found out nothing updated yet. Lols. Too early yea.. ok. Gotta wait. 

Ah.. so she'll be in the first chapter of this ya. And the rest will be another story with different actors.


not too sure if she will be in the first chapters....


cause currently they have 2 of the stories with the official cast...the rest so far only have directors and no further update as yet....

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10 hours ago, SilverMoonTea said:

The 😺 looks cute. The poster looks with farming theme, and so greenery. Any possible romance ? 


Oh BJT x TSY portion only make of 8 eps from 48? Call me if theirs worth watching. 


they are very cute together....BJT will always get beating from TSY from the beginning lols....hahah


she seems prone to bully her and he always give in to her too lols.....their vibe together are cute

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