1. [+76][-1] Our true lover Minhyuk-ie ㅠㅜ So he loves his son too after finding out about himㅠㅜ Crazy.. His brother is the teacherㅠ

 2. [+73][-0] What's up with Minhyuk's suit fitㅠㅠㅠㅠ These two suit each other so well

 3. [+64][-1] Objectively speaking Minhyuk's screen time is too little..ㅠㅠ He's such a charming character

 4. [+56][-1] Ah Minhyuk trying to help his real family was admirable but also really sad..ㅠㅠ Minhyuk's the best

 5. [+47][-1] I feel bad for Yoo Minhyuk,,,, He's Jingyeom's dad ㅜㅠㅜㅜㅠㅜ

 1. [+134][-4] However the fact that Ki Cheolam is someone else's subordinate is seriously goosebumps-inducing

 2. [+124][-3] People who pretend to be nice and gentle are the ones to stab you in the back, it’s scary

 3. [+99][-1] So it's Seok Owon.. the teacher of the teacher!!!!!

 4. [+94][-3] Wow.... a huge plot twist ... at this point, I thought Minhyuk's brother was the teacher but the real teacher was someone else...

 5. [+89][-1] I thought 'Ah I knew this was the teacher~' but by the end I was thinking surely they're not going back to the person first suspected to be the teacher,,,wow,,,

1. [+102][-1] think there's no twist because the present Seok Owon was kidnapped and the teacher Seok Owon is a time traveller

2. [+95][-2] The present Seok Owon died when he was kidnapped so maybe the Seok Owon from the future is the teacher..

3. [+75][-1]  But first of all, it's a fact that Jingyeom won't die at this moment. It means we don't have to worry. To say it in a few words, Alice is super fun

4. [+55][-1] Is Seok Owon's future self the teacher..... or did he act like a helper all this time to gain others' trust..... anyway now that they know who the teacher is they just have to stop him..... the situation's not easy

 5. [+48][-3] Today was seriously amazing!!! Honestly at first I thought the teacher wasn't Seok Owon and was Ki Cheolam, and when they said Ki Cheolam was the teacher I was like 'ah~~ of course' but then the twist of all twists is that Seok Owon is the teacher;; *shivers* But seriously the Seok Owon now seems like that he came from the future... I'm looking forward to how the remaining 5 episodes will end up!!!