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Record of Youth 청춘기록 [2020]

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Basic Information  


Production Company: Studio Dragon and Pan Entertainment
Episodes: 16
Director: Ahn Gil Ho (Memories of Alhambra)
Scriptwriter: Ha Myung-hee (Temperature of Love)
Official Website


Cast of Characters 


Main Casts


Hyejun Sa

Park Bo-Gum as Sa Hye-Joon - 26 years old. Working as a model , aspiring actor.

"Amor Fati when sad! Amor Fati
even when happy!
I love my destiny!"



Park So-Dam as  An Jung-Ha-26 years old, makeup artist

"Work is ok! Love is ok! Marriage is no! The
best money I make is money!"


Won Hae-hyo


Byeon Woo-Seok as Won Hae-Hyo- 26 years old, model and actor

"I always compete fairly. I've never been privileged!"


Jinwoo Kim

Kwon Soo-Hyun as Kim Jin-Woo - 26 years old, intern photographer


Supporting Casts



Han Aesuk
Ha Hee-Ra as  Han Ae-sook-50 years old, Sa Hye-Joon's mother







Youngnam Sa

Park Soo-Young as Sa Young-Nam-53 years old, carpenter, Hye-joon's father








Mingi Sa Han Jin-Hee as Sa Min-Ki - 71 years old, Hye-joon's grandfather









Sa Gyeongjun

Lee Jae-Won as Sa Kyeong-Joon - Hye Joon's older brother, job seeker









Lee Young Kim
Shin Ae-Ra as Kim Yi Young- 52 years old, Won Hae-Hyo's mother.;University professor;







Taekyung Won

Seo Sang-Won as Won Tae-Kyeong- 54 years old, Hae Hyo's father; chairman of Inmok University







I want you


Jo Yoo-Jung as Won Hae-Na- 24 years old. Graduate and pursuing law studies







Kim Jang-man



Jung Min-Sung as Kim Jang-man- 51 years old. Carpenter. Kim Jin Woo's father






Lee Kyung-mi




Park Se-Hyun as Lee Kyung Mi- 49 years old. Housewife. Kim Jin Woo's mother





Jinri Kim   Jang Yi-Jung as Kim Jinri- 21, 2nd year college student



Lee Min Jae Shin Dong-Mi as Lee Min-Jae- 39 years old, Hye Jun 's manager


Taesoo Lee   Lee Chang-Hoon as Lee Tae-Soo - representative of model agency


Choi Soo-bin  Park Se Hyun as Choi Soo Bin, 22 years old

Yang Mujin  Lim Ki-Hong as Yang Moo Jin, Photographer







First-  | Second  | Third  | Fourth | Fifth | Sixth | Seventh

English subbed by Netflix



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@mademoisellesia Seungkwan is the only member I know in Seventeen, and Im happy is participating for the OST !


Another singers line up for the upcoming OST



On September 3rd, tvN announced the first lineup of singers for the original soundtrack (OST) of upcoming drama 'Record of Youth.' The first lineup for the OST includes EXO's Baekhyun, CHUNG HA, MAMAMOO's Wheein, Lee Hi, SEVENTEEN's Seungkwan, Kim Jaehwan, as well as J Rabbit.


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Just watched the first episode, and this had better be a healing drama because it's definitely not a rom-com, and I don't want to be crying about it. Still, I was hooked by about a third of the way through the episode, and it wasn't just Park Bo Gum's good looks that mesmerized me, though there was that, also. :heart:


The discussion about the first episode is in the spoiler since I do mention some spoilers.


PBG's character Hye Joon is going through a rough patch in his life. He has been a successful model, but what he really wants to do is act. However, he's not able to get a break, and so he's working all sorts of part time jobs while continuing to audition for parts. After 7 years of trying, however, it seems that the people around him have lost their patience with his dream or worse. At the start of this drama, the CEO of his agency who is a total scumbag is not paying HJ for any of the work that he's been doing and making excuses as to why he can't entrust HJ with his own money. His family all consider HJ to be wasting his life chasing a pointless dream, contrasting that with his older brother who has gotten a corporate job. Even other people, like the owner of a restaurant where HJ works part-time thinks HJ should quit his dreams and become the manager of the restaurant.


And, HJ has received another draft notice, and has to decide whether he accepts going to the military this time, or tries for another deferment since it's mentioned that he had previously already deferred for the sake of his career. HJ decides to wait on the outcome of his latest movie audition to see if he goes or not.


Fortunately, HJ has some support in terms of his beloved paternal grandfather. Unfortunately, his grandfather is also in the dog house with respect to the family given that he had been scammed of money. Even more unfortunately, the money had been his son's life savings.


Also, HJ has some very good friends in Byeon Woo Seok's Hae Hyo and Kwon Soo Hyun's Jin Woo. Hae Hyo, HJ's peer who started together with him as models, keeps being referenced as this golden child who succeeds at everything, but has it tough as well with a possessive, interfering stage mother. Even though he keeps backing her off away from his professional life wanting to be able to do it himself, she goes behind his back to try to set up her son's success and meddle in other ways. We see less of JW who is crew rather than model though there seems to be a complicated story with a woman that he likes. JW's father also works in construction with HJ's father.


HJ also has a super fan in the trainee makeup artist Park So Dam's character Jung Ha, even though he doesn't know it. JH had quit her office job and decided to live her life the way she wants to, though her pragmatic nature enabled her to diligently save enough money to at least get her own place. In the Korean rental market, there is a system called chonsei where a huge payment is put down and then the rental fees are taken from that deposit so that one doesn't worry as much about making month to month rental payments.


JH is also going through some tough times, most notably from a senior makeup artist who is pretty nasty towards JH, even accusing her of trying to steal her clients, even as JH tries to be a good team player.


The OTP has met, however, and I really loved their meeting scene. HJ and HH are runway models for a show. HH gets made up by the senior makeup artist while HJ gets made up by JH. JH is so nervous that she can't even talk to him much less tell him that she's his fan. And, I don't know that I truly appreciated how close makeup artists get with their client. Whew. Palpable tension in the intimacy of this scene. Plus, even better what happens following the makeup chair. I won't spoil the whole scene, however, since it gave the ending of this first episode a bit of a lift and is so worth watching.


The overall tone of this drama has been a bit downbeat for the start, but that is necessary to create sympathy for the main characters who are all young and trying to realize their respective dreams. Though there is a mix of circumstances and backgrounds, the drama seems to be trying to show that everyone has their issues to overcome.


It was a strong start with a gorgeous cast. I'm just hoping that there isn't a love triangle with HJ, JH, and HH, though the posters kind of hint at one. The acting of PBG, PSD, and the veterans in the cast have all been stellar, while the newbies are being given a chance to slowly make their impact rather than having to do any heavy lifting. It feels like the sure hand of an experienced director who isn't going to hamfist it. The production values are also very good, with it looking more like film scenes rather than tv episodes. 


I'm really looking forward to the 2nd episode. Since this is PGB's last drama prior to his enlistment (Oppa! I'll wait for you to come back! :cry: ), I was hoping that it would be a good production. So far, it's good in that it's engaging, and I want to find out more about the various characters as well as watch them on their journey towards whatever life may hold for them.


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Preview of episode 2



JH: I was nervous. Do you know how nervous I was?
MJ: Hey Daniel! It’s me!
MJ: I caused some trouble, Hye Joon.
HJ: I can just start again.
Director: Look at Hae Hyo who started with you. Because he has a good background, he’s constantly able to succeed.
HJ: If I can’t do it on my own, then I should quit.
Father: Then you can just go to the military now.
HJ: You’re my family! You said you want what’s best for me!
GJ: Is a family supposed to solve everything for you?  
HJ: Then, don’t tell me how to live my life.



Btw, I'm hoping that MJ will agree to be HJ's manager. She's such a feisty lady and she also knows the entertainment world, so she'll fight for HJ the way that he needs someone to fight for his roles for him. Unlike the scummy CEO of HJ's former management agency. Seriously, that was another highlight when HJ insisted on signing a formal dissolution with the scumbag. So, he can't go back and insist on HJ being his artist still in the future.

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@stroppyse I also finished episode 1 without knowing it! I like how it is relaxed , taking its time to built the tension until the first meeting of the two leads. And wow, from the teasers alone I already felt the chemistry of Bogum and Park Sodam —their first meeting did not disappoint 🥰.



• It is noted how Hyejoon first met Jungha thru her profession which I seldom see in kdrama romance tropes. It looks like a fated first meeting but Jungha still worked for it to happen, she waited for the right time. Wow clap to that. spacer.png
• Hyejoon and his grandfather- I am totally did not see this coming. Their scenes hit me home because I was close to my late grandfather. Park Bogum brilliantly executed that phone call scene with subtlety. Also when Hyejoon hold his grandpa’s hand while his dad is scolding them both.


•the military draft 😂😂 - what a hilarity to have it chasing even PBG’s character

• we have an adorable ensemble of friends.

• the color palette in this show are in full bloom— it makes the story telling more soothing to watch



• The curtain scene sums up our fangirling lives 😂 




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