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Oh! Samgwang Villa /Homemade Lovestory 오!삼광빌라 [2020-2021]

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Basic Information 

Production Company: 
Episodes: 80 (2 parts x 40 minutes per broadcast)
Director: Hong Seuk-ku (Cheer Up Mr.Kim)
Scriptwriter: Yoon Kyung-a 
Official Website


Cast of Characters

 1599702592020_278744.jpgLee Jang-Woo as Woo Jae-Hee
1599702591618_278697.jpgJin Ki-Joo as Lee Bit Chae Woon


1599702591808_278711.jpgJeon In-Hwa as Lee Soon-Jung
1599702979551_278880.jpgJung Bo-Suk as Woo Jung-Hoo
1599702592219_278777.jpgHwang Shin-Hye as Kim Jung-Won
1599702592149_278766.jpgJin Kyung as Jung Min-Jae
1599702592448_278802.jpgKim Sun-Young as Lee Man-Jung
1599702592564_278824.jpgIn Gyo-Jin as Kim Hwak-Se
1599702592373_278799.jpgHan Bo-Reum as Jang Seo-A
1599702591887_278722.jpgBona as Lee Hae-Deun
1599702591957_278733.jpgRyeo Un as Lee Ra-Hoon
1599702592625_278835.jpgJeon Sung-Woo as Hwang Na-Ro
1599702592674_278846.jpgKim Si-Eun as Cha Ba-Reun



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𝕋𝕠𝕡 𝔽𝕚𝕧𝕖 𝔽𝕒𝕧𝕖𝕤 

Oh Samgwang Villa Episode 1-2


From the premise of this show, it says that this is a new concept family drama. I did not watch makjang for years. Maybe the last one was Baker King Takgu :eeeee: .  I find the first two episodes overall simply fun which some of the mysteries are introduced like the birth secrets of Chae Won.




Yes, first meetings for OTP's are always dramatic, with slowly fading in cinematic scoring , or grandeur entrance of male /female leads to underline as special. However, Chaewon and Jaehee are simply the first acquaintance at work. We can foresee that with their profession, they might be working together soon. 




Mother's Touch


I love the moms in this show. They have distinct personalities but the have common denominator--they surely love their kids in their own way. Soon Jung omma is the sweet, thoughtful omma who took three kids under her wing even if she knows that someday the kids will be looking for their biological parents. Regardless, she remains calm and composed everytime a mother will come to claim one of her children. I didn't expect that the three lee children were not related at all. 




Meanwhile, Jae Hee's mom is the cutest. Could be a scaredy cat towards her husband, but she loves dearly her son so much. I wonder how long she will endure her nagging, cheapskate, annoying husband. :idk: 



Jungwon , Seo - A's omma (and prolly Chaewon's biological mother) is also an endearing mother. I thought she will be the typical chaebol mother but I guess not. I like how she treats her daughter as employee at work , then a mother later at home. Maybe this is her way to train Seo-a to become the next heir. 


Lee Siblings


How can they be this adorable . They bicker, they fight, they argue yet they will end up sleeping together at their age. 





However , since they are adopted  there could be a possible inclination on these two to become the end game ? :MewGiggle:







Food Cravings


I feel like watching a food vlog in YT with the sumptuous meals in this show! 









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33 minutes ago, bluepebbles said:

Meanwhile, Jae Hee's mom is the cutest. Could be a scaredy cat towards her husband, but she loves dearly her son so much. I wonder how long she will endure her nagging, cheapskate, annoying husband. 


I like the actress from My only one. She is humorous. She doesn't deserve such treatment from her husband.


With 3 orphans, do we have 3 secrets? I am trying to guess the identity of Bona's (Hae-Deun) and her brother's (RaHoon) parents. Also their foster mother has a lost child that was kidnapped.

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I love how the main couple already have their nickname for each other. Headbutt and Koala :MewGiggle:


About the Lee Siblings, I never imagined that all of them are adopted child of Sun Jeong. I thought at least one of them are her biological children, but all of them are adopted. Their bond are just like real siblings. They fight but they also care for each other in their own way. 

And @bluepebbles at least for now I think there is still possibility for Hae Deun and Ra Hoon to become a couple. :brb:


About the mothers. I forgot the exact episodes, but Sun Jeong took out an old picture and apologized while saying Jung Won's name. We knew that Jung Won is Chae Won's birth mother. With her way calling Jung Won as 'agasshi' there's a possibility Sun Jeong used to work as helper in Chae Won's house. And the other girl in the picture is probably Min Jae, Jae Hee's mom. They knew each other when they were young. I wonder what is the story about the three of them.


And yes, I too wonder whether we will see Hae Deun and Ra Hoon's biological parents as the drama goes...


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𝕋𝕠𝕡 𝔽𝕚𝕧𝕖 𝔽𝕒𝕧𝕖𝕤 

Oh Samgwang Villa Episode 3-4


I am not sure if it is because of Lee Jang Woo's chubby koala cheeks, or the mothers' comedic antics, or simply the makjangish aspect of this drama that makes me enjoy to sit and watch. Another two solid episodes about the hurdles of these three families, with their lives tangled with lucks and misfits . Will the four leaf clover remains a superstition or really plays a part on the fate of these families?


Bit Chaewon's outburst


I was taken aback at first why she was unloading all her frustrations in one go. Hae Dun is right. Why now? But maybe, Chaewon doesn't want to make their apologetic omma suffer more that is why she witheld all these worries inside her chest. I like how the truth revealed there rather than having it remain as a burden to Chaewon's worries. As their aunt said, those words really hit home. 


Pantsy !


How would I take the father and son rift seriously, when they keep on talking about stripe underwear—-




Femme Fatale 


We already expect that these two will collide one way or another, this time in the professional setting of the design world. There will be also an expected love triangle between Chaewon x Seo A and Koala Bear. So yep , may the best Koala lover wins. 


Mother and Son 


I love, love their tandem. They're so cute. Jae Hee's Omma is not your typical nagger mom, but it was a funny to watch her screaming at her son's warzone motel room.  




The Flash


Alright, there were controversy after this was aired, considering the conservative audience of South Korea and the timeslot of this family drama. However, I was laughing endlessly during this scene. I am guilty as charged. But it is really hilarious.  A nekkid koala bear being attacked by a girl with a plunger? :Ghastlel: 







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