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A Dream of Splendor / Meng Hua Lu 梦华录 [2022]


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Title: 梦华录 / Meng Hua Lu
Also known as: 汴京梦华图 (Bian Liang Meng Hua Tu) / 东京娘子图鉴 (Dong Jing Nv Zi Tu Jian)
English title:
Genre: Historical, romance

Director: Yang Yang
Screenwriter: Zhang Wei
Episodes: 40
Broadcast network: Tencent
Broadcast period: June 2nd, 2022



Liu Yi Fei as Zhao Pan'er
Chen Xiao as Gu Qianfan
Lin Yun as Song Yinzhang
Liu Yan as Sun San'niang
Wang Yan Lin as Ouyang Xu




Zhao Pan'er, who opened a tea shop in Hangzhou, finally received the good news that her fiance Ouyang Xu was in Beijing High School, but was abandoned. Unwilling to accept her fate, she vowed to go to Beijing to seek justice. On the way to Beijing, she had to rush to rescue her good sister Song Yinzhang, who was cheated on marriage and was abused. At the same time, she also saved Sun Sanniang, who had unfortunately tried to commit suicide because of her marriage life. When Ouyang Xu learned that Zhao Pan'er had come to the capital and came to the door, he managed to drive her out of Bianjing. Zhao Paner, Song Yinzhang, and Sun Sanniang decided to stay in Bianjing, relying on their own ability to make a fortune. After experiencing difficulties and various tribulations, the three sisters finally managed the small teahouse into the largest restaurant in Bianjing. After arduous struggle, Zhao Pan'er saw more scenery, and also solved the obsession with hating Ouyang Xu, and at the same time opened a door of equal salvation for the humble women in ancient times.

[Source: Dramawiki]


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they had made it official with fans spotting both ChenXiao and LiuYiFei acting out a kissing scenes at a boat....there is on official Weibo A/c or casting announcement so far


i guess this is as official as far as we can get...


@SilverMoonTea your oppa in another new series and this times with LiuYiFei the GuGu that actually grab the hearts of the series fans for being one of the best fit image of Xiao Long Nv



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19 hours ago, SilverMoonTea said:

The hair in a bun... idk @Tofu, I think hes more handsome in modern drama 😄 But I like Liu Yi Fei too, so probably will try this... 

He need to work hard, to gain back my love, I have to say 🤣


u know they use to call him the beauty of historical drama....and he seems to be stuck in that category for a long times too

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Liu Yi Fei and Chen Xiao begin filming for historical drama Meng Hua Lu


Meng Hua Lu (汴京梦华图) has quietly begun filming on 2/17. The story follows our heroine as she works her way to make a career for herself during the Song Dynasty. Our heroine is a tea house owner waiting for her fiancé to pass the imperial examination. When he does pass it, he breaks the engagement (what a jerk!) Unwilling to accept such fate, she travels to the capitol to seek justice. Along her journey, she saves and makes friends with two women. Both have miserable life and marriages – one is tricked into marriage and is being treated unkindly, the other is stuck in an unhappy marriage and wants to commit suicide to end it all. When her ex-fiancé learns that she’s coming, he uses various methods to kick her out. But the three friends are not going anywhere despite the obstacles and challenges they face as women during the time. From a small tea house, their business grows into the most well-known restaurant of Biàn Jīng (Today’s Kai Feng). Hmmm, where does Chen Xiao fit in here? At least, he gets to romance another Little Dragon Girl. 😉

Other cast members include Lin Yun, Liu Yan, and Wang Yan Lin. I’m sure Wang Yan Lin is gonna play the jerk fiancé already. LOL.


Cr  virtualvoyage

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