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Dal Li and Gamjatang 달리와 감자탕 [2021]

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Character Posters


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English Title: Dal Li & The Cocky Prince

Director: Lee Jung Sub

Writer: Son Eun Hye, Park Se Eun

Episodes: 16

Genre: Romance comedy

Broadcast station: KBS2

Online Streaming Site: Wavve, Coupang Play, VIU, Kocowa, Rakuten VIKI, Netflix

Production Company: Monster Union
Schedule: 22 September - 11 November, 2021

Websites: Official website | Naver | Namuwiki |


Plot Summary


Jin Moo-Hak (Kim Min-Jae) is the second son from a family that runs the global restaurant franchise firm Dondon F&B. The company started from a gamjatang (pork bone stew) restaurant. He lacks education, but has an excellent ability to make money.


Meanwhile, Kim Dal-Li (Park Gyu-Young) is a visiting researcher of an art gallery. She is the only chid of a prestigious family. Kim Dal-Ri can speak 7 different languages and she has a good personality, but she is not very good at doing household chores like cooking.


Jin Moo-Hak and Kim Dal-Ri happen to meet without knowing about each other's backgrounds and they develop good feelings for each other. Due to an art gallery that is going bankrupt, they meet again as the son of a rich, uneducated family and the daughter of a prestigious family (source: AsianWiki).


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Original Soundtracks


OST 1 Ham Yu Ji - The Sweetest Love



OST 2 DinDin - Straight



OST 3 Seo Ho - That's Ordinary Love



OST 4 Ha Hyun Sang - With You



OST 5 Fromm - Can't You Love Me



OST 6 KLANG - U Hoo Hoo



OST 7 Kim Ye Ji - Moon Crater



OST 8 CHAI - Gift



OST 9 Hodge



OST 10 Ian Hug - One Day it Will Be




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[New] Kim Min Jae Confirmed To Star In KBS Drama Park Gyu Young Is In Talks For “Dal Li and Gamja-tang”



Kim Min Jae has confirmed his next project!


On March 9, an industry representative reported that the actor will be starring as the male lead of the upcoming KBS 2TV drama “Dal Li and Gamja-tang” (literal title).


In response, the actor’s agency commented, “Kim Min Jae is confirmed to star in the new KBS drama ‘Dal Li and Gamja-tang.'”


“Dal Li and Gamja-tang” will tell the love story between a man and a woman who have nothing in common. Kim Min Jae will take on the role of Jin Mu Hak, whose family grew a tiny gamja-tang (spicy pork back bone stew) restaurant into the global food corporation DonDon F&B. Although he is a director of the company, he is far from intelligent and was always ranked last in his class when he was in school. During his attempt to take hold of an art museum that originally belongs to a woman named Kim Dal Li, he ends up falling in love with her.


It was revealed back in January that Park Gyu Young is in talks to play the female lead Kim Dal Li.


“Dal Li and Gamja-tang” will be written by Son Eun Hye, who previously created “Witch’s Love,” along with Park Se Eun, and it will be directed by Lee Jung Sub.


Source (1) (2)

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Oh look at the name...really ah? I prefer Dali & Gamjatang

LOVE the poster. Just too cute



The two-person poster, released on the same day as the first broadcast date, shows 'Muhak' (Kim Min-jae) and 'Dali' (Park Gyu-young) standing side by side in various works of art. The visual alone shows the perfect 'art chemistry', but in reality, it foretells a 'sanggeuk chemistry' that has nothing in common.

'Muhak' is a character who has a short learning curve and is ignorant as he grew up as a business man in the market from a young age, but has superior ability to make money more than anyone else. With a bright smile, he is holding a potato and a ladle as if appealing to the managing director of Don Don F&B, which succeeded with Gamjatang. 'Dali' is a unique fashion show, and everything from personality, knowledge, artistic sense, and even the family seems to be perfect.

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Mon-Tues: -  Wed-Thurs: -  Fri-Sat:  Connection Sat-Sun: The Midnight Romance in Hagwon Daily: SooJi and WooRi C-drama: - The Double (2 June)

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First Teaser Trailer is out!


@abs-oluteM His nouveau riche's style is very strong :lmao2:


KBS 2TV’s upcoming drama “Dali & Cocky Prince” revealed a new teaser!


“Dali & Cocky Prince” is a new drama about the romance between Jin Mu Hak (Kim Min Jae), a man who lacks schooling and book smarts but is extremely resourceful and talented at making a living, and Kim Dali (Park Gyu Young), a woman who is intellectually polished and comes from an elite background but doesn’t know how to take care of herself.


The teaser begins with Dali hanging up a painting on a museum wall as the question, “What is Mu Hak like to Dali?” pops up. Dressed elegantly with a luxurious aura, Kim Dali shares, “It’s the first time in my entire life seeing a human like that. Someone so ignorant and obsessed with money.” The video shows a clip of Jin Mu Hak smelling money and entering a museum with a group of large men while screaming, “Give me my money!” He shouts, “You’re shitting me! Do you know how many bowls of gamjatang (pork back-bone stew) that money is worth?”


Kim Dali shakes her head as she continues to share, “And you don’t know how rash his personality is.” The teaser also captures how Jin Mu Hak isn’t afraid to voice his mind loudly regardless of the location or situation.


However, near the end of the video, Jin Mu Hak steps in to protect Kim Dali from someone who is threatening her. He tells her, “Don’t get hurt even just the slightest bit until you’ve paid back all my money.” Kim Dali also finishes off her answer by adding, “But despite that, I don’t hate Mu Hak.”


The production team shared, “We’ve given a taste of the happy laughter and tickling excitement that the drama will convey through the 30-second teaser before the September 22 premiere. Viewers will be completely immersed in the story of the charming Mu Hak and Dali, who couldn’t be more different from each other. Please show lots of interest.”


“Dali & Cocky Prince” will premiere on September 22 at 9:30 p.m. KST. Watch the full teaser below!



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